someone gave me…

holding these black roses someone left on my welcome mat am confused and puzzled…black roses symbolizes a tragic romance PLUS death, hatred and farewell ~ woah that is a tad scary since I am completely clueless on whoever or whatever this is to mean. since I have not dated in months and months there is no tragic romance at least that I know of ~ if someone hates me that much to give me black roses thats on them not me. if someone is watching me right now they should know am just like that gorgeous dress I am wearing by YoUnique called “Kay” ~ it fits my Maitreya Petite perfect no adjustments at all and had such a hard time choosing which saying to wear as Gem Mikos owner/creator of YoUnique came up with 10 different ones ~ guess umm no I know am thankful I am a woman no matter what crap I have been through ~ so whoever you are I will just enjoy these gorgeous black roses and think someone was thinking of me hehehe ♥

shot at my newest house by HisaOcean Retreat” using AAP What are you looking at pose in Black Dragon

body ~ Maitreya Petite
earrings ~ e.marie/Kestra-Silver
eyes ~ AG/Ardent
hair ~ [monso] Hopa
head ~ Lelutka/EvoX-Fleur
skin ~ alaskametro/Vanessa
outfit ~ YoUnique Couture-Kay Jumper Dress

YoUnique Store

things are getting…

it is getting closer to that creepy time and you all know what I am talking about as I lower my voice to a whisper “Halloween” ~ where things go bump in the night and some people howl at the moon…least I am looking hawt in this outfit by Classy N Sassy ~ the outfit is “Fresh” and it is ONLY available at the Rock Your Rack event that is ongoing for another week…this is and I cannot say this enough supporting the National Breast Foundation…everyone has been touched by this horrid horrid disease whether its yourself, a family member or a good friend…the good thing is hearing that you have breast cancer is not a death sentence ~ the biggest preventative is early detection soo check those girls and men yes you make sure you also check yourself as breast cancer in men has risen in the past several years. Models Giving Back is an SL group that started this six years ago and every year the group is foremost intent on making awareness and raising monies for the National Breast Foundation ~ this year is no exception with all the great designers like Classy N Sassy, the entertainment, the 10L hunt and so much more…please take time to hop over there and check everything out ~ thank you all who do read my blog posts and even if you do not comment I appreciate everyone ♥

shot at Salem using SSP Strike a Pose ~

body ~ Maitreya
earrings ~ e.marie/Carol-silvers
eyes ~ AG/Ardent-Lavender
facechain *PKC/Noa
head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
hair ~ KMH/CP007
skin ~ [7DS] Aislinn/grey
shoes ~ Marana Sneakers
tats ~ ONYOU Jigsaw Scar
tats ~ Anellcus/Freya’s
top/jeans Classy N Sassy @RYR event

girls just wanna….

I come home in the morning light
My mother says when you gonna live your life right
Oh mother dear we’re not the fortunate ones
And girls they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have funHey now, hey now
What’s the matter with you?
Girls just wanna have fun now
Come on…The phone rings in the middle of the night
My father yells what you gonna do with your life
Oh daddy dear you know you’re still number one
But girls they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to haveThat’s all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
You know girls, they want to have fun

with this cute outfit Girls Wanna have Fun by “THE BOUTIQUE” designed by Kennedy Fairlane you will have lotz of fun ~ from the cute addition of the drink you can hold in either hand or the lipstick that also comes with it this outfit makes you wanna play Cyndi Laupers tune and just dance, dance and dance all nite♥ behind me are those cute pink cans that are the 10L hunt item at her booth ~ all you gotta do is look for the pink clothes hanger ~ several different cans to hold ~ some with straws, some not and one is sippable and all for 10L that you would be supporting a great cause. please take the LM below and head over as it is ongoing till the 17th of this month…thanks

