Sands of time

as the night grows longer Dena and I are still trying to survive after being kidnapped by the Seelie’s and put in this hourglass filled with sand ~ as you can see time is running out…sand is softly drifting down on me leaving both of us scared ~ I am screaming to the Fairy Queen for help ~ pleading that the Seelie’s kidnapped us then threw us in this hourglass…we have sat here all day pounding on the glass, trying to make some crack in it ~ our fists are sore, our voices are raw from screaming and the tears have dried up~ not sure how much longer we have Queen Mab, so please Queen Mab hear our pleas, help us ~ we beg of you…

Shot at our home using DSPS latest pose “Sands of Time” that is featured in the Fly Buy ~ it is discounted 50% till Monday in the store ~ huge thanks to Dena for being a part of this shot ~ was challenging yet fun to do ♥

Fly Buy Friday

DSPS Main Store

Head ~ LelutkaEvo/Avalon
Ears ~ ^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears
Body ~ Maitreya~tweaked by me
Outfit ~ GinsBoutique ~ Workout Pink Tutu Marketplace

Head ~ Lelutka-EvoX/Avaolon
Hair ~ eXxEsS/Cisa
Body ~ Maitreya
Skin ~ 7DS/Corali
Wings ~ Viki Trilly

yes I am…

Beauty school dropout
(Beauty school dropout)
Hanging around the corner store
Beauty school dropout
(Beauty school dropout)
It’s about time you knew the score

Well they couldn’t teach you anything
You think you’re such a looker
But no customer will go to you
Unless she was a hooker

yes I am not a beauty school dropout like the lyrics above states ~ yes I did go to beauty school as my parents gave me a choice secretarial school, college or beauty school ~ was not big on going to college as I knew that was not for me and my goal was to be a photographer, which my parents shut down saying no money in it ~ laughing at what photographers make now especially since I was a classmate to a very well known female photographer ~ nope no name dropper ~ anyway it was beauty school for me ~ and actually I detested it ~ yes detested the smell of the chemicals, the snobby clients who thought hairdressers could create miracles ~ only thing I learned was how to cut my own hair ~ oh well that was past and now is now ~ wondering what you each wanted to be but didn’t…till next time stay safe ~ hugzz ♥

shot at my home using studiOneiro’s pose Catherine that is at Dubai event till June 10th



Head ~ Lelutka/EVOx-Avalon
Ears ~ :ANDORE: -Juliet
Body ~ Maitreya
Outfit ~ MOZ “Selena” Cosplay Gift Canvas Sneaker, NG – Maitreya Vintage Tee
-[ vagrant ]- Jenna Jeans


we all at times need to treat ourselves ~ just like my furry friend Maxy who loves to receive those hand baked treats so does a human just maybe not in the form of a dog biscuit… could be something simple like a rather spendy outfit, or a new hair from one of your favorite hair stores ~ maybe something simple as a single pose ~ we all need to make ourselves feel good with that little treat now and then…I spent an enjoyable hour today with my former instructor Wren and several other former classmates discussing various topics and I learned how to put my images on Instagram without using my phone YAY ~ huge kudos goes to Consuela for having patience in teaching us that hugzz ~ my Instagram link will be below if you would like to follow me, which I would love and of course will follow back ~ thank you again those that take the time to read, comment and follow my blog posts as it means a lot to me ~ till next time be safe and remember you are special ♥

Instagram Link

Shot at Luanne’s World using her pose set called Enjoy your own life

Head ~ Lelutka/EvoX-Avalon
Ears ~ ^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ear
Outfit ~ Fatal Fashion
::FF:: Bra Black Katy’s
::FF:: Circle Black/Silver Bracelet
::FF:: Heels Futuristic Boot
::FF:: Jumpsuit War Sexy
::FF:: Necklace Music Note Silver


Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun
I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ comes
Watching the ships roll in
Then I watch ’em roll away again, yeah
I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Watchin’ the tide roll away, ooh
I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Wastin’ time

did you recognize the lyrics ~ a song by Otis Redding “on the dock of the bay” ~ at the moment that’s how am feeling just sitting watching the tide roll away…have been working on my graduation pics from Visionaire ~ need to do at least 8 as the theme is fantasy ~ harder than it sounds as you really want to impress everyone on how much the class taught you. have also decided that with my inventory explosion due to me overbuying hehehe *my addiction of sl shopping and all the recent event anniversaries that gave out gifts it just was getting harder and harder to make deadlines for all my sponsors ~ plus the stress of trying to compose using a specific pose was too much so instead of shutting down I made a decision to stop blogging all my sponsors ~ sad yet I feel free of constraints ~ more to do what I want and with all the poses I have plus there is always sales on poses ~ same with clothing that I rather just do things this way. Sitting on that dock in the moonlight gave me time and perspective on how I want to enjoy my SL ~ that’s all the news I have but I want to say thank you to SamPoses, studiOneiro, and Poet’s Heart who gave me experience and opportunity ~ hugzz and thank you to each of you ♥

