Enjoying the Sunset…

It is nice to lean against hubby’s car after a hard day of working *giggling* yeah right especially since I am officially retired ~still am keeping just as busy with other stuff ~ what am wearing is an outfit consisting of top & skirt is by Indented from Boho Cultural Fair as is my gorgeousContinue reading “Enjoying the Sunset…”

Its Ghee time @Boho…

Before I start showing you the items from Boho have to let you know this sim I accidentally discovered ~ in my Sim for pics folder I clicked one but to my surprise this was brand new owners ~ but it is so fantastic that I really wish you will take the LM and goContinue reading “Its Ghee time @Boho…”

Showing some stuff…

Yes and it is all gorgeous and all from the Boho Cultural Fair that is ongoing till Nov 4th, which leaves you 12 more days to visit, to shop, and to pick up those 5th Anniversary gifts that are at the entrance and most designers have set out for you ~ yes I do sayContinue reading “Showing some stuff…”

Its Boho Time again…

Yes I am back and also my Bestie Dena is back from her Holiday ~ YAY ~ course I put her right to work with helping me with some things…but before she got here I was thinking some what changing up my blog style then I got such a nice compliment from one of theContinue reading “Its Boho Time again…”

Boho is now OPEN…

Yes let the fun begin because for the 5th anniversary there are gifts galore ~ most are free or for 1L which basically is free ~ and the gifts that I see are well worth that one linden….I got a lot to show you in the next 2 weeks from Boho that I need toContinue reading “Boho is now OPEN…”

If you are going….

“If you are going to San Francisco be sure to wear flowers in your hair“…that was such a hit back in the late 60’s, with the start of flower power, hippies, free love and the peace movement ~ that song San Francisco was written  by John Phillips  to promote the Monteroy Pop Festival so whyContinue reading “If you are going….”

Back to the Beach…

I am saying back to the beach but honestly am not sure that I ever did visit this Sim called “The Beach” it is in my folder of places to go for photo ops ~ I will warn you if you do take this TAXI to “The Beach” it is adult rated so there will beContinue reading “Back to the Beach…”

Somethings Coming….

Am so honored to be a blogger for the upcoming BOHO Fair ~ a yearly event that has OVER 100+ designers this year to celebrate their 5th year anniversary ~ WOW is all I can say as I have to show you the poster for this years event, which will be opening on the 21stContinue reading “Somethings Coming….”

Are You Ready to HUNT….

Tomorrow is the opening of the Moolto Hunt ~ and from what I have seen it is going to be one kick azz hunt ~ wooo hooo am so glad & thankful for Pam Nightshade/Vampirepam decided to keep this hunt alive ~ and what a surprise and a delight that today I received as oneContinue reading “Are You Ready to HUNT….”

I take you to The Outer Garden

Oh my my what a stunning place this truly is ~ and just to show you one little peak at part of this gorgeous place without me in it to spoil the view *grinz… This is not just a gorgeous romantic place to walk around, cuddle but the photo opps are truly inspiring ~ canContinue reading “I take you to The Outer Garden”