Little bit of this in my life…

The words just hit me as I was thinking hmm what to title this when am doing a little of this and that and poof just smacked me forehead ~ xcept am changing the lyrics but you will get the tune…

A little bit of Fantasy Faire  in my life
A little bit of Inkheart by my side
A little bit of Maci is all I need
A little bit of Second Life is what I see
A little bit of Poet’s Heart in the sun
A little bit of Sten all night long
A little bit of ETF here I am

Ok am giggling cuz I just had to add hubby’s name for all night long ~ what can I see he does so make me smile …anyway let me show you the pics so I can explain more about what those items I mentioned are about…


Umm let me explain about my friend Monty ~ yes he is a snail but oh can he move ~ wow oh but first let me say he was one of the gifts from the Fantasy Faire hunt that was graciously given by Epic Toy Factory or !ETC as they like to be called…and hey this is no ordinary snail no siree ~ but a Turbo charged one ~ plus you can change the color of his hat, scarf with couple different options as well….giggling…yup good ole Monty will be sticking around ~ YO Dena wanna race LOL…and those wings that am wearing are they not simply stunning ~ YES they are…I love the design and it is also a FF gift for completing the quest from Poets Heart ~ they are called “Silver Moon Wings and come with a hud to change the color of the pearls…what a nice touch and thank you Irina Strazytski ….and yes am wearing one of the latest creations from Maci’s ~ just out it is the “Adelina Top” and guess what it has with it ~ first you choose light or dark colors for you am showing off the light color but the hud has over 14 other textures plus this one that you can change ~ is this a keeper OMG yes it is…with all the different sizes there should be absolutely no complaints on fit ~ sooo let me get you that LM to her store so you can scoop this awesome top up ~ oooh and a very nice promo price for next 2 weeks so I wouldn’t procrastinate …here is the Marketplace link  for the lights and here is your Ride to the her inworld store ~ thank you  Magia Emolite 

Inkheart Eyes ~ 

Oh yes Inkheart has come out with a teaser for you ~ they are participating in an upcoming hunt called “Flowerage Hunt” and these eyes are the prize…stunning right? April Eyes and am wearing Begonia the mesh version, which comes in 3 sizes plus the classic look as well…please keep Inkheart in mine next month when the Flowerage Hunt starts which is what 5 days away…Very nice eyes ~ am wearing the small ~

There is my little bit of this and that for you ~ hmmm now I cannot get that tune out of my head LOL ….ok will be baack so don’t go too far away ~ again to all my readers and followers and sponsors ~ thank you so much ~ all is very appreciated…hugzz

Completing the Quest

Oh my oh my ~ Dena and I sit and just contemplate on what we just did ~ a huge sigh of pure relief comes over both of us ~ we did it!!! Both of us turn to each other and do the hi5 thingy and yell WE DID IT!!!  ok ok let me catch you up….my good friend Linc Garnett is always telling me about interesting things and events that he thinks I might like to either participate or blog about and true to form he told me about the Fantasy Faire and they were having this hunt ~ my interest peaked even more cuz he used the word “hunt” and along with that comes goodies LOL …so course I was interested ~ now he explained this was a different type of hunt ~ First was it was for a very very worthy cause something that SL has been a part of for as long as I remember and thats the Relay for Life, which you can click on that link and find out more about it ~ yes worthy cause as most of us know someone or someones that has been touched by cancer…and I love that SL is a part of this and second thing about this hunt it is very interactive and very INTENSE…I say that not lightly especially after 2 grueling days of completing this quest…its a story based quest that is called “The Tales of The Exiles” ~ here is just a little teaser about the quest in their words “As the Bard Queen’s Emissary to the beleaguered races of the realm once called Belfience, but now cast under the darkness of the Unweaver and called Malfience,  those joining the quest are tasked with finding the Exiles from that once peaceful land, and with their support undo the evil of the Unweaver and bring healing to the land.”  Need more information regarding the entire process you can go here  and get all the info…to get into the spirit of the entire quest I went ahead and purchased the higher of the two so I could really immerse myself wearing the clothes of an Emissaries ~ first stop was to the Bard Queen to get instructions on what we will be challenged with ~

The Bard Queen

She does give an very informative talk about what will be going on ~ who we might meet and if we complete our quest we will be rewarded greatly…to help us she also gave us a pendant to keep us from harm ~ it is very wise to listen to what she tells you about the Exiles as well as the hud will also lead your way and guide you in this quest…

Golden Delta 

I was amazed at all the sims that I traveled and the people I met along the way ~ I love when there is such a camaraderie ~ makes you feel good and also you are not alone in this quest…with that said I do before go any further have to give a huge shout out to Red *Phoenixfire01″ for all her assistance ~ did I mention that at times total frustration might take over as am not familiar with a lot of interactive huds and just did not get the concept but Red truly helped me out at some very difficult times…oh yes Dena also came through for us spotting some of the Exiles ~ figuring out things when my brain just was going numb…

One of the Exiles 

Here was one of the Exiles that you needed to find and talk with ~ and yes they do talk with you ~ some are funny, others just ramble on and on and on that you wonder when they will get around to assisting you but they also provide items that are kept in your hud’s inventory that will help you later in your quest…

Finding a Jewel 

And the Exiles don’t just hand out those goodies but they make you work for them ~ oh yes see that little tiny blue jewel by the couch on the floor…had to find that after talking with the Exile then go back and give it to them…trust me it is not an easy peasy process…but again I didn’t say it was easy peasy hunt like most ~ very very interactive and now as I sit back and ponder would I do it again …..both Dena and my answers are the same YES!!!!

There is lotz more I need to tell and show you especially some of the goodies..but for now RL is screaming and hey we know how that goes…please stick around ~ and if you are interested go look at that Fantasy Faire page again and GO there…you won’t regret it I promise you ~ click here  and look under Quest ~ till later hugzz to all