here I am…

here I am

yes, here I am ~ just a person who speaks her mind, protects her friends and tries to help others whenever I am able. was told that maybe they don’t want my help and that things do not always need to be fixed…hmmm, guess I should explain those answers huh? have come to look at other images on flickr that just a little something would really help ~ what I still cannot understand or conceive why everyone thinks sideways is a great look because IT IS HORRID and wish everyone would stop with them. think about this ~ go to a gallery somewhere you see the Mona Lisa sideways or other famous works of Art presented on their side that you had to twist your head and neck to look and admire them. OMG you would think WTF did the artist do that for and would you change your perception of a Mona Lisa at a different angle. what is wrong with up and down for images and side to side for landscapes ~ please this is not a craze that anyone in the RL art world, RL magazine world is going to follow as it is so distracting I stopped looking at any images that are presented that way on Flickr. same goes for the blown out white spots that some also think it is not annoying but it is…oh my yes am becoming a critic and a snob for good quality images. sad to admit but even some that are just starting out have better techniques than some that get huge raves and so many faves that I am dumbfounded as to the “polite society” where you no matter how bad the image turns out its applauded and cheered…to me I cannot tell someone that is a fantastic image when it isn’t…guess am in the minority where I feel society has changed that no one knows how to take constructive suggestions and their feelings are hurt like little children because they didn’t win everyone’s admiration…ok enough of my rant so here I am ~ this is who I am take it or ignore me I am who I am…

shot at Sunny’s using Sparks pose ~ the outfit is exclusive to the Beauty Event ~ LM’s will be below ~

The Beauty Event

YoUnique Main

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur updated
hair ~ [monso] Akali2
body ~ Maitreya
shape ~ Wrens Nest tweaked
skin ~ -Belleza/Naomi past FLF
outfit is by YoUnique Couture Skye ~ this consists of a Sheer Top
in 10 Textures, with sleeves that are separate, also with corset and
skirt. fits most bodies yet I still recomend trying a demo for fit.

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