that is my motto ~ LYF meaning love yourself first ~ years ago I had a horrible episodes with panic attacks and if you ever experienced even one you know what I am talking about ~ am not a pill popper so I found a great therapist that helped me overcome this ~ part of it was loving myself first ~ does that sound selfish to you ~ maybe but if you don’t it could lead to burn out, depression and possibly panic attacks ~ loving yourself first means taking care of YOU ~ so what if someone doesn’t like your blue hair, your face tats or even those elf ears ~ you are you as your personality will show through and if you’re an azzhole well that is a whole different issue ~ what am saying whether it is Second Life or Real Life please love yourself first ~ the above pic well some were not liking the look with the face chain and especially the ears asking me “oh are you going to start wearing those all the time ~ ummm maybe is that an issue for you…am thinking to myself oh well this is me and yes it might be different but I am still me ~ like me or not *shrugging my shoulders* it makes me happy and that is what matters…might be selfish but hey it is my Second Life ~ same with RL too as I have spikey hair w/9 earrings and a couple of tats, which am sure make people wary when they meet me yet my friends ~ true friends accept me as I am…so again am giving you these last words “LOVE YOURSELF FIRST”… this will be my last post for the next 6 days ~ as I have a RL dog sitting job that will take me away till next Thursday ~ cya then ~ hugzz ♥

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