catching up…


Yes, I am very honored to be a part of Relay for Life as a photographer ~ never thought I would come this far in my photography that I would be asked to be part of something that features some of the best artists in SL. Honestly I do not consider myself an artist as there are so many others that claim that title Wicca Merlin, Wren Noir and Max Seagate just to name a few. Sadly my classes with Visionaire are over as 10 weeks ended yesterday. I can say that I have learned so much in those weeks and see me looking at things a little different. From developing my own style to how I take pics in SL. If you get a chance I do hope you will hop over to see the exhibit not just for mine but there are truly so many great ones that you can purchase for only 99L ~ there is also an auction that is ongoing that ends on the 24th. The images that are up for auction are 100% exclusive as there will be no other copies of this image. Not even on Flickr that I was advised just so it remains exclusive. This will be ongoing for 2 weeks so no excuses that you didn’t have time hehehe. Thanks bunches for your support ~ hugzz

Raven Crag Art Center

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