Rock Your Rack


head ~ Lelutka/fleur
hair ~ bonbon/mavis
body ~ Maitreya
skin ~ [7DS] Nessa/pineapple
outfit ~ The Boutique/Girl Fun

stepping out…

ready to party in my beautiful “Deep Red Evening Gown” by Steaming Ahead ~ oooh this gown is so form fitting I went on a strict no carb diet just to fit in it hehehe joking cuz we KNOW that every dress will fit in SL now RL that is a whole different thing…dontcha wish clothes would just magically fit like in SL ~ OMG I could only wish but back to SL this dress molds to your body so good you will be getting that attention just like I did as I stepped out of the elevator… I could give this dress more compliments but the biggest thing is for you to go yourself to the RYR *Rock your Rack* event and try it on yourself♥ oooh gawd almost forgot to tell you about the 10L hunt that most of the designers are participating in ~ its a small pink clothes hanger somewhere in their booths so not actually hard to find but for 10L you can help support this great cause and get a great prize…there is a great pair of matching mules that SA has put in the clothes hanger ~ really cannot stress enough about supporting this event since someone close to you or perhaps yourself have been touched by Breast Cancer ~ ten years ago which is not that far back was a death sentence for a lot of people that were diagnosed with BC ~ today the survival rates are triple as results of research, new medical procedures and a lot of education and awareness for Breast Cancer ~ the National Organization for Breast Cancer does so much to inform, educate and assist families and patients dealing with Breast Cancer…that costs money to achieve all that and each Linden you spend on this event will go towards that organization♥ thank you SteamingAhead for allowing me to show off this gorgeous gown and thank you all who take time to read my blog it is so appreciated ~ take care & remember each of you to check those girls every month…MEN you should too as this does not just affect women but men as well…hugzzz

shot at Sunny’s Studio using Amiitie Elevator w/poses

Rock Your Rack Landing

Steaming Ahead

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
body ~ Maitreya
hair ~ [monso] Choi
skin ~ [7DS]
dress ~ SA Deep Red Evening Gown
shoes ~ SA High Heel Mules not shown

it’s snowing…

oh my it just might be too early to use the “S” word but not for me as winter is one of my favorites seasons…I absolutely love the cold as they say you can always put more clothes on like this gorgeous Amberle Coat and Dress is just the thing for a gorgeous winter nite out…besides looking marvelous you will be kept warm as well ♥ owner/creator Nim Darkheart of Poets Heart has outdone herself on this creation ~ it is available at the Rock Your Rack event, which everyone knows this is for a great cause and supported by Models Giving Back as percentages of sales are going to the National Breast Foundation ~ and to accessorize this I added Stone’s Works Polished Black Onyx Necklace giving it that finished look ♥ and yes that necklace is also available for purchase at the RYR so take the LM below and check out all those designers & creators…btw if you look for a pink clothes hanger its a 10L hunt item that you will not want to miss grabbing…thanks goes out to all the designers for all they are doing to support this great cause as we know Breast Cancer still has not been cured but it is also not a death sentence anymore either…hugzz

shot at Winterland Adagio Gardens using Poses with Attitude PWAformalwide poses ~ exclusive to RYR

ROCK YOUR RACK Landing point

Poets Heart Main Store

Stone’s Work

Poses with Attitude

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
hair ~ tram/K0815
skin ~ [7DS] Nessa/Pineapple
body ~ Maitreya
dress ~ PH/Amberle Coat & dress
necklace Stone’s Works/polished black Onyx

runway perfect

she is chic ~ she is class ~ she has that New York state of mind and she is Runway Perfect…she could be walking down 5th Avenue not a care in the world ~ you could see her staring at nothing strutting down the fashion runway her head held high knowing this long puffed sleeve dress that has her feeling that way is by Belle Mode called Louisa ~ what she does know is she feels like a Million Lindens~ the waist is cinched in giving her a very sleek look ~ the sleeves might be a throwback style that adds to the poshness ~ and my my she has 4 different areas to change with 8 different colors that keep her trending with fresh look no matter where she is…she is IT and she knows it ~ btw she said this could be yours too just head over to the Rock Your Rack event that is ongoing till the 17th ~ check out Belle Mode and you can also look like a million…btw you just never know what else you might find there and she says it is for a great cause to stop Breast Cancer forever!!! she says look below for the LM’s and she also states stick around she has much more to show you ♥

