wandering around

Linden Pillory

today is Blogger Day at the Renaissance Festival so taking to wandering out after grabbing one of the items of clothing from Scarlet Fey ~ keep reading and will tell you lotz more about the clothing here ♥ where am I? beside me is one of those things you parents might of threatened you with ~ well my parents might of LOL was a hell raiser growing up and to be put in the stocks would probably been worse than phone privileges taken away…yeah I did not grow up with cells just one phone in the kitchen and parents and you had to ask permission to make a phone call ~ least in my family as parents were super strict so to them hmmm ya never know if they would of chose this…anyhoo getting away from where I am, which is at the Linden Pillory that am gathering you will pay to see a Linden or Mole be put in *giggling* yes they will be volunteering on various events so stick around and hey maybe I will get picks of a Linden in these hehehe ~ SL Renaissance Festival is open tomorrow and everyone from Merchants to the entire RenFest crew are excited as well as my blogger team…so many activities, live entertainment over 60 hours WOW ~ I will do my best to take you to different venues BUT you need to come see all this in person ~ below will be a list of welcome landing points for you along with the link to the website…PLEASE remember this is for such a good cause/charity STRIDES” striding to get rid of Breast Cancer forever and providing assistance to survivors and caregivers…it is so amazing what this one organization does ~ yet like everything in todays world it takes monies and that is why the RENFEST needs you ~ so many items will be placed out that all the profits will be going to STRIDES ~ 100% not 89% or 99% but 100% of the profits from the Merchants items and there are many so please think about that as you walk around this immense venue. you might just be saving a life ♥

The gorgeous dress call “RENN WOIR is from Scarlet Fey and this is one of the items where 100% of the profits will go to the Charity ♥ This is for Maitreya bodies only and fits beautifully ~ her LM to these items as she has 2 will be below also ~ thanking Scarlet for graciously letting us blog her items…

SLRenaissance Website

Welcome Center I

Welcome Center II

Scarlet Fey Exclusive Items

Shot on location of the Linden Pillory inside SL Renaissance Festival using R.icielli Model Pose #3

body ~ Maitreya
head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
hair ~ Argrace/Kitsuno
skin ~ Traditional Face/Anna-Snow
dress ~ SF/RennNoir

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