am ready…

taking a huge gulp of air along with grabbing my cane am ready to practice the routine for my solo in the production of Cabaret…am like how did I say yes to this its a solo for cripes sake OMG what was I thinking…yes it is practice but ummm am nervous and not sure I will remember all the steps ~ am not a quitter so I won’t back out doing this but I will only say that I will try and honestly isn’t that we all can say with life that you can’t quit just push yourself to try…even in SL some things I hear oh I can’t do that, or that is so not me yet open your minds, take a leap and TRY…

This was shot at Backdrop City using FOXCITYShowtime Backdrop” along with studiOneiro Cabaret pose set that includes the cane as you see above.


lippy ~ Chimaera/Goth tones
head ~ Akeruka/Advanced
hair ~ Doux/Denise
eyes ~ AG Sublime
ears ~ Andore Wild Flowers
body ~ Maitreya
skin ~ 7DS Hopefully/Apricot
hat ~ Ashm0ot ~ Bowler Hat
outfit ~ [Glitzz] Femme lingerie, Blueberry Stockings


What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play
Life is a Cabaret, old chum
Come to the Cabaret

Put down the knitting
The book and the broom
It’s time for a holiday
Life is a Cabaret, old chum
Come to the Cabaret

Come taste the wine
Come hear the band
Come blow your horn
Start celebrating
Right this way
Your table’s waiting

what a great outfit Esi Mini by YoUnique Couture to take a starring role in the Cabaret ~ plus to celebrate a new sponsor as well “YoUnique Couture“… sometimes you just see a clothes store that you just love their outfits and they fit your body perfectly, which mine is Maitreya and I had no issues or needing any adjustments…this outfit comes with a variety of colors in a Hud and will fit almost all bodies still it is good to try a demo for fit before you purchase. huge thanks to Gem Miklos for giving me the opportunity to blog her creations and will do my best not to disappoint her ♥

YoUnique Couture

shot high in the sky on my platform using Something New’s Miss Congeniality Stage backdrop and SSP’s pose Cabaret ~

head ~ Akeruka/advanced
hair ~ Doux/Denise
eyes ~ AG/Sublime
body ~ Maitreya
skin ~ [7DS] Hopefully/Apricot
dress YoUnique Couture/Esi Mini
hat ~ ChopZuey/Dandy Andy bowler hat
necklace Supernatural/Xanthe
ears ~ Andore/Wild Fl

this is why…

cripes someone put a pizza on top of clothes ~ ewwww and now I know why I dislike using laundromats…I wouldn’t be here but washer along with the dryer both broke down ~ taking a deep breath at least the new ones that Dena and I both ordered will be coming soon…this is SL I though things didn’t break down as I shrugging my shoulders and looking down at the mess. guess that I will be a good person and pick up the trash and put the clothes back into the laundry cart…one if that gives me a pass to be a bitch now and then hehehe ~ probably not oh well back to my laundry…

Shot at Backdrop City using Astrallia – (Laundrette) background along with studiOneiro Dirty Blues Poses ~ the pose set is an Exclusive for POSEvent ► 5 Bento poses ► June 27th – July 19th ► LM’s will be below



eyes ~ AG. Sublime/#04
head ~ AKeruka/Advanced
hair ~ .Shi/Ethereal
ears ~ Andore ~ Wild Flowers
skin ~ 7DS/Hopefully-Apricot
tats ~ [Carol G] “Life is a Beautiful Struggle”,Liang Arms
outfit- Blueberry -LuxeBox August tops & skirt
Pacagaia ~ Daisy Boots w/socks

silence continued…

And in the naked light, I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

Shot on a platform high in the sky using AAP Darkness pose set #8 along with the following props: (Fundati) Beach Dunes XII, Amitie sand ~

head ~ Akeruka/Advanced
hair ~ bonbon/reiko
body ~ Maitreya & shape by WrensNest tweaked by me
skin ~ TF Anna/Snow
tat ~ Nefekalum/Slither & Venge Runic/Vision
wings ~ Blueberry
chain ~ RAWR! Rosary face chain
eyes ~ AG.Sublime Eyes


