new selfie

Yesterday I attended a class by Kent Nowicka, which consisted of composition. He did an excellent job on teaching basics and taking some notes there were some interesting points he brought up that maybe I had forgotten from the Visionaire class that we are both attending. Fill the frame as I hope I succeed in the image above. I tightly cropped this too while trying to make the one eye direct center as he also pointed out. The color version is nice but for me I was going for a different look not completely black & white even though that is my choice of style turning things into black/white images. I took a RL course on darkroom that was a course in black/white photography and absolutely loved it. Very old schoolish using methods like dodge and burn ~ standing in a pitch black room transferring your film into a canister in seriously no light ~ then mixing chemicals to process, etc. Could of been the most perfect image yet if the timing of the solution was off your image could of become 100% black ~ yes I learned from all my mistakes ~ same with taking pics in SL. So you images might not be the best I know that am not one of the best photographers in SL yet looking back how far I have come and how much I have taken from my RL schooling on Photography still things apply in SL as well. I see images that get tons of likes or faves but critically so many are just dead center or that gawd awful tilt that I refuse to twist my neck to see it correctly. Can you imagine if RL photographers started doing that just to be trendy YUCK YUCK and more YUCK…Trying selling an image with a top model that should be up and down instead they thought it to be cool to tilt the image and see what happens. Editor might accept it and edit so the image is the correct angle. Just because you can tilt your camera doesn’t mean you should ~ oh yeah am sure if more would read this I would be getting a lot of flack but a lot more agree with me than disagree. Probably know am not busting myself to spend unlimited time on Flickr trying to get tons of likes or see how many groups I can add for that one image. If I have say 100 people took a look at my pic and out of the 100 maybe I got 15 likes that means to me that every 6th person liked or faved my image ~ even if you get 2500 views and out of those you get 125 faves that still means that every 20th person liked that pic. I am happy just knowing someone liked my image besides myself. I take pics in SL because it is something that I have found a passion for and for me that I am taking classes and trying to improve my images not for how many likes/faves I get. I could show you some of bleh or what I think are just so so images yet they get tons and tons of faves and only because I actually asked how they did it and was told “networking” and she spends hours on Flickr liking others so they will like hers no matter of the quality. That is not who I am or want to be. Guess I should just hush on this and say enjoy the day ♥

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