pot of gold…

showing off the goodies from the hunt 

Happy Belated St. Paddy’s day ♣♣ Yesterday Dena and I took on the St. Patrick’s Day hunt that is filled with so many goodies and this was a really good FREE hunt too…as we work well doing hunts together we dived in spending most of the day trying to find that elusive pot of gold ~ Here is the LINK, to find all the LM’s and clues that you will need as it will be ongoing for the next couple weeks and I do apologize not knowing the exact date this will end as I see nothing on their site ~ both of us were very impressed with the quality of the prizes ~ what Dena and I are wearing all came from the hunt…close ups are below ~

Dena’s  goodies

Lets start at the top of Dena’s head with the hair from Rama Salon and yes it comes with a nice hud with awesome color choices ~ moving down you see a really cute necklace by AMA ~ the cocktail in her hand is from :::ChicChica::: ~ btw it is strong and yummy *grinz* also if you noticed in the first pic is the cute jumpsuit from Gaia ~

showing off more goodies

You gotta make sure you go to Moon Elixir to find the pot of gold that inside is this gorgeous beach hat that on the back it has written in script “do not disturb“, next this adorable latex outfit by Yasum ~ ooops forgot that colorful necklace by Storybrook and my hair underneath the hat is by Navy & Copper ~ see what I mean fantastic prizes and we have not finished opening the boxes but course let me move down to the shoes…

How unique are those shoes that Dena slipped her feet into am not sure she can walk as they make her super tall…also the anklet is from Essenz ~ yes these are hunt gifts too ♣

Shoes by Phedora & Anklet by Reign

From the crooked heel to the perfectly done cutouts these heels that Phedora put out as their prize is stunning ~ and absolutely love the anklet by Reign ~ again am amazed and really surprised at the quality of items ~ btw if you are doing the hunt it is always nice to send a thank you NC to each Designer to show your appreciation ~

Nails by Koffin and ring by Dahlia

The nails by Koffin do come with a great hud that has great choices and not just green and the stunning shamrock ring by Dahlia fits nicely on Bento hands ~ also grabbed a Saturday special of the Friendship bracelet at e.marie for 50L and yes comes with a great hud *giggling* as you can change what it says ~ sold separately (left & right halves), but hey good price and ya gotta check out that hud as I don’t wanna give away the sayings you can choose hehehe…oh forgot to mention the Clover that is wrapped around the bottom portion of my legs that is also a prize from Stargazer Creations ~ Yes there are a lot of stores in this hunt and the clues are a big help but if you get stuck you might want to join the group Finders Keepers  *29860f6a-c9ea-319d-7d70-9a324ab5ead6 (key) for more help ~ The hunt has a total of 75 Designers and as Dena & I keep opening the pots of gold with the prizes inside we are beyond impressed ~ will show you more soon…

Props used
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Sweet Dreams
Little Branch- Fluffy Grass
Shot at Backdrop City using poses by Nantra, PicME and Something New

Dena wearing:
Skin-Katie-Almond-7 Deadly S[k]ins
:::ChicChica::: St.Patrick’s cocktail-Hunt Prize
Ama. : Lucky Clover Necklace-Hunt Prize
CATWA HEAD Catya Toothless v3.0
CATWA TEETH A [Small] v3.0
Dahlia-Lucky Clover-Bento Ring-Hunt Prize
Nails-DP-Koffinnails-Maitreya-Dark Passions-Hunt Prize
Essenz – Mallorca (Ankle Bracelet)-Hunt Prize
GAIA – Amber jumpsuit Patrick-Hunt Prize
IKON Hope Eyes- Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
RAMA.SALON – Marisa Hair-Hunt Prize

Am wearing:
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Nails-DP-Koffinnails-Maitreya-Dark Passions-Hunt Prize
:::ChicChica:::St Patrick’s Cocktail –hunt prize
Celtic Myst”Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
Dahlia – Lucky Clover Ring-Hunt Prize
e.marie // LEFT Friendship Bracelet -Saturday Sale
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Moon Elixir – Leilani – Beach Hat-Hunt Prize
Navy&Copper – Green Tea-Hunt Prize
Phedora / Paris heels –Hunt Prize
SG Medow Legs – Clover SE-Hunt Prize
Storybook – Brood Mother – Neck – Rainbow –Hunt Prize
Yasum*Latex Pants*Mint-Hunt Prize