Shot at Thirlmere using SamsPoses Anywhere but here

Head ~ Lelutka EvoX-Avalon
Hair ~ No.Match/No_Saint
Body ~ Maitreya
Skin ~ amara beauty Holly/alabaster
Jewelery Supernatural/Splash
Ears ~ Swallow/Noldor Elf ear
Outfit ~ BDR Bianca Shorts & tank top

high priestess…

a strange light glows getting stronger ~ we pull down our veils before we are blinded by the light ~ hands coming up and we are unable to move or speak ~ what is it ~ what do they want…we wait not sure what to expect ~ minutes pass then no warning the light disappears and we just pull down our veils and stare…what was that I ask ~ as High Priestess we have seen unique just never like this and we need to process this ~ this will be continued…

Shot at The High Mesa using studiOneiro High Priestess # 6 that is available at Pandora Event till the end of the month ~ 7 Bento poses ~ check below for all LM’s

The Pandora Event

studiOneiro Main Store

Dena and I are both wearing the *Galena* Fantasy outfit ~ Hair is from EXxESS-Cafe ~ Body is Maitreya ~ Skin is [7DS] AISLINN


she is nervous as she keeps her head turned ~ not wanting to look towards that bridge ~ not wanting to feel the disappointment if he doesn’t show up ~ wearing her newest gown Jane by Poet’s Heart her heart is beating so fast and she is holding her breath ~ she cannot even begin to imagine as she stands still and waits ~ will he still feel the same as time has moved on rapidly ~ will he still keep his promise to meet her in the middle of the bridge where they last stood before he left to go on his mission…one last thought that he has forgotten her, forgotten the promises, forgotten the kiss that he said was so passionate and memorable. oh I am scared but I will wait…

The gown is from my newest Sponsor Poet’s Heart ~ the owner is also a classmate from the Visionaire class that we just finished ~ this gown Jane comes with a unique texture Hud that you will be able to get a fresh look each time you put it on ~ love that as it is more bang for your Lindens ~ fits well on my Maitreya body and if you are into Fantasy or Medieval this should be a staple in your closet. I truly appreciate Nim letting me wear and blog her clothing ~ she is also on Marketplace so look below for the links ~ one final note this was shot at Thirlmere where my friend Sethos Lionheart does an amazing job creating lush forests and so many photo ops.

Poet’s Heart Marketplace

Poet’s Heart Main

Head ~ Lelutka/EvoX – Avalon
Hair ~ Fabia/Heather *gacha
Skin ~ Heron/Fernanda *Lait
Ears ~ {Aii} Fantasy Fae
Outfit Poet’s Heart Jane

pets know better…

yes these are our pets ~ nope we can’t traditionally walk them as you see each have wings along with the love just to sit on our shoulders. Dena and I think they are feeling sorry for us as they stare at our faces with cuts and bruises that neither of us are going to explain to you ~ yet it is harder to say oh just was a mild accident ~ YEAH right mild accident my foot! was my idea to plant flowers on the side of the cliff thinking this would be easy peasy…NOT!!! Dena gets a headache just thinking about it but look I am the one with the stitches…just won’t go into all the details but looking at the cliff now that was a pretty stooopid idea…especially when Grumpy my fluttercat along with Dena’s dragon Max flew around us screaming warnings that yes we ignored ~ their tiny voices just did not penetrate our brain until we were tumbling down and landing hard on the beach. shrugging my shoulders and cringing at the memory we learned again the hard way that we did something very stupid and lucky that stitches and bruises were all we got…that is why wearing these cropped sweatshirts were absolutely appropriate ~ sighs loudly ~ anyway Dena is nudging me to just stop talking about it so I will and remind you to stick around for who knows what ~ hugzz ♥

Shot at our home using SamPoses “Best Friends” a cute pose that was at a recent event and will be in stores soon ~ they have some exciting news coming up that I will share very shortly…

SamPoses Main

Head ~ Lelutka-EvoX/Avalon
Hair ~ Limerence-Patricia ~ (D) EXXESS-Gin
Body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
Skin ~ [7DS] Gemstone (D) Hopefully
Dena and I are both wearing Cropped Hoodies by NG ~ Dena is wearing NG’s
Short Shorts Fade ~ [G-SHOT] AREI Skirt ~
Shoulder Pets
Grumpy is by KittyCatS! ~ Dena’s Max is from Dragonworks