In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
‘Neath the halo of a street lamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence

shot on a platform using Secret Poses Guitar Case #8

Props used
NeoVictoria Steamhunt 16 – Brighton Street Lamp
Anna Erotica – Cobblestone_Straight

eyes ~ AG.Sublime #4
head ~ Akeruka ~ advanced
hair ~ Beusy/Vendetta w/cap
skin ~ TF/Anna
body ~ Maitreya-
shape ~ WrensNest-Aubry-tweaked
Outfit ~
Blueberry-Asia/Leather jacket, Unbothered/pants
Hero ~ gloves & shoes

hello darkness…

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

I am choosing to embark on something different ~ well for me its different ~ a set of series as this will be called Sounds of Silence ~ little outta my comfort zone but after graduating from Visionaire it truly pushed me into challenging myself, which as you can see by the above thats not my norm image ~ a recent friend Wicca Merlin said be bold, do try different things ~ well not those exact words but its what I took away from the speech she gave us at Visionaire ~ not 100% perfect to my liking but the concept is there ~ so to Wicca I thank you for your words and to all my instructors at Visionaire I also thank you for giving me the tools to go out and push myself…hugzzz

Shot at Chouchou using HCXII ~ Lettuce Pray 1 pose on Black Dragon
head ~ AK ~ Akeruka Advanced
hair ~ SHI ~ Eirene
body ~ Maitreya – tweaked
skin ~ [CHSkins] FABIANA
eyepatch ~ Wicca’s Originals – Mirage
ears ~ [hh] Pierced Ears “Festive”
tats ~ MOONLIGHT INSIDE – SCARS, Awear scar face, RichB. Tattoo Gift
eyes ~ AG. Sublime Gacha #4

are they…

pssst are those cranes checking me out ~ kind of scary with those legs and beaks since you never know how they will react ~ just finished my morning meditation when am getting that creepy feeling someone or some thing is coming close to me…they also might be thinking who the F is this stranger since I am sporting a new look hehehe ~ there is a new head out by Akeruka head that is their latest group gift ~ for those that are looking for another head to add to your collection you must join the group, which the fee is only 150L and OMG for a new head that is a steal…my bestie Dena was not around when I started fiddling with this and I gotta admit that most times I am so inept when it comes to starting over with the head and body ~ my former instruction WrenNoir Cerise and good friend was so gracious to help me with gifting me one of her latest shapes specifically for this head ~ btw you can grab this shape at the Glamazon event as Wren really does an excellent job creating her shapes for various heads. What I also like is the fact the shape is mod and I did a few adjustments just to make it more pleasing to me…let me show you a closer look at the head/face…

there is always a noob period when getting another head and from YouTube vids plus the shape I struggled my way through ~ the hud looks a little like the Lelutka hud so that helped but there are some things I had to ask in the group for help ~ I like wearing mesh eyes and went to Avi-Glam to find some ~ one person in the group said use the omega applier, which I never could get it to work. applying the lashes was unique as well since there are no images just these different shapes ~ same with the lips but you can tint everything with the eyedropper. yes I agree this is not the best image to show off the head and will admit was being lazy due to it was past midnight my time when I shot this…changing the eyes was also another challenge that you need to use the hud for the resizing that I am still working on ~ all that aside I like the look of this head ~ you can use LEL classic skins with this head that I have several…all the links will be below as well as the style card showing what I was wearing…the first pic is showing off studiOneiro latest pose July Bento set that is exclusive for the Dubai event consisting of 6 poses and mirrors ~ that’s it for now but please stick around as I am not going anywhere and will be posting more ~ big big thanks to WrenNoir Cerise and always thank you to those that take time to read my blog ~ hugzz

