look at me…

look at me ~ I am beautiful ~ I am strong and I am woman…as always I wonder those single feel they are not complete unless they have someone in their life ~ it is nice to have your person but it should not complete you ~ its like you are saying you are not whole unless there is someone…or those that tell everyone he/she is your whole world ~ am like woah why? more and more talking with SL & RL couples that have lasted for years its because each are individuals working together on a relationship ~ might not be 50/50 but it works and not because they are each other’s whole world ~ it is because they want to be with each other yet they still have a life…might not make sense but those will get what am saying. do not woah because you have no one in your life, go find your passion, life is just too short not to enjoy it ~ just like I am truly enjoying this outfit Demeter Goddess of Autumn by Luna Chelsea…comes with earrings, gloves, necklace, headpiece, top, skirt and wings ~ amazing as it fits my Maitreya like a glove…truly will make you feel like a Goddess…this is only at the Bixie Event that is ongoing until October 18th…stick around as I have more to show you from this event and others *winks* … thank you again for taking time out to read my blog as it truly makes me smile when someone says I do read your blog post ♥

Bixie Event

Luna Chelsea

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
hair ~ NO.MATCH/no_plastic
body ~ Maitreya standard
skin ~ [7DS] Nessa/Pineapple
outfit Luna Chelsea/Demeter

me and him…

wandering the festival I am noticing someone following me very close ~ I would turn, he would turn, thinking why is this guard following me and he looks exactly like the Queen’s bodyguard…woah is he a clone or what as I tried questioning him but he would not speak a single word nor make any noises, which for me was frustrating…taking a moment with the decision just to let it go and if he wants to follow me am fine with it ~ I mean who doesn’t want a big silent man that asks for nothing **giggling…as I walked around there was a very nice place to show off this great outfit by Hawker House and some other items that you can get at the Festival. looking pretty sexy in my “Ladies Mesh Crann Bethadh Armor Tymora ” who was created by Blitz Drake ~ this is one item that Hawker House is graciously donating 100% of the profits to the Event ~ bravo!!! comes with the boots, pants, corset, top and gloves and wearing my standard Maitreya body it fits very well without any major adjustments…seeing how I look in this me and my umm guard ran over to his store at the Festival and wow lot of choices to make your Medieval look complete ♥ will post his direct LM to the store so you can see for yourself all the offerings and MEN he has so much for you as well to choose. now for the sake of the above image I did resize the Light Banner that was created by [Drakes} another gracious Merchant donating 100% as well…the Banner is very tall and will look very stately next to any castle or realm that you choose…maybe you are into banners and this would be perfect for your collection too ♥ those gorgeous button flowers that me and him are standing on are by .Lunaria. these are Bachelor Button Meadows that are copyable ~ the colors are rich and you really must stop by her store as well ~ there are so many great Merchants that have really stepped up with their 100% donations like what I am showing off to you here ~ I applaud each of them and thank each for supporting the SL Renaissance Festival ~ this event is truly one of best ones that I have privilege to blog and be a part of ♥ everyone has been so generous and kind when I speak with them ~ some have brought me smiles and some reading their stories of hope and survival have brought me tears yet I feel such passion from everyone to support and urge us all to take part in ridding the world of Breast Cancer FOREVER!!!!

Hawker House



head ~ Lelutka
hair ~ Argrace/Suzukaze
skin ~ [7DS] Nessa/pineapple
body ~ Maitreya standard
outfit HH Ladies Mesh Crann Bethadh Liath

another Queen…

Queen Ninatchka

I was very honored to meet another Queen for the day ~ as you can see her trusty guard is right beside her protecting her from any attacks ~ Royalty always to be diligent about those wanting to harm them ~ and don’t even try talking to him as he never speaks just keeps his head on a swivel taking no chance that anyone will get that close to his Queen… this is her story:

Ninatchka Markova has been a vibrant resident of Second Life since the mid 2000a and through all is a 10 year Cancer Survivor. Inworld as a creator and sponge of all things around the grid, it has been an amazing experience to make so many friends from so many parts of the world. She is a vivid horse enthusiast and rides about the realm … her guards accompany her only on days she is walking around the realm to greet her patrons. See me Thursday – SEPT 29th INWORLD BTW – Her neck is always covered as to an assassination attempt – so metal is her choker.