Rock Your Rack Landing Point

Belle Mode Main Store

Rock Your Rack Website

shot high in the sky using Image Essentials Runway w/Dare Haute Couture Pose

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
body ~ Maitreya S
skin ~ [7DS] Nessa/Pineapple
hat ~ David Heather -Faer
dress Belle Mode/Louisa


“Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet
To go over everything
They say that time’s supposed to heal ya
But I ain’t done much healing

Hello, can you hear me?
I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be
When we were younger and free
I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet

There’s such a difference between us
And a million miles

Hello from the other side
I must’ve called a thousand times
To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done
But when I call, you never seem to be home…”

shot at Sunny’s Studio using “Alone in the big city” ~ and one of YoUnique Couture‘s latest fashion item -Kloe w/10 color Hud

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
hair ~ Ayashi/Grein
body ~ Maitreya Petite
skin ~ [7ds]Nessa/Pineapple
glasses Petite Mort/Lennon round
dress ~ YoUnique Couture/Kloe


sometimes I get so immersed in an event that I just want it to continue and yet after stepping back I realize that its not me ~ when I joined SL almost 13 years ago my goal was to become a really good photographer mixed in with blogging ~ those are two things that if I am honest with myself that I am good at. yet there is always room for improvement to become even better especially after looking at all those artists in this month issue of Focus Magazine. am honored that one of my images was even chosen as there are so many really good photographers in SL…after a night of being so sick and barely dragging myself into SL am realizing that this is what I want to spend my time doing ~ going to various places and taking images or setting up a scene like this and taking images ~ this is truly who I am in Second Life a photographer ~ this is what my passion is all about and being honest this is what I will continue to do in SL ~ keep taking images, keep improving and challenging myself…it is a lot of work but it is something am so passionate about and this is my path the one that I am truly destined for ~ with that I do hope that people will understand and accept ~ hugzz

shot at Sunny’s Studio using Diversions Sighted poses

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
body ~ Maitreya Petite
skin ~ [7DS] Nessa/Pineapple
hair ~ Shi/Eleu
boots ~ Wicca’s/ Eagleden
mask ~ Wicca’s/Adeline-copper
outfit Wicca’s/Enni

final RenFest Gala

my special friend Brutus Lionheart and myself have arrived at the Royal Court Closing Gala but first such a special final event I wanted to grab one last image in our finest garb ~ what was so special came from Kaid Stormcloud owner of Hawker House graciously sent Brutus the Navy Plantagenet Outfit to wear ~ looks very handsome wearing and so appreciative of Kaid’s generosity ~ make sure you check out his store.

White Rangers Honor Guard

how impressive to walk between raised swords as you climb the steps to go into the Grand Ballroom, which consists of Cal Ashwood, Alestair Ashwood, Yata Orellana, Alexarya Freewings, NullandVoid, Colton Drechsler, balinshortstuff, 0edward, Talya Barzane, and Witchyjade ~ I do hope that I got everyone…The White Rangers were our hosts of this final Gala and there were guests from all over that came to join in but first let me introduce you to the Queen of the Gala