Arms filled with bags and bags filled with all the Friday sales ~ yesss its the start of my shopping ~ well its not a lot really as seems my bank account is wobbling on the broke side LOL but gotta go out and look at all the sales as today is my RL birthday and what better way to celebrate than go shopping in SL ~ will be a very quiet RL one as my friends went out of town and we spent the other day going out for an early birthday celebration ~ this morning I opened the cards they each brought me as they know I always wait till the day just like I do on Christmas and no I never peek or try to guess as I love surprises and am giddy with the gift cards that I received to put towards my crafting LOL ~ yes I admit that am a crafter the ones that take and repurpose items into something even better ~ anyway I always love the weekends as the sales really provide so much that I wait to buy clothes, poses and whatever hehehe ~ starting Friday there is the Fifty Linden, then Saturday Sale along with Happy Weekend and Secret Sunday ~ thats a lot so usually I try to save up just for that but looking at my account this weekend there won’t be a lot of shopping ~ oh well it is what it is hehehe ~ by the way this pose “Glam by studiOneiro was fun to use as well show you that most poses you can put your imagination and get more bang for those hard earned Lindens using it different ways ~ nice set of Glamor poses that you can either go to their main store or get it on Marketplace ~ both LM’s will be below ~ btw the outfit top and skirt were on the Dirty Discounts for 69L and I will include the LM for that but hurry that price doesn’t last long at all !! till next time enjoy ~ hugzz♥

studiOneiro Marketplace

Main store


Shot at Backdrop City using backdrop by Rama
and Glam #3 by studiOneiro

Head ~ Lelutka/EvoX/Avalon
Hair ~ Truth – Opium
Body ~ Maitreya
Hat ~ Stray Dog ~ wide brim
Skin ~ Koonz – Lucky/Summer EvoX ~ on sale
Outfit ~ ..::Believe::. Belly chain, Top, Choker and skirt
..::Believe::..Top Pink Balls ::.. (Maitreya) Fit Mesh

looking out…

looking out into the night wondering what tomorrow will bring ~ another year older that is a given as it is my RL birthday since I am posting this today instead of last night ~ it seems so peaceful here as my dogs also sense the calmness I am feeling ~ love how SL gives you such a sense of freedom to do anything you want ~ am I the only one that would love to just jump into SL immerse myself and have no regrets hehehe ~ oh I am sure each of you have had that fleeting moment thinking the same thing yet it is what it is ~ Second Life for me gives me a lot of choices that the RW doesn’t ~ where else can you be when you slip on this gorgeous sexy gown and you take a look in the mirror knowing every bit of fabric fits perfectly ~ no bad hair days and omg all the choices of hairs like should I be a redhead today or maybe even try being a brunette ~ looking ahead I know each day will be special whether it is just sorting my ever growing inventory or turning myself into a centaur ~ even after 13 years SL still holds so many opportunities and challenges that I wonder how anyone can be bored in here as I am never that ~ and I better stop staring as the dogs need to be let out for the night to make sure the place stays safe as I sleep ~ stick around I do have another blog post to do ~ before I forget this window is part of a pose set by SamPoses called “Window” that you can purchase either on Marketplace or at their main store ~ LM’s and details will be below ~ thank you to those that take time to read my blog as it is always appreciated ~ hugzz


SamPoses Main Store

Shot at home using SamPosesWindow Pose set 5 different poses
Props also used
Weimaraner Dog Lying & Sitting -created by Hannah Kozlowski
{what next} Bellevie Chair
[Kres] Wild Gaelic Garden – Shamrock Pots

Ears ~ + Fantasy Bento b.o.m. Ears (Pixie) + {Aii}
Head ~ LeLutka EvoX AVALON 3.0
Hair ~ TRUTH/ Opium /
Outfit ~ [GIULIADESIGN] -LISANA- Top & Jeans
Body ~ Maitreya

dancing in the…

yes bestie and I had a chance just to dance in the rain ~ freeing ourselves ~ baring just ourselves as you see ~ no hair ~ no makeup ~ nothing prettified ~ just us dancing with the rain pelting down and I loved it…remembering those summer rains as a child that you didn’t worry about mascara running or hair getting soaked ~ you remembered how the rain felt and how you smiled as you twirled around and just danced ~ splashing and laughing with your friends ~ hey sometimes you just gotta dance in the rain ~ bring back those childhood memories ~

this was part of the 5 pose set “Free at last” created by studiOneiro ~ you can find it on Marketplace or at their main store ~ LM’s below ~ thanks again to my bestie for being a part of this ~ she really displays a lot of patience with me as I set up a shoot hehehe ~ thanks also to my sponsor and to those that take time to read my blog ~ hugzz ♥

studiOneiro Marketplace

Main Store

Dena and I wore the same exact items

Head ~ Lelutka/EvoX-Avalon
Body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
Ears ~ + Fantasy Bento b.o.m. Ears (Butterfly) + {Aii}
Skin ~ ~JJ~ Frost Kindred
Outfit ~ Yeliz NightStar Chained
[hh] Charlize