My real life Breast Cancer experience started with a diagnosis in Nov of 2010. “My experience has been nothing short of remarkable. With the guidance of God, I believe my positivity and the support of family and friends (SL and RL) got me past the worst medical adventure I ever care to have. The best of course was having twins at Georgetown Medical in Washington, DC…and seeing them now successful young adults making a difference in the world. We as a family, with the continued love of my husband Tim, have been advocates and huge supporters of the Breast Cancer Awareness and Research movement, having participated in Turkey Chases, Dress For Success, Making Strides, Relay For Life and a few of the Susan B Komen events. I have donated my time between Oncology depts in chemo rooms and transporting patients and elderly to participating in many St. Judes activities and fundraisers. Breast Cancer is dear to my heart, but all CANCERS MUST BE ERADICATED…Finally in 2012 after months of chemo and radiation and several surgeries, I was cleared of remaining threats to my body. The staff at the Johns Hopkins “SUBURBAN Hospital” were an amazing group of professionals – I have never felt more cared-for. My Oncologist recently cleared me and my primary (who clearly saved my life) – is retiring as well as did my surgeon. I will never forget those who during painful and tired days came to my aid in assisting my family with meal prep and athletic transportation. I will always remember spending time with my family camping on Mothers Day in 2011 and the fun times at the beach as we bonded during this trying time. NO, I try to give back, whenever and wherever I can. I spend my time now here and in real life, promoting and educating people regarding PREVENTION and TREATMENT – YOU ARE NOT ALONE and I have met the most admirable individuals who have survived and thriving. I commend the incredible presence here in the virtual world..it brings us all closer and the words spoken get around the globe faster – here in Second Life. I thank you for allowing me such an honor to be Queen for a day.


I truly thank Ninatchka for sharing her story with me and that you can see her passion also for support to this amazing event…speaking with several people you can tell this is why they come to support STRIDES and spread the word…earlier today there was a jousting tournament that I was so eager to see yet missed it due to RL ~ on the good note please save this date Sept 30 BECAUSE at NOON SLT there will be jousting with the Lindens ~ now who doesn’t want to see the Lindens getting speared ~ just kidding I wish no harm comes to them, maybe getting knocked off their horse might be in their futures ~ who knows but for me am excited as I watched jousting in RL and cannot wait to see this inworld. there is just so much to see and do in here not to mention shopping with over 50 Merchants…there is only 4 more days for the Festival and truly time has gone by so fast that honestly will miss all this when it ends ~ the good news is this festival has succeed far above the goals that were set ~ please take time to visit, watch some tournaments, wander around all the shops and just enjoy yourself ♥ Looking for more information here is the LINK to find more about the festivals. below is a list of what the Queen was wearing ♥

Queen is wearing
garb ~ Belle Epoque/ Elven Queen-Pink choker by Peqe
shoes ~ Cult
hair ~ EXXESS/Chocolat
skin ~ WOW/Sandy
guard ~ by Jewel

little monster…

wow the title sure fits me perfect…giggling as I do act like a little monster at times just ask ummm on second thought never mind asking LOL ~ this cute sweater dress is called Wicked is by Voodoo Baby ~ that is just in time for fall and Halloween. dontcha love finding new stuff/stores and btw this is an exclusive to the Bixie Event that I am currently blogging for ~ I know switching up from medieval to current day ~ keeping you on your toes people hehehe ~ Bixie Event runs from the 28th till the 18th of October soo that means tomorrow you can rush over there and grab this cute sweater dress. only thing you have to decide on is which one to purchase there are so many cute ones and fits most bodies but always try on demo. Below you will find the LM’s to the Bixie Event and to Voodoo Baby main store. alrighty maybe I will see you there cuz you are looking at a true shopoholic *grinz ♥ stick around as I got more to show with this Event and some other ones *winks…hugzz to all stay safe♥

Bixie Event

Voodoo Baby

Shot at Sunnies Studio using Synnergy Fall Gate Backdrop using Sweater Weather pose

head ~ LELUTKA/Fleur
hair ~ Argrace/Suzukaze
body ~ Maitreya
dress ~ .: VB!:. Wicked Dress-Maitreya
skin ~ Traditional Face/Anna-Snow

my my my…

Jasmine & myself

today I decided to attend one of the tournaments “a Melee” and bumped into a fellow blogger Jasmine Tryce who was looking very lovely dressed in my favorite color purple ~ my gown and necklace will tell you a little later because I really need to explain to you just what I witnessed!!! Definition of “a Melee is hand to hand combat using melee weapons that are defined as “A melee weapon is a hand to hand combat weapon such as a sword,axe,hammer,hate stick or any other thing used at close range, they are used for clubbing”. Tonight it was swords and my my my you could hear the swishing of the blades, the striking of metal against metal, and could see when the sword made contact on the body as blood would spurt out…at times both Knights actions were so frenzied you just had to hold your breath waiting to see who would be the victor. it was probably the most interesting event that I have watched in Second Life…and yes even one of the co-coordinators of this festival Tye Stormcloud aka torymchenry entered and won the first match to move on to the next round – BRAVO! I was also very fortunate to have spoke with several members of the Black Knights Daeron Leayonadas and Casaenia Grugach

