Agent X…

doing my best to stay out of the spotlight as I try and pass my undercover field test…so far no one is looking up but scouring the shadows below as they always tell me hiding in plain site is best ~ giggling ~ oh and they really can’t see me as I am just doing the spotlight for your benefit or am I? or is that spotlight their way of finding me and my test is a major fail ~ only the shadow knows LMAO….

shot on my platform high in the sky using Minimal’s Vibe Background and DPSP latest pose “Agent X” that is on sale at the Ebento Weekend ~ LM’s are below…



head ~ lel EvoX/Fleur
hair ~ Doe/Agatha-Flux
body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
skin ~ [7DS] Feeling/Sand
shape ~ Wrens Nest/tweaked
glasses -:zk:- Little Liar
outfit ~ Believe Leggings & top

moon shadow…

standing here in the moonlight an oldie but goodie song came to mind ~ oh yes am dating myself and I am loving it…the song Moon Shadow was sung by Cat Stevens…the song had a lot of meaning for the artist who wrote this ~ below you will find the lyrics along with the video ~ enjoy ♥

Shot at my beach using DPSP’s latest pose “Natasha” a great set of pose very chic & posh and one I would recommend for you pose stash ~ its on sale this Friday on the Fly Buy Friday ~ grab it ♥ and wearing *B.D.R.* latest creation Dulce a sexy bikini with long/short sarong & a great hud of 20 different colors and patterns ~ LM’s Below

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich ~ gorgeous bikini w/short and long sarong ~

DPSP Pose Store

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
hair ~ Kuni/Jimin
body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
skin ~ [7DS] Feeling/Sand
outfit B.D.R. Dulce

morning cuppa…

this morning I woke at exactly 630am ~ its like seriously too early but instead of rolling over my feet touched the floor and my body got up ~ the fresh scent of brewed coffee made me smile as I switched back from a Keurig to a regular coffee maker and absolutely loving it ~ my Keurig has never lasted longer than a little over a year, which it would of been my 4th am like done ~ cost wise for me the expense of the little coffee pods was getting expensive on my budget and now the coffeemaker is programed to a certain time along with the expense on bagged coffee versus pods especially if you drink more than 2 cups of coffee a morning. now am fully awake to enjoy my coffee guess it is also time to get laundry sorted, trash taken out and some housework that is screaming to be done ~ laterzzz ♥

this was shot on my balcony using DPSP latest pose Coffee Break ~ you can find this at the Bixby Event *LM below* that opens tomorrow till August 18th ~ afterwards will be at store.

Bixby Event


body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
head ~ Lelutka/Fleur 3.1
hair ~ Tableau Vivant/Caprice
skin ~ [7DS]Feeling/Sand
shirt Blueberry/Knotted top
pants {CuteShit} Fuck off sweatpants

on the roof…

on the roof

the words say it all…enjoy ♥

When this old world starts getting me down
And people are just too much for me to face
I climb way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space
On the roof, it’s peaceful as can be
And there the world below can’t bother me
Let me tell you now
When I come home feelin’ tired and beat
I go up where the air is fresh and sweet (up on the roof)
I get away from the hustling crowd
And all that rat race noise down in the street (up on the roof)
On the roof, the only place I know
Where you just have to wish to make it so
Let’s go up on the roof (up on the roof)
At night the stars put on a show for free
And darling, you can share it all with me
I keep a-tellin’ you
Right smack dab in the middle of town
I’ve found a paradise that’s trouble proof (up on the roof)
And if this world starts getting you down
There’s room enough for two
Up on the roof (up on the roof)
Up on the roof (up on the roof)
Oh, come on, baby (up on the roof)
Oh, come on, honey (up on the roof)
Everything is all right (up on the roof)

