batter up…

we made it ~ what a journey we had with breakdowns, getting lost on some backwoods country road where we had to sit for 45 minutes waiting for a herd of cows to cross ~ sheesh…as Dena and I stare at the famous Wrigley sign we realize that we missed the entire game since its evening ~

as we sat in the stands mimicking each other ~ we take a moment still to realize we are in one of the iconic ball fields along with being a Chicago landmark ~ still it was sad that we missed being able to take part and our team lost badly…we look up and see a groundskeeper who had been eavesdropping on us told us to come with him ~ we are led down the stairs, through a couple of tunnels and out on the field to the pitchers mound

where we stood with bats in hands as we let the groundskeeper Sam take our pics marking one memorable experience…we might of missed the game, we might of missed being part of the team but the experience and adventure we had along the way just was something we both will take with us as we stand here ~ little sad yet life happens and throws you curves you just have to go with the moment and look back on it later as another one of life’s experiences ~ am glad my bestie Dena was with me as we always have a laugh and make the best of whatever comes…so stick around cuz who knows what is next for us ♥

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