Sands of time

as the night grows longer Dena and I are still trying to survive after being kidnapped by the Seelie’s and put in this hourglass filled with sand ~ as you can see time is running out…sand is softly drifting down on me leaving both of us scared ~ I am screaming to the Fairy Queen for help ~ pleading that the Seelie’s kidnapped us then threw us in this hourglass…we have sat here all day pounding on the glass, trying to make some crack in it ~ our fists are sore, our voices are raw from screaming and the tears have dried up~ not sure how much longer we have Queen Mab, so please Queen Mab hear our pleas, help us ~ we beg of you…

Shot at our home using DSPS latest pose “Sands of Time” that is featured in the Fly Buy ~ it is discounted 50% till Monday in the store ~ huge thanks to Dena for being a part of this shot ~ was challenging yet fun to do ♥

Fly Buy Friday

DSPS Main Store

Head ~ LelutkaEvo/Avalon
Ears ~ ^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears
Body ~ Maitreya~tweaked by me
Outfit ~ GinsBoutique ~ Workout Pink Tutu Marketplace

Head ~ Lelutka-EvoX/Avaolon
Hair ~ eXxEsS/Cisa
Body ~ Maitreya
Skin ~ 7DS/Corali
Wings ~ Viki Trilly

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