yes I am ready for battle and who said you can’t look good before the battle…feeling so ready to meet those who will try to take me down *chuckles* as the keyword is try as looks can be so deceiving dontcha think. maybe dressing this way is a distraction ~ way to throw them off their game as without my weapons would you think am a experienced fighter? oh probably not ~ that is what am counting on and take a tip from me that is sometimes what you need more than weapons…till next time ♥

Shot at Sunny’s Studios using Shinobi Gothic ~ the outfit am wearing is YoUnique’s Couture lastest creation called Joy ~ fits most bodies with exception of the newest Kupra body yet as I always suggest to try a demo first if you are unsure of fitting♥ LM’s will be below ~ with Sunnys you will need to join the group before you can use any of the backdrops/poses ~ for me I will say its a good investment if you rather not spend monies on poses, backdrops since Sunny has done a good job with composing the backdrops with poses ~ along with Gem Milkos her designs are flawless and fit my Maitreya with no adjustments…please make sure you stop at her store and check all of them ♥

Sunny’s Studio

YoUnique Couture

collar ((LovelyAlien)) Peter Pan Collar
collar .Enfant Terrible/May
earrings Avada/Narcissia
helmet DRD/Chester-group gift
head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
hair ~ KMH/F167
scars Lelutka Scars 21,13,41,62
eyes ~ AG/Sublime
skin ~ [7DS]Ethereal/Sand
outfit ~ YoUnique Couture/Joy


always great to be able to chat with my bestie since we have been on different times…sitting on our beach enjoying the sun ~ ever have a friend that no matter how much time passes its like it was only yesterday when you meet again ~ that is Dena and myself. plus for most of our relationship we usually agree on things especially on the topic of hunts and the prizes that designers create especially for them. I still just don’t understand the concept of these “special huds” we were given as prizes ~ okay roll your eyes now if I start repeating myself again on this but how does anyone feel if you are made to buy an item just to use this “special hud” ~ would you head out to buy it when the cost per that item might be not within your budget ~ suck it up and just get it because you do have that special HUD to use…for me its like hey you can buy this ONLY as a fatpack ~ designers that I admire and support are turning into greedy monsters…the shit show is just about to start regarding gachas ~ as I see it all clearly now that gachas will be offered at prices that most of us will not be able to afford all in the name of greed ~ hey what else do you call it when wow from a pull going for 75 to 100L, to 25L a pull to hmmm lets speculate 4500L ~ OMG your jaw just dropped – well that is what I saw one gacha fatpack going for NO LIE! Wasn’t enough to make an item say a hair that as a gacha was 100L a pull that could bring in just for shits and giggles at the end of day 200 people bought it ~ yes big number 20,000L and that is just possibly one color or one pull for a day ~ now imagine how many people really might have the funds to spend that on stores like Blueberry or Salt & Pepper **please note just using those stores as examples only** see where am going with this on the amount of money the Designers will be pulling in…for me not having gachas will save me money as I will admit they were addictive ~ the ones that I did buy that were dupes will place them on Marketplace but at a reasonable price as am not out to gauge anyone ~ till next time hugzz and stay safe ♥

this was shot at our home using DPSP’s latest pose “FATE” that will be at the Posevent until September 19th then will be at the main store LM’s will be below


DPSP Main Store

Starr’s Marketplace

tired and…

as you can see from above I look a mess ~ hair is really bad and just put on my jammies cuz I was exhausted and for the most part a little depressed and disappointed…I really haven’t been interested in doing hunts yet when the Uber one came up I was excited as since there are usually some great designers and could already imagine the gifts we would be given ~ went to the website and wow 128 stores to hit YIKES…but as an experienced hunter after 13 years I knew for the most part I could do this with ease ~ sadly that was not the case and here is why…the hunt was to start on the 25th of August running till Sept 22nd, which is a good thing with all the stores that are in this hunt for the Anniversary prizes. I was brought up to be on time ALWAYS unless some emergency…designers had deadlines to get their “prize” items in stores yet 3 days later some stores hadn’t complied even today, which makes it frustrating for the hunters to go back time after time not knowing if they are just blind and cannot find the item or what ~ a proper notice on the website could of avoided this frustration…a hunt should be challenging and absolutely if there is a clue it should be appropriate like for example “behind the projectors” you would think ok look behind the projectors ummm nope it wasn’t’ ~ now do not get me wrong most of the stores clues were spot on and could find the item with no additional help…I gave myself up to 30 minutes searching, then frustration kicked in and after speaking with others the item was either way too tiny or not there at all. okay so am whining about time wasted ~ lets move onto the gifts shall we…I would of rather participated in a 1L prize then to find out oh my they gave us a hud with more colors soooo now we either go back to Uber and purchase something to use this “prize” or just toss it and wonder why I spent 20 minutes searching for something that to me I can’t use or am forced yes forced to purchase the item so I can use the prize I was given and seriously why do this ~ it is enough that the designers put wrong clues out ~ prize package was so tiny you had to derender something to even find it and after all that you are given a “Hud” for an item that you never chose to buy…it was several stores that gave us this type of prize that I am still debating over…sighs with disappointment~ please don’t come back with that nonsense if you don’t like the prize just toss it because that is a huge slap in my face to have a designer or anyone say that when I spend time and money supporting their stores to have them give me a hud and say ha ha now you gotta go back and BUY the item if you want to use this great prize I gave you for free…truly designers am shocked that any of you are that greedy to do this and I can only imagine what will happen to the gachas when LL makes them go away…already seen the prices of some that are now being featured as Fatpacks for some absurd jaw-dropping cost that is pure greed and will never get my hard earned Linden Dollars…not everyone in SL has the financial ability to buy the items just to use the so-called “prize” ~ in my opinion this hunt had its good and bad moments but way more frustration and disappointments overall.


