Friends rock…

Dena Teardrop does rock as my best friend ~ especially during my bossy times LOL do not think She is a pushover cuz that is far from it♥ and just finding out that we have been friends for 3 years as I was looking at a pic of us ~ for most of us friendsContinue reading “Friends rock…”

♥Hair Fair♥

Tomorrow is the opening of the annual Hair Fair where hair designers put out their latest creations as well as raise money for Wigs for Kids  ~ if you have taken my advice and joined the Hair Fair Demo group you should have gotten a lot of demos to try on ♥ Here are someContinue reading “♥Hair Fair♥”

On Our Way to Surf and Sand

We are now into the “Dog Days of Summer” where if you are living in the Northern Hemisphere  and above the Equator your are like me melting and not wanting to go outside ~ I live at a beach resort and at times it is  a struggle to not spend 90% in the water ~Continue reading “On Our Way to Surf and Sand”