What do you…

What do you do when your closet is bursting with hats, hats and more hats along with all those bags…couple options in SL just first off delete them as they might be over 2 years old and styles change, shoes and bags get better looking or this idea that I like is why not displayContinue reading “What do you…”

Desert Warrior…

Remember that song “Horse With No Name” by America ~ maybe not as it is one of those oldies that I grew up loving and was released on November 12 1971 ~ well the chorus went like this and if you like to hear the entire song please click HERE I’ve been through the desertContinue reading “Desert Warrior…”

Someone New…

Hey Everyone ~ it is always nice to be able to support friends with their latest ventures as I am gonna say my friend Taz a builder of cars and trucks has taken on something new and that is creating clothes ~ I do hope that you will take the TAXI to his Inworld storeContinue reading “Someone New…”

1 Hundred at Thrift Store

I absolutely love the Thrift Store and usually try to make it down and wander up and down the isles to search for some great bargains ~ and the theme is Urban & Punk this time ~ lets say 1 Hundred came spot on with this item ~ and without rambling more let me showContinue reading “1 Hundred at Thrift Store”

Weather outside is delightful…

Yes it is delightful and if you ever lived in Colorado or places that are cold the locals wear shorts during the winter with knee length socks and heavy sweaters that underneath they are wearing layers like long johns, turtlenecks and tshirts ~ tourists just couldn’t get over the fact that most were warm ~Continue reading “Weather outside is delightful…”

Paris Chic….

Hey Everyone am baaack…today am jumping away from the snow and the cold to show off Ana Markova’s outfit for Designer Showcase ~ once I put it on accessorized it with what I think is a very chic hat and off I went to Paris and ended up at the Paris Metro Art Gallery thatContinue reading “Paris Chic….”

Brand new for Designer Showcase

Always nice to be introduced to another designer that has been in SL for quite a while but is new to me ~ ¬†designer¬†LadySoraya Ruby of LSR ~ it is a delight to see her in the Showcase this month as I absolutely love this very sexy outfit ~ this outfit called “Amanda” is anContinue reading “Brand new for Designer Showcase”

Aloha Opening Tomorrow

The Aloha Fair is opening tomorrow at 12 noon SLT ~ I snuck a peek just a few moments ago and really like how it is set up ~ Once you land there are some freebies and gifts ~ take time to wander around as vendors will have gifts for you ~ most are dollarbiesContinue reading “Aloha Opening Tomorrow”