The Balcony…

I love balconies. Trying to remember the first time I step out on to one and looked out smiling. Feeling that breeze from the ocean on my face and just loving being able to see the panorama view. If you get a chance to get a hotel room in New Orleans make sure you haveContinue reading “The Balcony…”

heading out…

Brutus and I are heading out to Calas so we can listen to one of our favorite SL Singers Samm Qendra who’s voice has been described as angelic…we have listened to her at Calas for years and her performances are always fantastic ~ Always love the talent that Ty and Truck showcase at their nightclubContinue reading “heading out…”

Dontcha just…

Yes dontcha just want at times to open that Exit doors and say “please leave” to those that are rude, annoying and disrespectful towards others ~ today was one of those days and actually it started out really well ~ as my SL hubby always wakes me up with such a nice text that makesContinue reading “Dontcha just…”

End of 2017

First I would like to say 2017 for me in SL ended on a rough note, am not going to whine and as a good friend told me it is not worth the stress ~ cut the ties to negativity and just move on, which is such good advice that am following~ am excited toContinue reading “End of 2017”

Day after VDay ~ Day 46

Hello everyone again ~ are we still on a chocolate high or cloud nine from all the great pressies that we received yesterday? ¬†Was really a nice day all the way around for me RL and SL ~ my rl roomies presented me with a nice bottle of wine and a card ~ my slContinue reading “Day after VDay ~ Day 46”