Was shot at Sunny’s Studio’s using Sundsvall

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur 3.1
hair ~ No.Match/no_max
body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
skin ~ [7DS]Feeling/Sand
outfit Hero/Rebecca-teal

get off…

get off…

yesterday I had the pleasure of going with my friend Brutus Lionheart to the Acadia Asylum Library and Freebie Center ~ wow was the first words outta my mouth when I saw everything and I mean everything was FREE ~ as if my inventory was not exploding enough I grabbed so much and not because it was free ~ nope ~ was steampunk items that were so unique…gets me thinking of what genre I really like in Second LIfe…wishing that it was one, which would probably be so much easier on my closet yet I love Steampunk, the Dark Side just to name a few as I have never really settled on one look. that got me thinking about creating from scratch an image as you the results above. off I went to my platform high in the sky and grabbed one of Come Soon poses called “The Fly Machine” that I asked Brutus to help me with ~ giggling you can tell my foot was ready to stomp on his hand cuz it was MY ride alone and was not going to share this moment…laughing he was a good sport about all this ~ especially the time it took to set it up with a background, grass and more grass…am not sure about the success of this image because I truly wanted to show off this magnificent machine and capture it ~ challenging me to taking 30+ shots to create this image I had in mind…was fun either way as I am learning to be more creative with my images…enjoy and again thanks to Brutus for his patience…hugzz till next time ♥

Arcadia Asylum Library & Freebie Center

Come Soon Pose Marketplace ~ btw great bargains

created & shot high in the sky on my platform using Come Soon pose “The Fly Machine

body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
hair ~ none
skin ~ [7DS]-Feeling/Sand
eyepatch ::GB:: leather eye patch
hat ~ Poison Rouge/Abbys Steampunk hat
outfit Pixel Box/Lady Crow

Brutus wearing
hair ~ [Deadwool]Slicked back
head ~ Catwa/Daniel
body ~ [Signature]/Gianni
skin ~ Birth/Dagger
outfit [Contraption] Atreus Waistcoat, Boots, Top hat
Fakeicon/Vason pants


putting on my skimpiest bikini and scooching down in the water I instantly feel relief from todays scorching temps…dry heat or humidity hot is hot and the humidity just makes it not hotter just yuckier ~as I kneel in the cool water my eyes catch my sexy neighbor that I have yet to say hello to especially when I rather him not know that I am ogling him hehehe ~ still waiting on the results of the monthly Focus contest and will let you know how my image “Windmill” did ~ I want to truly and sincerely thank all those that voted for me ~ hugzz ♥

shot at my home using DPSP latest FLY BUY pose set Nicole ~ still on sale till Sunday consisting of 4 equally different poses that you should grab for your pose stash…

FlyBuy Catalog


head ~ Lelutka/Fleur 3.1
hair ~ KMH/F164
body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
skin ~ [7DS]/Feeling-Sand
suit ~ B.D.R.Hot Beach Bikini


enjoying the morning

its Friday and am feeling the effects from yesterday’s heat plus getting older hehehe…remembering as a child I could spend all day at the beach and come home take a shower then go on the boardwalk till curfew ~ now the heat just drains me to the point of exhaustion ~ anyway this morning am standing in the new kitchen inside the house I finally found that would fit Dena & I wanting to each have our own bedroom ~ the house is by Trompe…what I love is being able to modify it and make changes that adds my flavor to it…from taking out walls, replacing the kitchen among the little touches everyone wants to make their house their own. off to finish my coffee and hit the Friday sales ~ laterzzz

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur 3.1
hair ~ Wasabi/Shae FLF
body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
skin ~ [7DS] Hilda/apricot
shoe ~ Reign/Glitter thigh sneakers
outfit !Ferina Teluric dress


Walsh County

yesterday I put on my newest outfit, gorgeous boots and whisked myself to Walsh County, North Dakota ~ this is a farmers paradise with lush green pastures for the steers behind me and nothing else for miles… I took a slow walk and yes very slow as it was so dusty and being the idiot I am lately was not dressed properly for a walk on this dusty dirt road…short walk due to my choice of footwear and chose to just sit down in front of this interesting sign welcoming everyone yet telling them do not tip the cows…seriously who would want to tip a cow and looking behind me am not sure I would even could do it considering the horns on that immense steer that has been walking back and forth eyeing me…then there is the crop duster that has been flying spraying the fields getting closer that if I wait any longer I will be covered with not what you think ~ sparkles and rainbows will rain down on you **giggling …with the stormy clouds rolling in fast say kudo’s to Randonee Noel for creating such an interesting place to visit and take pics…hugzz♥

shot at Walsh County, ND using DPSP pose “Jeremy” ~ wanting to show female photographers that open yourself up to using male poses as well giving you even more options to grab some interesting poses…this can be found at the DPSP main store and Marketplace as well. Links below for both. rest of the details are below. thank you to those that take time to read my blog posts.