Night out…

As you girls out there know it takes a lot of time and effort into looking fabulous when going out on a date,which includes finding the right outfit to wear as well as the accessories~wanting to WOW him I slip on this gorgeous dress SIA by GIULIA DESIGN that is EXCLUSIVE at this month’s *Designer Showcase* With its sheer panels that go from hip to the top of the thigh you will have everyone looking your way ~ not only does it hug your curves it shows them off in all the right places…to finish my look I slip into the lovely pair of buckled stiletto’s that are included~ Here is a peek ~

Wearing Sia by Guilia Design

Am completing the look by wearing *Dulce Secrets* *Interstellar* eye-shadow that comes in 7 great shades, then finishing up by adding a very unique and unusual design to my nails from *CAZIMI* Nails collection called DART  that come with 10 colors and there are 3 different options that you can purchase ~

Eye Shadow by Dulce Secrets & Nails by Cazimi

Look is finished and now just heading out to spend a great night out ~Of course these amazing items are only at Designer Showcase till the end of the month so please take my TAXI and give you a chance to wander out and really check out all the goodies the Designers have for you ~

Will finish today by saying Thank You to Starr for all her help and support ~ to all my Absent friends and a Special thank you to Designer Showcase for the privilege of being one of their bloggers and to you all out there for reading and your support too lastly this was all shot at Backdrop City using poses by Image Essentials Heaven & Something New pose-Blog My Nails ..hugs to all Dena♥♥

Am wearing:
Skin- Amara Beauty-Kelly
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Dew
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Magika-Out Of Breath Hair
Guilia Design Sia Mini Dress Lara
ChicChic Nina Platinum L
ChicChic Nina Platinum R
Guilia Design Sia shoes
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya

the bones party…

oooh hey seems I did not get my invite to the “bones” party but from what I heard it was a very elite set that did get one…probably just as well after looking at who was there~ and yes managed to snag a copy of the guest list to let you know who did make the party ~ ooops plus my secret undercover photographer *winks* also managed to take their pic ~ giggling

the bones party 

See what I mean about the ummm type of guests that were invited ~ ok so from left to right will introduce you to them ~ starting with on the stool is the former mobster “Al Capone” you can tell by his hat LOL, sitting next to him wearing the pair of sunglasses is of course he was dressed for the occasion is “Invisible Man“, the host of the party is next the famous jewel thief “A.J. Raffles” if you have not heard of him well tsk tsk he is quite well he was quite the ladies man back in his day, sitting next to him am told was a famous Wild West Assassin “Deacon Jim” not so scary anymore is he…ok behind him is wearing the flowered hat and the only female to the group is “Miss Marples” surely you recognize her name, last one standing is “Jack the Ripper” uggg oooh yes the one that seems to be passed out wearing the pirate hat is none other than “Jack Sparrow” with his ever present bottle of rum YoHO…looks like they enjoyed themselves with all the treats that were laid out ~ and the pitcher of Butterbeer along with Pumpkin Juice that they say has quite the kick to it…at least there was not a big mess when I came to check up to see if the place was still standing as everything surprisingly was empty and swept clean of any debris ~ no complaints from the neighbors so all is good ♥♥

Props Used:

Halloween Luminary No2 *c* LadyBunny Hare *m*
JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Head Forward
JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Gaze
*Shabby* Potted Lollys- Trick or Treat *m*
[Kres] Autumn Tray
Hello Dave – Trick or Treat Bag – MONSTER PURPLE
[blissiere] gacha life group gift – zombie ghost
[CIRCA] – “Nature Valley” Pumpkin & Gourd Crate GIFT 
Ice Fishing – Bait Box *gift*
Fishing pole stand decoration *c* Ravin Asgard
SL13B Gift: Drying fish *c* Flecha Warwillow
Simply Shelby Kitchen Herbs Planter/window box *m*
Halloween Pumpkin Glowing Face EVIL SMILE *c* RiderX Spitteler
inVerse Malibu – Anchor
inVerse Malibu – potted plants
inVerse Malibu – surf board
DD Bush Blue Flower W Watering Can
Aley Mart ~ SS Minnow Life Preserver
[LD] Flory Hat
[TMH] Blue Velvet Gothic Brooch Top Hat
CC Signature Skelly Top Hat {Black}
[hh] Spooky Bats Skeleton Wings
KITE – Bear Planter – Arcade Birthday Gift – Sept 2017
Stray Dog – Wide Brim Hat
.Olive. the Rabbit Hat
CC Baron Fedora – Black & White Plaid
hO wEAr Captain Candy hat
nani // babe tote_ // gift
: ‘.LeLutka.Glare Sunglasses-Solid’
Get Stuff Skeleton Sitting *m*
Get Stuff Skeleton drinking smoking
Get Stuff Skeleton Standing
Build ~ [Schultz Bros.] The Dock House
Get Stuff Skeleton Standing 2
Get Stuff Skeleton leaning back sit
Soy. Antique Wooden Figure [sit on sofa]
*SF* skeleton kitten
Bee Designs Ghost Cupcakes -Gift
:::ChicChica:::Special Arcade drink
anxiety %catacomb bottlelamp (TSS anniversary)
Sway’s [shhh…] Coffee Mug (add)
:*:. ESM DESIGNS .:*:.Ashtray skull
Icon designs. Garden furniture – table
Lianns Deck Chair
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Table Stool