Daeron Leayonadas, Turin, Casaenia Grugach, and Rio Bathori

Casaenia is the leader of the Black Knights, which was explained to me they are a combat group trained in archery, jousting and sword…Casaenia was also the moderator for tonight’s Unity Maxim tourney. oh my I also learned that Casaenia is Queen Casaenia of the Village of Madrid. this is all new for me and I was very lucky to have spoken to several people that explained or tried to the rules and what was taking place…

Abielle Costayne (quashanique)

Abielle was also gracious in speaking with me along with looking fantastic in her Knights clothing…she is a member of Dragons Lair another group *please note that any information regarding the groups that I may have gotten incorrect please forgive* Abielle was letting me know this was one of the largest tournaments they have held so far at the Festival. They have fighters from 6 different realms competing tonight and everyone was eager to help make this Festival a success ~ each person competing made a donation along with others…the passion during the tournament was witnessed by cheers, whistling and good nature d banter between different realms..as yes I was right there yelling for some of the Knights like Tye who got me jumping up and down with each of her victories…time prevented me from staying till the very end but what I saw was exciting and I seriously urge you to look at the SL Renaissance website to see a list of Tournaments you can come and watch ~ they are anything but boring ~ for me I cannot wait to come and watch more of these ~ there is so much to see and do during the remaining 6 days that sadly I will have to miss some of it but what I do see you have my promise I will let you know through my images and my blog posts ♥ again remember this event supports Strides a part of the American Cancer Society that is making strides against Breast Cancer…my huge thanks goes out to all participants, to the Merchants and their gracious donations, to the hardworking crew members that have made this all possible and to my wonderful members of the Scribes aka bloggers. please stick around as every day I will try to bring you more and more stuff within the RenFest, which each of you should take a couple of the LM’s listed below and come see for yourself what is going on!!!

Jousting, Melee, and Archery

head ~ LELUTKA/Fleur
hair ~ Exile/Persuasive
skin ~ Traditional Face/Snow
body ~ Maitreya
gown ~ Kitty Creations/Kristobel Gown
necklace Stone’s Works/Winged Victory Necklace

Kitty Creations

Stone’s Work

former classmate…

someone else took the above image and it is a former classmate Kent Nowicka ~ Kent and I were in the same Visionaire class and as you can see he has progressed a lot more than I can say about myself ~ at the RenFest Kent has set up all the unique backgrounds with poses as you see me standing in front on and yes I am posing *grinz* ~ with a small donation you are able to take selfies using these backgrounds and since this is for a great cause he is donating all the monies ♥ I also noticed that he has set special pricing if you would like to have him take your photographs and seriously he has some stunning images ~ please check out his FLICKR so you can see how really good he is ♥ Kent is located near the Tales of Heroes and I will post the LM below ~ appreciate him taking my image its rare that someone wants too ~ pauses and wonders why but anyway why not take the LM to the RenFest and check out his backgrounds and maybe have him take yours too ~ remember this is for such a great cause and btw just to let everyone know we have raised over a MILLION Linden Dollars ~ O M G can you believe it and yes I can since the people in Second Life are so compassionate and giving as this is as I repeat myself over and over not a game it is a virtual social platform where RL people can do, can be anything they want to be…one day maybe the word Breast Cancer will disappear from our every day lives until then I will try my best to support these events as each of you should…hugzzz

Kent Nowicka

come little children…

SL RenFest is also for the children as you can see my horse Stormy and I are at The Kids Grove where there are many activities set up for all the children ~ great idea to have an event that does include them ~ so parents you can let them expend some of that childhood energy at the various activities like merry go round, playing in the sandbox, hopscotch, etc. it is a great are for children of all ages and seats for the parents to watch…as well you can choose some cute outfits for your little one…besides outfitting the little ones you will be supporting a great charity STRIDES ~ already the Festival has raised one Million dollars !!! can you IMAGINE how charitable each and everyone is ~ am so honored to be a part of this ♥ I have so much more to show and tell you about ~ please stick around and thank you for taking time to read and follow my blog hugzzz ♥