even though the skies are filled with stars and a sliver of the moon I still need to search for him ~ each night I take the boat out with my lantern lit in hopes he will still be able to find his way home…this will continue until my lover comes back to me and I pray he does ~ yet in my heart I feel such despair that my lord, my love is lost and gone…his love for his country along with his loyalty to our King are more powerful than his love for his me…yet I can only hope one day he might pass here during the night and see the light…yes its been years since he has been gone and I feel so foolish standing here with the light of my lantern waiting for someone ~ yet I will wait and wait and wait…

shot at Thirlmere using DPSP’s latest pose “Lantern” that is on sale for the Ebento Weekend till the end of Sunday ~ boat, lantern come with this ~ you might want to check out this pose and others at DPSP’s main store ♥

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
hair ~ Doux/Venezia
skin ~ [7DS] Ethereal/sand
dress~ Pixel Box/Mrs Brawer Lake

nite out…

it always feels good to be able to let my wolves out ~ late at night they enjoy the fresh air just as much as I do ~ just like sharks they get or rather they have a bad reputation when both species are just doing what comes natural to them and that is surviving. actually wild wolves are afraid of humans and usually will run away from them rather than as a lot of movies are portrayed stalk and kill. of course, there are exceptions to what they will go after and that is small children and pet as they look on them as a food source. another fact is you might be miles away from them but just like other canine species their sense of smell is so sharp they can smell a human or other prey a mile away ~ wow think of that for a moment a mile away OMG…the biggest thing is wolves do not make good pets ~ honestly in my lowly opinion no wild creatures should be kept as pets like you really want to trust your life to having a cheetah, a even a cute chimpanzee in your home? most wild animals are so adorable when they are small yet just like dogs and cats they get bigger and stronger to the point that if that chimp turned on you he could rip your face off in a matter of minutes. whew good thing my wild animals are SL bred and I have a better chance of getting hurt by some idiotic male than my wolves here hehehe…quality and details of the animals in SL are getting so life like it is at times a tad scary but hey its SL and no one got hurt or maimed in shooting this image…till next time stay safe ♥

shot at my home using Jian’s gorgeous wolves that were gacha’s along with SSP’s Ladder prop/pose ~ all the LM’s will below and remember end of August no more gacha’s get them while they are cheap cuz who knows what the creators will do afterwards ~ myself I will be putting several on Marketplace come September♥

Jian, SSP

YoUnique Couture created this sexy off the shoulder front blouse that comes with a choice of 10 textures and the shorts with 4 different denim textures ~ fits Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra Original, Low and Bimbo, Freya Isis, Physique, Hourglass ~ if you are concerned over fit please try a demo as there were no adjustments need

head ~ Lelutka Fleur
hair ~ KMH F164
body ~ Maitreya tweaked
skin ~ [7DS] Ethereal/sand
outfit YoUnique Couture/Dorothy


elephants are such interesting creatures ~ and yes an elephant never forgets just as some humans don’t ~ you forgive, you let it go but do you ever forget that moment or person ~ shaking my head I know from myself there are things that I will never forget yet I have tried to forgive their behaviors as we are all taught we should forgive each other…absolutely love watching the dynamics of elephant families as they all come together to help each other and maybe we could learn something from them and other animals in the wild…elephants are such compassionate animals as well being so highly intelligent and yet it is fact they are scared of mice even if they are the biggest land animal…things that are small and move rather quickly around their feet startle them as I guess it would absolutely terrify me to see mice skittering across my toes too…other little known fact that an elephant can actually recognize himself in a mirror ~ interesting huh ~ guess I better hold on as they love being in the water to bathe and cool themselves off ~ enjoy ♥