Off to London…

Today I am meeting up with Bestie in a place called Hyde Park part of London sims and you can see as I came up from the underground almost caught myself falling ~ shaking my head as I will admit a bit of a klutz in SL and RL ~

Wearing outfit “Sienna” by Hilly Haalan

Yes Hilly has some brand new stuff this month and I am doubly excited to be able to wear and show all of them to you so stick around as it will be an exciting month ~ now if I can walk straight to meet Dena but first I should show what this outfit comes with ~

Accessories included

Starting at the top with those very posh sunglasses and earrings ~ these are part of Sienna that Hilly has generously included in the outfit ~ the earrings really compliment without being too bulky or heavy weight ~

Top and Shorts closer look

From the material and the design I absolutely love this pairing ~ great color that should work with any type of skin tone you have on ~ even if it is September you all should know the weather is always up and down so for those days it is sunny and warm this will be perfect for out and about…

Gorgeous Purse

Am not a big purse fan especially in RL but this is soooooo adorable and cute that I just wanna squeal with having it in my fingertips ~ just absolutely love it ~ yes I know little overboard huh but really it is that cute ~


Another pair of posh heels that because of the neutral color these will be almost my to go to shoes since the style is fantastic and really are well done ~ love them too

Ok head to toe this outfit Sienna” by Hilly Haalan is a winner in my book ~ and feel so chic even with the earlier almost accident of tripping up the stairs ~ as I see Dena standing by the food truck think will grab some fish and chips or get adventurous and order something new…

Myself and Dena

Dena being my favorite UK person that always keeps me in the know about what is what had to explain to me what some of the items were and ended up ordering Toad and Mash ~ now tummy is full we are off to explore a bit before I bid her a good night as she is 5 hours ahead of me ~ oh yes we met someone that I just had to snap a quick pic ~ what a look right ~ giggling ~

Wiccy Shackleton

Yes that is not a statue as I first thought but a real person that was told got hit by Medusa and turned to stone ~ only when our backs are turned is Wiccy able to move but more on him later ~ For now here is the TAXI  so you can head over to Hilly’s main store and grab up this completely gorgeous outfit ~ stick around much more to see ~ oooh yes umm a tiny bit of a favor for my readers and supporters pretty please ~ 95% of the time am not one to enter contests but only just for possibly a tiny bit of recognition that I hope my readers will take the time to put my name up for nomination of “Bloggies” here is the LINK as the nominations will close on September 10th ~ thank you if you think my blog is deserving on one of these awards or anyone else that you think deserves to be nominated ~ as I put a couple fellow bloggers names up ~ thank you again ~ hugzz♥

Credits to Hilly Haalan for giving me the opportunity to blog for her since I love her clothes a lot, to my bestie Dena who brings lot of laughter each day to our voice chats and always hubby Sten who supports me, puts up with all my moods ~

Am wearing:
.:EMO-tions:. * SANA * hair
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[hh] Sienna Bracelet
[hh] Sienna Earrings
[hh] Sienna Glasses
[hh] Sienna Heels
[hh] Sienna Shorts
[hh] Sienna Top
*ys&ys catwa shape ~ tweaked
Belleza Catwa Skin Applier ~ Callie