Glamazon Event

{wren’s nest}


[AK] Akeruka

studiOneiro Main Store

Dubai Event

shot at my home using studiOneiro July Bento Pose

head ~ [AK] Akeruka Advanced W21
hair ~ Vango Alex
body ~ Maitreya
skin ~ amara Beauty -Sasha
outfit – adorsy ~ Lorena Swimsuit *gift from SLB18


I was so surprised the other day with a gift from a very special friend~ the gift was a gorgeous magnificent Unicorn who I have named “Thor” ~ he is a Teegle and honestly the images do not do him justice at all! When Thor spreads his wings to take me flying its pure heaven. Also loving the fact that the home where I share with my Bestie Dena Teardrop still has more than enough prims to be able to keep him in his own little pasture. Another plus that I can ride him anywhere as Thor is also wearable, which means I do not have to rez him giving me more opportunities to show off this fantastic creature…Thor is so special he deserved me wearing a special outfit as well ~ the outfit is a one created by Caverna Obscura called Angelynn that if you love this and the mighty Teegle Unicorn then I suggest grab them both at Shop & Hop where the sales are so enticing you will go broke LOL ~ trust me the prices are amazing at Shop & Hop, especially if you look for both on Marketplace ~ have included both stores LM’s at the SL18B Shop & Hop event…oh and not to be forgotten is the newly redesigned sim “Thirlmere” that my good friend Sethos Lionheart has outdone himself this time…yes sadly there is not Art Center but what I have seen am in love with the feel and design of it ~ another reason for this outfit has it brings a more medieval feel to it when Kings, Queens, Fairies and all sorts of fantasy creatures existed…Thirlmere has plenty of places for those photo opportunities as long as just paths to walk around, places to cuddle and several new stores to see ~ from furniture to photography you will want to visit Thirlmere more than just one time…Thor is getting impatient as he wants to spread his wings and do what he does best FLY !!! till next time hugzz ♥ oops I need to say thank you again to a very longtime special friend for the gorgeous gift that I will treasure forever and to Sethos for also giving me the opportunity to be a part of Thirlmere…

Caverna Obscura Shop & Hop

Teegle Shop & Hop


Head ~ Lelutka/EvoX-Avalon
Hair ~ Argrace/Kitsuno
Ears ~ {Aii}Dark Elf
Skin ~ TF/Anna-Snow
Body ~ Maitreya
Outfit ~Caverna Obscura/Angelynn

roadtrip continued…

we took a detour following the signs that said “beach” ~ yes we do have 2 beaches at home but we heard there was a cute food shack that served the best fish taco’s and served with the coldest Margaritas soooo of course we are stopping…before hiking down to the food shack Dena and I discussed whether we should just pull out the tents and sleeping bags and make our first night here among the stars…with all that happened Dena and myself can always find something to laugh about and that’s what I love about my bestie ~ we laugh till tears are rolling down our face…sitting on the hood we could smell the food, hear the laughing and made a decision to just go enjoy ourselves and spend the night in the back of the car…stick around you just never know where or what we will be doing…hugzz

before I forget to remind everyone ~ Sunday is my Visionaire graduation and each of you are more than welcome to come enjoy ~ there will be music and good fun plus to see each students final project ~ am very proud of the 8 images I did ♥ If you miss it will be posted on Flickr after graduation ~ also starting tomorrow I will be gone till Wednesday with a RL dog sitting job ~ take care & be safe ~ hugzz

The great prop/pose Roadtrip 2 is by DPSP and it does include the great car ~ this will be at the eBento event till June 30th then brought into the store ♥

eBento Event



probably have repeated this over and over ~ love yourself first ~ even if you are a married, single or whatever ~ loving yourself first is saying you are important ~ just remember this ~ you are no ones slave ~ you are never to be physically or mentally abused ~ you are special ~ and learn to say no…sounds so simple yet sadly it is not…too many females and males get verbally or physically abused daily and think they are not deserving of love…have seen young children hurt their parents ~ list goes on and on sadly ~ just love yourself first ♥

Shot at my home using DPSP Amaya poses that is on the Fly Buy this weekend for 50% off ~


Fly Buy Catalog