Walsh County

DPSP Main Store


head ~ Lelutka/Fleur 3.1
hair ~ Kuni/Ara *recent Saturday sale
body ~ Maitreya/shape tweaked from Wrens Nest
skin ~ [7DS] Corali/butter
brow ~ [SB] Lspring HA08
ears ~ (Pixie) + {Aii}Fantasy bom
outfit ~ BriiUnderground/Murcya boots, XTC Paris Tunic w/shorts

here I am…

here I am

yes, here I am ~ just a person who speaks her mind, protects her friends and tries to help others whenever I am able. was told that maybe they don’t want my help and that things do not always need to be fixed…hmmm, guess I should explain those answers huh? have come to look at other images on flickr that just a little something would really help ~ what I still cannot understand or conceive why everyone thinks sideways is a great look because IT IS HORRID and wish everyone would stop with them. think about this ~ go to a gallery somewhere you see the Mona Lisa sideways or other famous works of Art presented on their side that you had to twist your head and neck to look and admire them. OMG you would think WTF did the artist do that for and would you change your perception of a Mona Lisa at a different angle. what is wrong with up and down for images and side to side for landscapes ~ please this is not a craze that anyone in the RL art world, RL magazine world is going to follow as it is so distracting I stopped looking at any images that are presented that way on Flickr. same goes for the blown out white spots that some also think it is not annoying but it is…oh my yes am becoming a critic and a snob for good quality images. sad to admit but even some that are just starting out have better techniques than some that get huge raves and so many faves that I am dumbfounded as to the “polite society” where you no matter how bad the image turns out its applauded and cheered…to me I cannot tell someone that is a fantastic image when it isn’t…guess am in the minority where I feel society has changed that no one knows how to take constructive suggestions and their feelings are hurt like little children because they didn’t win everyone’s admiration…ok enough of my rant so here I am ~ this is who I am take it or ignore me I am who I am…

shot at Sunny’s using Sparks pose ~ the outfit is exclusive to the Beauty Event ~ LM’s will be below ~

The Beauty Event

YoUnique Main

head ~ Lelutka/Fleur updated
hair ~ [monso] Akali2
body ~ Maitreya
shape ~ Wrens Nest tweaked
skin ~ -Belleza/Naomi past FLF
outfit is by YoUnique Couture Skye ~ this consists of a Sheer Top
in 10 Textures, with sleeves that are separate, also with corset and
skirt. fits most bodies yet I still recomend trying a demo for fit.


my eyes are on the ball as my hands are in position and I concentrate as hard as I can to get this shot over the net and into that empty space that none of the other players have noticed ~ it is going to take skill and a lot of luck to make this but if I do then the game is over and our team FINALLY has won our first championship…yes I am a little short in playing Volleyball but I make up for it in determination and practicing day after day with my teammate and brother Brax…he always grabs the upfront position and we work so good together we have entered several events that is now working in our favor ~ all comes down to if I can place it in the spot before any member of the other team can reach it…gawd am nervous but I don’t think of the what if I think that I can do this…screams erupt and Brax just stares at me and time just freezes…

Taken at Sunny’s Studio using the Paddle Ball backdrop with DPSP Volleyball pose ~ see who said only men can use this pose ~ just to get it you will have to travel to the Men only Monthly event that ends on the 15th…Five different poses with the ball for each pose is included and it worked just awesome for me so women go grab this one for your pose collection. LM’s for event & store are below…thank you always for taking time to read my blog as it is so appreciated. hugzz ♥♥

Men Only Monthly ~ open till July 15th

DPSP Main Store ~ new location make note