The Kids Grove

today I met…

Queen for the Day Zella Fantastik

yes, today I met a very well deserved Queen and her name is Zella Fantastik and she is also a blogger for the SL Renaissance Festival. Zella is someone I just recently had the pleasure of meeting face to face in SL . Her passion and enthusiasm for supporting this event is amazing ~ she took a challenge to heart about making sure each of the Merchants get recognized and took pics of each item they have for us to blog ~ that is a lot and if you don’t believe me here is her LINK to her Flickr page. Start at that first image and go to the left and you will see each item I lost count but I know its more than 20 ~ with a little nudge she signed up for the Tales of Hero’s and Queen for the day, where she will be treated like Royalty that she richly deserves…Please take time to visit the Tales of Hero’s at the Festival ~ lot of brave residents shared their stories, which brought several tears to my eyes reading them…lot of them are still going through cancer treatments, some lost loved ones, some are caregivers to those that are cancer patients…each story is unique and this is why each of us should support Festivals and events so there is no more cancer in this world. thank you Zella for being such a interesting and unique individual am so happy you are with us ~ everyone please make sure you take a walk around Tales of Hero’s…below is the LM to take you to Tales of Hero’s.. stick around as I wander around the festival ~ hugzzz

Shot on the grounds of SL Ren Fest where every day there is entertainment galore, tournaments to watch, classes to participate in and lotz and lotz of shopping…and if you see me say hello ♥ Remember this is for a great charity STRIDES” – making strides against breast cancer ♥

Tales of Hero’s

SLRenaissance Website

look what I…

My fave color is PURPLE ~ and when I saw that Teeglepet had come out with a exclusive skin for the RenFest I just had to scurry over and check it out ~ its a texture applier that can be put on your horse to give it an amazing purple cloud look ~ like the curious horse that is standing next to me…at first DUH me thought it was the horse itself and at that price am like OMG what a steal hehehe so I read it again and learned it is a texture for the skin of your already Teegle horse ~ can only imagine if I thought it was the horse LOL ~ oh well ~ the colors are gorgeous as I must of stayed just to look at that horse for while ~ while I do have a Teegle horse who is my huge UNICORN am not sure he would like me to change his color siting that is so not him…for those that are not in the know about a Teeglepet you can also ride one just to see how gorgeous they are and so very realistic…they do have several horses on display to purchase that if you are looking to get one this is a great time and for a fantastic price ♥ you will find the LM below and I will be showing off the horse that I have along with one that I tried at the Festival ~the outfit sorceress I am wearing also is from the Festival by boho soul ~ this outfit even comes with hair that I absolutely love and color choices are great and hey they had purple wooo hooo ~ yes I know am all about the color purple…again this item is one the creator has graciously donated 100% of the profits to the Event ~ just truly love designers/creators giving back for a great cause to rid the world forever of Breast Cancer ~ I sincerely hope you will make time in your SL life to come to this event as supporting this might truly one day save a person and that could be you or someone close… Festival is now open so grab the LM below to one of the Welcome Points and HAVE FUN ♥ cya soon



boho soul

royalty is…

sometimes Royalty is very lonely ~ look at me sitting on my Bishops Chair all alone ~ as a member of the Royal family it is hard to make friends ~ are they your friend because you are Royal ~ do they truly care or just want to get favors ~ it is hard and sometimes I wish my father would just be a pleasant man not a ruler of our Kingdom…maybe you can stop by the SL Renaissance Festival and seek me out ~ you might find me at Wythburn Furniture the creator and maker of my fine Bishops Chair ~Sethos Lionheart owner/creator of Wythburn Fine Furniture has included with this great chair texture changes with 9 wood options and 18 fabric options (9 silk and 9 velvet). Along with some unique sits that come with props but at the moment I must just sit here like royalty ~ maybe you seek this chair out and try it hehehe and you will see what he has put inside this ♥ The Renaissance Festival is helping to support Strides ~ making strides against breast cancer…many people have been touched by this dreaded disease ~ it could be a family member, it could be a neighbor, it could be a spouse or it could be themselves…supporting this event and charity has a very special place in my heart as I have good friends dealing with breast cancer now along with knowing those that have lost their lives as well. Strides is one that truly gives support among so many other things to help…please take time to wander over ~ there is TONS of events to entertain you, over 50 Merchants to satisfy your shopping needs and its all for a great cause…hugzz ♥

shot at SL Renaissance Festival inside Wythburn’s Furniture Store ~ LM’s to Festival and Merchant below ~

SL Renaissance Festival Website

Wythburn’s Furniture

Stone’s Work

ooops I knew there was something I forgot to tell you about and that is my Queen Susan’s Crown ~ geez because it is also available at the RenFest and is simply gorgeous ~ the creator of this Queen Susan Gentle Crown is Darkstone Aeon/owner of Stone’s Work ~ 100% proceeds from the Queen Susan’s Crown and the Bishops Chair will be sent to the charity ♥

thanks to both Merchants Sethos Lionheart & Darkstone Aeon for their gracious donation and giving me the opportunity to show these items

take care but stick around please hehehe