Queen of the White Rangers is Bee Dumpling who is also co-owner of The White Armory looking very regal in her gorgeous gown ~ her partner in SL & RL is Colton Drechsler who was one of the Honor Guard…I thank them both and all the White Rangers for hosting this ♥

at the top of the steps looks to be the official greeter Journey Texan saying hello and passing out such nice compliments ~ Journey looked splendid and was so delightful as well

starting off the great tunes was DJAlsedel/AlsedelLlewllyn who did a fantastic job supplying us with great music to dance with and keeping us entertained as well..beside him dancing was his loving partner Laura Polke

the other half of the Gala was our second DJ Stephanie Gardner who the tune kept us dancing till the final end ~

one of the guests who made an impressive entrance was 乙єϯα Viđαɾ ĄηŢιηε a member of the The Vidar Clan and his fellow member Fяσst Viđαɾ ĄηŢιηε

after changing out from her Honor Guard uniform witchyjade danced up a storm with a very interesting anonymous guard watching…

the dance floor was filling up as everyone came from far and wide to say goodby for another year to one of the most amazing festivals I have had the honor to be a part of ~the SL Renaissance Festival was my first but not my last experience of Medieval as this truly sparked something inside me to have me looking into being a part of Dragons Lair ~ yes I will be a Aspirant in the Knights of The Dragons Lair ~ more to come later…

this truly as been amazing ten days that those memories will stay with me for a long time ~ so many to thank and appreciate all their efforts starting with Nuala Maracas along with Tye Stormcloud who offered me the position of Blog Manager ~ little overwhelming at first but with the help of both I navigated my way through so thank you both!!!! As well as each of the bloggers that made me so proud ~ thank you Aznana Shieldmaiden, Darkstone Aeon, Jasmine Tryce, Elle Skye, Hwasa, Zella Fantastik, Freyja Nemeth, Moon Shadowheart, Ariell Jisnue, Nani West, Markski Glom, Rhian Milena, Negley Claremont, Arwenn Evenstar, Chrysanthea Navarathana, Momo Usagi, Janainadouarte, Catrie Athena, Preston Crowley, and Sherlyndrea -who completely blew me away with over 13 blog posts~ as well as Skysong who also helped me throughout the Festival ~ each of you have truly touched my heart and for all those that attended I do hope the Festival was a success for you as for all the monies that were raised to help support getting rid of BREAST CANCER forever!!!! thank each of you ~ hugzz ♥♥

Dragon Target Shoot…

Wow I gotta say how impressed I am with all the participants of each tournament I attended and this one was the last of RenFest as today is the last day of SL Renaissance Festival ~ but before I get all maudlin I want to call attention to these archery experts that had to shoot targets in the sky that popped up ~ bravo to each of you for all your efforts and now let me introduce you to the Archers…

Panther Mauer stepped up first and you can see how far off the targets are in the sky ~ as with each tournament they get 3 passes to try for the best score ~ Panther’s end score was 221 ~ my apologies I did not put the numbers behind it as my goal was to keep up with each of them LOL

Ariell Fallen was next up looking always lovely and making it look easy, which IT IS NOT!!! Ariell finished with a 234.4

Again Dorian Hawkmoon came to win and win he did ~ wow am wondering how much practice he puts in as his score was 276 BRAVO!!!

next up was Rifi Rising and as you can see he in the shooting zone about doing his best for this event ~ he finished with a 257

Tenni was up next looking splendid as she takes aim ~ her best score was 193

In the zone was Redshirt Zepp taking careful aim with his bow his final score was 162

Skysong was up next and you can see her taking aim at those targets and finishing up with a score of 255

the ever lovely Kyavel was up next looking so elegant as she takes her place to shoot ~ ending up with a score of 241

with the nicest smile on her face Dawn Faj’r was up and ended up with a score of 233

Tye Stormcloud took up the challenge and ended up with a score of 239

the last archer of the Tournament was Pantera Polnocy and final score was 228

this was fast and I barely could keep up with all the flying arrows that went soaring into the air hitting targets after targets ~ for me it was amazing as I did try before hand and seriously I would of run out the clock way way before hehehe ~ bravo again to all

above is the winners for the Dragon Target Shoot ~ from 4th place Kyavel, 3rd place Skysong, 2nd place Rifi Rising and First place and overall Grand Champion of all the Tournaments was Dorian Hawkmoon