look what I…

My fave color is PURPLE ~ and when I saw that Teeglepet had come out with a exclusive skin for the RenFest I just had to scurry over and check it out ~ its a texture applier that can be put on your horse to give it an amazing purple cloud look ~ like the curious horse that is standing next to me…at first DUH me thought it was the horse itself and at that price am like OMG what a steal hehehe so I read it again and learned it is a texture for the skin of your already Teegle horse ~ can only imagine if I thought it was the horse LOL ~ oh well ~ the colors are gorgeous as I must of stayed just to look at that horse for while ~ while I do have a Teegle horse who is my huge UNICORN am not sure he would like me to change his color siting that is so not him…for those that are not in the know about a Teeglepet you can also ride one just to see how gorgeous they are and so very realistic…they do have several horses on display to purchase that if you are looking to get one this is a great time and for a fantastic price ♥ you will find the LM below and I will be showing off the horse that I have along with one that I tried at the Festival ~the outfit sorceress I am wearing also is from the Festival by boho soul ~ this outfit even comes with hair that I absolutely love and color choices are great and hey they had purple wooo hooo ~ yes I know am all about the color purple…again this item is one the creator has graciously donated 100% of the profits to the Event ~ just truly love designers/creators giving back for a great cause to rid the world forever of Breast Cancer ~ I sincerely hope you will make time in your SL life to come to this event as supporting this might truly one day save a person and that could be you or someone close… Festival is now open so grab the LM below to one of the Welcome Points and HAVE FUN ♥ cya soon



boho soul

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