Dena is wearing:
Belleza callie skin applier
/Wasabi Pills/ Isla
:::ChicChica::: Helena Moray Maitreya
:::insanya::: ThongGS – M.Lara
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
WICKED * Reign – Skirt (Steel) MAITRAYA
[WM] Tassia Basic Top Maitreya
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya shape Tweaked

Are you ready…

Yes are you ready for Thrift Store since it started on the 27th of last month that means LESS than 22 days left so if you gonna go do not wait ~ lot of great bargains and finds as the one am gonna show you from 1 Hundred ~

Just Me Mini by 1 Hundred 

Another goodie that will be perfect for those summer nights ~ you know the nights where you wanna look hot, sexy yet feel cool and comfy and this mini dress will fit the bill perfectly ~ cute spaghetti straps and short short that will always give your legs that nice long lean look that everyone aims for ~

Just Me in Mint 

Love the ice cream colors from Fushia, Lilac, Mint all those summer colors that are fresh and you might just want to scoop them all up ~ cant think of a better way to start your summer wardrobe ~ Whatcha waiting for here is YOUR TAXI to whisk you away to that Warehouse of goodies ~ oh yes there are gacha’s there as well *psst you know they are evil and addicting* giggling ~ enjoy ~ have fun and stick around as I finally announce my newest sponsor unless you already guessed…hugz to all ~ Peace out♥


“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
1 Hundred. Just Me Mini
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes – Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Vanity Hair:Sunday Mess-Blonds
:::ChicChica::: Callie Lona Shape
DeeTaleZ catwa applier Merry ~ Mediterranean

Poses used by Anna V1 series by I.E. As well as Demen Series #6 All shot on Location of Image Essentials backdrop area *brand new* 

Gifts ~ Gifts & Gifts…

Who does not like gifts whether it is in RL or SL especially SL and this month they are plentiful ~ sadly if you missed Chapter Four with their 4th anniversary gifts oh my they were a lot am still opening them ~ then I just TP’d over to Tres Chic and they are celebrating their 2 year old anniversary with a LOT and I do mean a LOT of gifts, which makes me so happy that we have the ability of making folders in our closets ~ come to realize folders are your friends and life savers at times ~ along with the search feature you can really become organized ~ under my object tab I have made up Folders for “Events, Subscription Boxes, Sponsors, just to name a few then under that I have a folder like example all my subscriptions as Pandora, Luxe, Powder Pack, Deco_rate, each have their own folder ~ then *giggling* with those I have folders for each month ~ for me this works might not for everyone but I have noticed that I can let each of you know where a specific makeup came from cuz maybe you got that box and liked the look ~ anyway Tres Chic celebration will be till June 5th ~ I will tell you a little hint for getting the gifts to save time on your footsies ~ use area search ~ word *gift* and search it pulled up every gift for me then I click on starting at bottom and hit “touch” and the gift comes to me…ta-da ~ takes a lot less time and I also go to my trusty Seraphim and see what they show in their gallery for Tres Chic as I make up a list of things I want to try and buy like the hair from Vanity “Sunday Mess” I love and purchased it ~ course suggest you try on the demo as sometimes I love the pics but on me not so much ~ expensive lesson with hair that I learned…NOW onto the gifts

Hair by =DeLa*= & Necklace by E-Clipse

This gift comes with a fatback of huds ~ and instead of going with my usual blonde I wanted to try something fun and wild ~ you will have fun with this and major thank you to DeLa for that awesome gift and yes MEN there is hair for you as well included ~ don’t feel left out…That necklace is really chic and very trendy plus comes with a nice hud to change the metal and the center stone ~ Gift is from E-Clipse called CatchMe!  Necklace and looks like either male or female can wear this ~ Next up shoes…

Sanny Leather Chucks by fame feeme

These shoes are pure leather that fame feeme gave as their birthday gift ~ great detailing with the zipper and overall they will be in my shoe folder to keep ~ variety of sizes that should feet those tootsies…Now see what I paired it with *grinz*

Justine *cropped top in olive* by [LGL]  ~ *Rachel* tie by [HU]
Starting with the *Rachel* tie from [HU] *Haveunequal* that also comes in various sizes and the Maitreya fit me perfect…like the butterflies that decorate the bottom ~ then the cropped top *Justine* by [LGL] *La Gazza Ladra in Olive ~ I will admit am not a big fan of the color but it works with the lace to offset and overall I liked the look ~ so now to show you the entire outfit that I put together…

