Enjoy a cuppa…

Come sit with me and enjoy a cuppa tea or cocoa if that is your choice I do have both ~I know that for me getting caught up in traditions that I grew up with not even thinking there are so many worldwide traditions at Christmas as well that I took some time looking forContinue reading “Enjoy a cuppa…”


This truly is my favorite time of year and Christmas is my favorite holiday…did not matter if I barely had enough money to buy gifts or all that overtime made buying gifts easier I still love this holiday ~ for me with Christmas its the feeling you get by listening to Christmas carols, watching allContinue reading “enjoying…”

Timeless Continued…

With the soft dreamy air as I look around am seeing several places to show off the dress from More Than Ever as it is being offered at Designer Showcase this month…finding this vintage convertible that just screams to be used as a photo prob…such a nice backdrop for this dress called “Wanted Outlaw” OfContinue reading “Timeless Continued…”

Off to Paris I go ….

Now where would you go to show off a smart, chic and always stunning outfit ~ Paris is where ~ Fashion Capital of the world where the dresses are divine and the models are snobby *giggling* but yes am in Paris to show off this very smart & chic outfit that is being offered byContinue reading “Off to Paris I go ….”

Its Windy outside….

I just love wandering around SL with my bestie Dena ~ with both our minds combined we do find some interesting places to take pics and plan out our blog posts ~ this place that I am shooting at today was all Dena and she even gave me a great idea for the type ofContinue reading “Its Windy outside….”

Dance Ballerina Dance

Yes the next item for the Designing Showcase that I want to show you makes me look like a Diva on pointe…specifically a gorgeous ballerina that could be dancing Swan Lake…Really love the design of this dress and kudo’s to More Than Ever for their letting me show this to you ~ so let meContinue reading “Dance Ballerina Dance”