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Garden of Whimsy

Hello again! Today it is just me as I looked around for Dena she was unavailable that thing called “RL” does crop up now and again but I wanted to show you this Winter Attraction that had also a cute hunt going on ~ As I arrived if you can see above the morning was foggy but really hoping that it clears up quickly…very cute name “Garden of Whimsy” and after taking a stroll around I can see it is truly appropriate…

Have a seat just be careful of Mama and her baby

The fog started lifting as I walked by a very cute seating place ~ started to pet but Mama was very protective of her puppy so I just stayed back a ways and let my camera take the pic … think you will be fine but if she does start to growl I would slowly step back…

Cute bunnies

Can we just say awwwwww to these adorable bunnies that I met in my search for the Christmas hud ~ how cute and yes ok am gonna say it “whimsy” ~ look around as you walk down the paths for all the other critters as they are plentiful and pure photo ops for those that wish to add these to their flickr collection…

Christmas Hud

Yay I found the place to get the Hud ~ directions are easy just wear/add and will come along with you to keep track of the objects you have to find ~ should of kept track of how many needed just to tell you but once you put on the hud gives you the amount…first one I found was the candy cane ~ there are 3 different presents to find, various ornaments as you can see in the image and also the star ~ I won’t say follow the yellow brick road but there is a star path that takes you all over this sim ~ and they are not hidden but very well in plain sight…

Family of Dogs

Another adorable family of dogs and wittle bitty rabbits too ~ they are ready for the holidays ~ I asked about if they had seen any of the items I was searching for but one the Dad was too busy with his chew toy and the little ones were investigating whatever was hiding in the hollow log.

Sleigh and snowman

What I needed was a rest and walking past this sleigh with the most gorgeous Clydesdale at rest looked like the perfect spot to rest briefly …do you see all the little critters starting to gather in front of the fire ~ made me smile as I hopped in the sleigh.

Me and Shai

My snowman pal who has this quizzical expression sat down briefly ~ he was a pressie from The Arcade so a huge thank you to Casa Del Shai for this ~ hey if you get a chance make sure you do visit The Arcade and look under the tree for an array of pressies from all the vendors ~ they really outdid themselves as you can see by my little snowman ~ anyway I am finding most of the ornaments and pressies but it is a hunt so my lips are sealed to locations ~

Sled time ~ NOT 

Ha, ha, ha you really think I am going sledding ummm nope this was just a photo opp to show you they have a nice sled rezzer for singles, doubles and even 4somes ~ it goes fast but my driving skills even with this sled well lets just say they are HORRIBLE ok can you see there I think my sweater got torn….do hope it is mendable as this was a gift from Kerena Zhangsun who created this for Calas ~ I will be heartbroken if it cannot be fixed..

Gazebo with piano

Walking around I spied this gazebo that held such a cute piano ~ yes yes I just had to sit down and let my fingers play the only tune I know and memorized ~ what is it well do not laugh but “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley ~ was the only full song I learned to play on a piano ~ my Dad would beg me to learn another one umm not sure if he was a fan of it but probably cuz I practiced it over and over and over till I got it perfect *laughing as I think back now eons ago….blushing as I just realize that I did date myself but hey never said I was a youngin just young at heart 🙂

Saying so long to Garden of Whimsy

As I stand on the bridge with the hunt completed am taking one last look around ~ the sim is delightful and even if you miss the hunt which I truly hope you don’t was a very nice relaxing time to walk around…photographers take notice as there are some great places for photo ops ~ nice places to cuddle and relax…am sorry that my blogging partner Dena had to miss this but will pass on the LM to her as well as to you, which just click here  and enjoy Garden of Whimsy ~ thank you to my readers and followers it is always so appreciated to know you are reading ~ details of what am wearing is below but till next time HUGZZ

alaskametro “Creme Brown” lipstick
Paper Doll Make Up Gold Dust
*MC*Falsies” Eyelash
*Shai* Snowman Chibi – gift from The Arcade 
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner
CCDEarring – Silver Bangles
CCDNose Piercing
CCDBeauty Mark
EarthStones Perfect Fit Necklace
Hasi`s Mesh leggings
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
RicielliElba Ankle Boots
Slink Hands Casual
Slink Female Feet High
[e] Nataline Hair
[KZC] Ladies Tis The Season Sweater
_unBra_ SkinMirage
IKON Lucid Eyes