Outfit by Tres Chic birthday gifts

Let me point out 2 things though the hair is the one item I did purchase from Vanity ~ am turning into a Hair Whore LOL since so much of my budget goes into hair these days…gawd could you imagine if in RL you could change your hairstyle and color that simple ummm don’t even wanna think about what my closet would look like LOL…The 2nd item are the denim shorts came from Gizza a gift from Chapter Four ~ my suggestion is just first join Tres Chic group since it is FREE and take my infamous TAXI and grab all those birthday gifts before they disappear into the wind ~ lastly you should stick around while I open more gifts to show you AND show you what couple of my sponsors gave me…thanks so much for following me, sending me compliments and just overall supporting my blog ~ this means more than you know and I am very appreciated that I have now over 100 followers ~ OH yes and I really have to thank my hubby Sten as he truly is my inspiration at times to keep going ~ he is the best ~ LOVE YA all…Peace out ♥


Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes- Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Vanity Hair:Sunday Mess-Blonds ~ purchased at Tres Chic
:::ChicChica::: Darlene Lona ~ Shape
DeeTaleZ Merry ~ catwa applier in Mediterranean
fame femme: Sanny Leather Chucks ~ *birthday gift at Tres Chic
Ghee Summer Basix Jeans Shorts gift from Chapter 4
LGL Justine – (Olive) Cropped halter top *birthday gift from Tres Chic
[Avenge] Glam bracelet *birthday gift from Tres Chic
[HU] Rachel Tie_Black *birthday gift from Tres Chic
=DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair “Rowen” *birthday gift from Tres Chic
E-Clipse CatchMe! Necklace *birthday gift from Tres Chic

Shot on my Platform using poses by Shag ~ Attitude & Disarm me

Too Cute…

Waves hello to everyone and wishes that everyone enjoyed their weekend as mine was a mess and sometimes living with a roomie has huge disadvantages to the point that if I ever won the lottery I found the perfect Tiny House to buy ~ close to the beach, just enough room for me and no need to share ~ anyway life goes on and not going to dwell on that cuz I have a really simple hunt for you that is strictly on Marketplace called “Too Cute Marketplace Hunt” ~ A very short hunt that each prize will be 5L and looks like one of the easiest hunts around ~ let me give you a preview of one of the prizes that you can get ~

Glitter Top & Booty Shorts by :.C!L.: 

Welcome to Disco Land, a land of glitter and booty shorts!! This cute outfit is 100% Mesh and will fit – Classic (5 sizes), – Belleza(Venus,Isis,Freya), – Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, – Maitreya and TMP ~ All for only 5L ~ not bad for a very cute summer outfit that are separates so you can mix/match…course I have to show you the back of these booty shorts ~

Booty view 

Where to start let me give you the link that will start you on your journey and the nice thing is its short and easy peasy as with other hunts if you want to skip the store you have a list of all the places to take you to the next one ~ So grab the LINK and enjoy the hunt…Thank you to Celia Shepherd for giving me the opportunity to show off this cute outfit for you…Also let me apologize that I normally always post the credits as I said normally but this weekend had my brain in a tizzy and I logged before I saved my NC to give you the details ~ I so apologize and ask your forgiveness in this ~ stick around as there is lot more to come as I welcome my latest sponsor Alma who has some serious makeup that just cannot wait to show and tell you about ~ till next time please love yourself and others ~ Peace out !

Credits ~ Body by Maitreya, Hair by Due-Mizuhara, Skin Applier by DeeTaleZ -Merry, Shape by :::ChicChica, Brows by Lurid...Head by Catwa-Catya ~ Shot on Location of my private Studio using poses from LumiPro 2017


Another Closet Find

Are you like me sometime buy things on impulse and stash them away in your closet only to find you forget them, then when your having a turnout come across things you have not even unpacked yet?  Well let me tell you I do it all the time~get taken on hunts,fairs or to store that have nice gifts out for you to take or even group gifts I put them away in a folder to sort later, then carry on with what I am doing and ‘Bam’ its forgotten about till I do a clear out…How bad am I you may ask well let me tell you I’m get so wrapped up with things that they completely go out of my mind, then when I come across something I wonder where & when did I buy it or find it…*laughing at myself* Today am going to show you one of my outfits that I so neatly put away and forgot about I say outfit but I mean things that I think look good together because as you know I do love to mix and match..So lets get on to the outfit as I want to show you what the whole look is first then will break it down.

