Happy Easter

Wishing each of those that celebrate the Easter holiday a very blessed one. Yes am dressed like a bunny ~ a very sexy one that I got from the Easter Hunt at Bri Underground. The main reason today is to show off another one of Sethos Lionheart’s creations – the “Hammock” ~ he never fails to come up with some interesting fabrics, poses and other unique items. This is one you must have for your outdoor collection. There are 2 versions PG & Adult. I absolutely love all the different fabrics & textures you have to choose for the wood, towel, pillow and the hammock itself. Just looking at all those choices will keep this item so trendy and fresh and fun to mix & match. Yes I chose matching purple colors as it is my fave color. There are a good variety of poses and also actions like drinking coffee, sipping on a beer, even blogging ~ oh there are a lot more but I want to let you discover these. Sethos has really taken time in providing pleasing textures along with interesting poses. My hope is that you will take the time to go to his newly redone store and try this one out along with all the other furniture items he has. He really creates quality items that I think you will want to have in your home. Yes, if you don’t have time you can always shop on his Marketplace store but then you truly don’t get the feel or the pleasure of the activities and poses. LM’s will be below. Thanks for taking time to read ~ and huge thanks to Sethos for giving me the honor of blogging his items ~ hugzz ♥

Wythburn Marketplace

Wythburn Main Store

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