Shot at my home using DPSP Elephant prop/pose that is one of this weeks FLYBUY items ~ check out the catalog then follow the LM to the store to grab this ~ cute poses and look at how massive this one is…

DPSP Main Store


gotta practice ~ gotta get the steps down ~ yes I am trying to learn to Salsa ~ its not easy but I will look good wearing YoUnique’s Salsa’s outfit ~ wow is this sexy…great hud of 10 different textures to choose from so when you go out Salsa dancing you will look fresh and uber sexy…this will really fit your body perfectly without adjustments yet if you need to be sure try a demo ~ the creator has made it for most bodies with exception of Kupra ~ am wearing Maitreya and you can see how it truly fits my curves like a second skin. Pair this with your highest stiletto’s to show off those gorgeous legs and men or whoever will be begging you to dance with them ♥ the dress gives just enough a peek while still being classy. LM will be below to grab this great outfit…thanks to Gem for allowing me to show off her creations and thanks to all who hang in there with me as it is so appreciative. till next time, which will be very shortly as I want to show you this months Focus Magazine’s contest entry I did…♥

shot at the Cuban Cafe Club that you need to check out on Mondays & Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm ~ great music ~ great atmosphere ~ the Salsa pose I used is from DenDen that I found on Marketplace

YoUnique Main

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
hair ~ Doux/Laura
skin ~ [7DS]Feeling/sand
body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
jewelery ~ Fakeicon/mary gems collar
dress ~ YoUnique/Salsa
shoes ~ #Empire/Jacin


seriously Snickers you are going to be stubborn…as I put my back trying into pushing Snickers him along yet it is not happening at all! cripes as Snickers usually one that just loves to go for long walks in the forest but today he is living true to his breed and that is STUBBORN…why? who knows as he continues to stare at his shadow and making little noises that I honestly think he is laughing at me while he feels me putting all my weight trying my best to make him move ~ sighing loudly I am just going to take a break and will get back to you hopefully tomorrow ~ who knows how long we will be ~ till next time hugzz & stay safe ♥

shot at Thirlmere using DPSP’s prop/pose “Donkey Business” ~ this set comes with the Donkey and 4 cute poses ~ LM to store below


head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
skin ~ [7DS]Feeling/Sand
body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
outfit Hero/Rebecca


yes I am so annoyed with people lately…rudeness is running rampant in Second Life lately ~ usually I do not make comments in a group when something irks me yet today I lost it and my potty mouth along with my temper told everyone in the group to just shut the f*ck up…OMG you would think they were giving away a million lindens the way people are ranting and raving about not being able to get into the Fifty Linden Friday Birthday Bash…seriously I have never read such hurtful, rude and so cruel comments just because the event is so popular and along with all the gifts there are some serious bargains. yet the event will be ongoing for several weeks and still people are total crybabies…lately most of the groups chat remind me why I am starting to be anti social in SL as I am in RL…my 13th Rez Day was last month and the one thing that keeps me logging in day after day is taking photographs and improving my skills. especially now that I can spend more quality time using Black Dragon without a computer crash. seriously wishing people need to take time to be kinder to others as who knows what people are going through and yes everyone is struggling yet NO EXCUSES for rudeness ~ none and that is all I have to say on this…peace out ♥

Shot at my home using DPSP’s latest pose/prop called Charlotte that comes with the chair and pose

DPSP Main Store


hey don’t try pushing me off!!! I know men gotta win but come on its a Turtle race ~ sheesh…you really think that if you push me off that I can’t scramble back on *laughing* they are TURTLES for cripes sake and this race might take hours to complete so again I will repeat myself “get your hand off my arm NOW! giggling…as you can see either one of us will not take a prize for the speediest win but it is funny and FYI this is one of the prizes at the MOH ~ not that should stop any females from trying to find the “bird” to grab this cute prop/pose by DPSP…even though the store image shows two men on the turtles don’t let that sway you as I am always keeping an open mind and using male poses…all the LM’s will be below as well as the site to grab the HUD to venture to the other stores in the hunt and Ladies there are several backdrops and poses in this hunt that I urge you to go grab…thanks to my friend Rob for helping me with this…till next time keep safe ♥

Shot at my home using DPSP “Turtle Race” pose ~

Men Only Hunt