The Look 

~Starting with my hair which comes from Amacci and is called Rhoda from the light blond pack/”Summer Blond” that you will need a base with this ~ as this is only an attachment and not the full hair ~ it is an old style hair that originally bought for the beach and just recently found it hidden away in my depths of my closet ~ also on Marketplace   then my eye makeup that am wearing is from the March Powder Pack by SlackgirlLatina” along with the earrings that are by Yokana and not sure they are available anymore but check out her store for her clothes and other accessories ~ again she is also on Marketplace  as well.


Hair by Amacci, Makeup by Slackgirl and Earrings by Yokana

The top I have on today is from a wonderful store ~ Blueberry ~and is called Georgina , I am wearing the Sky color, this for me is a versatile addition to your closet as it could also double as a bikini top and you could wear under a jacket for a smarter option and being that they have this in store in so many colors you will have a hard time deciding and as the others you can buy it on Marketplace

Georgina by Blueberry 

Lastly the jeans “Lixie” that I am wearing are from Addams another really popular store they compliment this top wonderfully~these figure hugging jeans do wonders to show off your booty and skim over the thighs just right don’t you?  ~the ripped look is very trendy in SL as well as RL that I see females and males out and about wearing…

Lixie by Addams 

Also on Marketplace that you can see that it also comes with a chain belt that I did not wear along with a great Hud for different looks as well ~ if you are one that wants a demo you have the option to choose that before buying ~ really cannot go wrong having a great pair of skinny jeans in your closet…I hope this gives you some ideas of what you can do with those finds from your closet ~ till next time be safe ♥


Earrings~ Yokana
:::ChicChica::: Helena Moray Maitreya ~ shoes not shown 
Addams // Lixie Ripped Super Skinny Jean // Maitreya
Blueberry – Georgina – Yoga Tops – Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CATWA TEETH Catya v2.16
IKON Hope Eyes (left) – Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Amacci Hair Rhoda summer blond
Eye Make-up:March- Powder-pack~ SlackGirl: Latina for Catwa

Shot on Location of Slice of Heaven  using poses by [BDPoses] Kristina




More Preview of Moolto Hunt

Waves Hello Everyone, I am here to give you a sneak preview of some of the things you will be looking for at the Moolto Hunt that has started on the 1st of May….So first let me tell you this is an amazing grid wide hunt and it is for members of Moolto group ~ now it is free so if you are not a member join now as they will be placing a fee very soon ~ this hunt is one not to miss as the designer really put the WOW in their prizes just like the one I am showing off ~

Prize from Vero Modero 

This is from [VM] Vero Modero called Sera Skirt Set Army Green ~ this outift is 100% mesh and with sizes from XXS to XL – The Straight leather style skirt looks like it is made up with four pieces of leather to give it this unique look and gives a very soft and subtle look to this brown skirt with sizes xs-xl ~The Army green comes in the way the shirt has been done on the back and then given a black front which compliments the skirt really well with it three buttons done up at the bottom leaving the top open just enough to show a hint of your breasts …. and stand up collar makes it very chic. ….sizes xxs-xl

Earrings “Bon Bon Ocean” Prize from Eckle 

I have teamed it with just a very simple but very pretty pair of earrings again from the Moolto Hunt and theses are from * Eckle* I have chosen to wear the Bon Bon Ocean these again are 100% mesh and just add a little fun to this outfit which I love…. with their bight yellow daisy flower sitting in a sea of blue ribbon…… .available in 3 colors…

Poses I have used called Spring Love by [MD] Pose Shop are another one of the hunt Items too….Oh yes you need LM’s for each dontcha well here you go

Store #10 ~ Vero Modero ~ hint is “feeling formal today

Store #22 ~ Eckle ~ hint is “do you have stage fright

Store #15 ~ [MD] Pose Shop  ~ hint is “the birds at the well love Spring

Till next time be safe out there ~ Dena ♥


:::ChicChica::: Helena Moray Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Catya  v2.10
ECKLE – Bon Bon Earrings OCEAN 
IKON Hope Eyes  – Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[VM] VERO MODERO / Sera Shirt Size L
[VM] VERO MODERO / Sera Skirt M
Shot on Location at a Starrs Private residence 
Poses used from Moolto Hunt from [MD] Pose shop-Spring Love

Welcome to the Forest…

The Forest ~ unique shopping experience

For those that have not heard of The Forest will give you a brief summary ~ this started back in August this year ~ huge buzz going around about a different type of shopping experience ~ pay one fee walk around and pick up the gifts ~ fee for having exclusive items from some very well known and up and coming designers is for me reasonable ~ and yes come Aug 21st I was right there in the midst with all the others lagged out trying to get all the goodies *laughing to myself* cuz they don’t just disappear over night as it goes till the 5th of the next month so plenty of time no need to stress out ~ but oh the goodies and kept telling myself and my blogging partner Dena we need to do a blog on this so here we are and let us get started…

Look at the shops 

Really like the layout as you walk around on the dirt country road the area has been set to give you that country look ~ very picturesque as well as some nice photo ops …

Church by Ionic

Speaking of Ionic here is the church that is for this months…yes that is Dena on the right and course me on left and OMG another item that just blew me away from The Silas Gallery and I truly hope he Silas Merlin will become a regular at The Forest ~ I will be using him in another pic but I thought would show you the color version that is just called “The Gift” that comes in different versions ~

Me, The Gift, Dena

Does he not look remarkable ~ and there is a wooden version that I already have plans for a pic but umm that comes laters ~ both Dena and I are wearing from offbeat just in different colors ~ fits us both perfectly and love the cuteness of the look ~ notice our headpieces well first let me apologize that I did not get closeups of either but I will be wearing them again from Lode ~ Fir Tree collection of head pieces ~ and I am wearing the flats from Breathe ~

Keyboard from Thunk

As my newest pet Elly from Black Bantam who is the most adorable elephant ~ she loves being held, petted and will send kisses out ~ we both watch Dena on the electric keyboard from Thunk that is being offered as well ~ Dena pounds away on the keyboard you can see am wearing from Belle Epoque in Ivory along with the hair from [Due] ~ with Dena showing off /Wasabi Pills Aspen Hair that comes with that scarf to keep your throat warm during the upcoming cold weather days…

Showing off our Elephants from Black Bantam

Both of us changed just colors but still wearing items from The Forest ~ that rich red color from Belle Epoque and Dena holding her cute elephant wearing in a different color from /Wasabi Pills the hair and scarf along with the sweater from Evie ~ again I truly want to thank all the designers that participated in November’s The Forest event ~ really amazing items and please click HERE to learn more and  look at the gifts as you can see this months along with previous months ~ was so worth the one pay ticket price ~ and will be back in line for Decembers….am so happy that I now have over 100 followers *giggling with excitement* and have also reached 10K hits on my site ~ for me am wow’d on that last bit of information ~ truly makes me humble to know that and really thank those of you that take time out from wherever to read and possibly enjoy our blog…thank you again so much and remember please life is too short to hate ♥

Credits ~ for  Dena & Myself


Izzie’s – Glitter Liptint gold
::DS:: Marrakesh Soodah Eyeshadow
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics (new)
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring (r)
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
*LODE* Head Accessory – Fir Tree Wreath [golden] RARE ~ found exclusive at The Forest
. offbeat . dokimeki dress gray/pink~ found exclusive at The Forest
Belle Epoque ~ {Blair} in White & Red ~ found exclusive at The Forest
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Mayfly – Luminous – November Midnight
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 – R – Casual
[BREATHE]-Emmy Flats-~ found exclusive at The Forest
[DUE] Hirose ~ found exclusive at The Forest
pr!tty ~ Helena ~ found exclusive at The Forest
Glam Affair – Amberly – India 


.:Glamorize:. Onyx Eyeliners 
Lumae :: Eyelashes // Longer
.:Glamorize:. Onyx Eyeliners – 1
Lumae :: Eyelashes // Longer
/Wasabi Pills/ Aspen Mesh Hair~ found exclusively at The Forest 
/Wasabi Pills/ Aspen Scarf~ found exclusively at The Forest 
EVIE. – Seelig Sweater – Olive~ found exclusively at The Forest 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Right V2.3
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – R – Casual
IKON Triumph Eyes – Armor 
*LODE* Head Accessory – Forest Breath [fog]~ found exclusively at The Forest 
. offbeat . dokimeki dress wine/black ~ found exclusively at The Forest 
:::ChicChica::: Helena Berry Slink
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
pr!tty – Helena – {Rootless} :rigged: ~ found exclusively at The Forest