that is my motto ~ LYF meaning love yourself first ~ years ago I had a horrible episodes with panic attacks and if you ever experienced even one you know what I am talking about ~ am not a pill popper so I found a great therapist that helped me overcome this ~ part of it was loving myself first ~ does that sound selfish to you ~ maybe but if you don’t it could lead to burn out, depression and possibly panic attacks ~ loving yourself first means taking care of YOU ~ so what if someone doesn’t like your blue hair, your face tats or even those elf ears ~ you are you as your personality will show through and if you’re an azzhole well that is a whole different issue ~ what am saying whether it is Second Life or Real Life please love yourself first ~ the above pic well some were not liking the look with the face chain and especially the ears asking me “oh are you going to start wearing those all the time ~ ummm maybe is that an issue for you…am thinking to myself oh well this is me and yes it might be different but I am still me ~ like me or not *shrugging my shoulders* it makes me happy and that is what matters…might be selfish but hey it is my Second Life ~ same with RL too as I have spikey hair w/9 earrings and a couple of tats, which am sure make people wary when they meet me yet my friends ~ true friends accept me as I am…so again am giving you these last words “LOVE YOURSELF FIRST”… this will be my last post for the next 6 days ~ as I have a RL dog sitting job that will take me away till next Thursday ~ cya then ~ hugzz ♥

have you…

have you ever spent so much time on setting up a shot, taking the pic and then you see some details that mess the final image and you need to reshoot ~ welp, that is what took place with this shot as it was not the one I planned so carefully ~ my bestie Dena and I were going to shoot this as a duo and spent a lot of time getting us situated, choosing the lighting and so on ~ most times I do not pull it up in Photoshop to see if there are anything I need to change ~ yet there is always a first time when the whole shoot just goes in the toilet ~ flowers in the background should of been moved some ~ grass lowered and I could go on but will just stop. This really is a cute pose set by SamPoses called Flowers that consists of 4 poses along with the flowers ~ now I wanted to first compliment SamPoses for making the flowers mod as I did change the size along with moving them down a little away from my face…below is the Ad for all the poses so you can get a better look ~ also have to thank Dena for always having patience as I set up the shoot even if I whine a lot doing it hehehe ~ love ya bestie! thanks again to SamPoses for giving me the opportunity to blog their poses ~ lastly always have to thank those that take time out to read my blog posts ~ hugzz

SamPoses Main Store

Shot at a private location using SamPoses Flowers #4

Body ~ Maitreya-tweaked
Brow ~ [SB] LSpring
Ears ~ ^^Swallow^^/Magic Pixie
Head ~ Lelutka/EvoX-Avalon
Hair ~ Exile/Phoebe
Skin ~ WOW/Lucy-Pearl
Outfit ~ Top-JellyRoll/Donna Vintage Tee Jeans-Blueberry Capri


this used to be one of my favorite things to do when I lived at the beach ~ get up early, grab my bike and ride to the beach, which was 10 minutes away ~ then just sit either on the beach itself or one of the benches taking a deep breath to smell the salty air. so cleansing and refreshing that it is one huge thing I miss about living at the beach…today my thoughts are all over the place ~ with hoping the dog that will be my main concern for 5 days will behave ~ to thinking why so little free apparel for men in here ~ my brother who is new to SL has very little money to spend on clothes and was depressed that he asked me why is there so much free stuff for women yet not for men…I had no answer to give him as wondered why isn’t there? There are plenty of men around yet I can see someone new not finding the quality or the items for men and just leaving SL not giving it a chance as there are more to Second Life then shopping. I will ponder more on this subject and maybe find an answer later ~ before I leave gotta say this 2 pose set called “Solitude” by SamPoses is very nice and one am glad its in my inventory. LM’s to Marketplace and to the Main store will be listed below ~ as I leave you now please know that I am very appreciative of you taking time out to read my blog posts and till next time hugzzz ♥

SamPoses Marketplace

Main Store

head ~ Lelutka/EvoX-Avalon
hair ~ Truth – Opium
skin ~ Wow – Lillyan
outfit ~ Blueberry’s Capri past FLF
::GB:: Cami tank

did you ever…

did you ever wanna be a ballerina when you grew up? I did ~ yet after taking years of ballet lessons the teacher informed me I was way too short ~ those words were in some way heartbreaking but after learning most ballet students starve themselves, their feet are basically ruined from the toe shoes I was relieved. Yet on Fly Buy Friday you can head over to SamPoses and grab this set of Ballerina poses that will make your dream come true ~ don’t I look lovely as a prima ballerina getting ready to star in my first ballet hehehe ~ but wait look below at the next image

This is also included the music box where you can be the star of your own ~ 6 poses that can be used without the box and it is on Fly Buy Friday for 100L, which OMG is a steal and if you want this in your inventory GO GRAB IT on Friday!!! Otherwise it will be on Marketplace and at the main store at a much higher price. LM will be below just remember this is only for the upcoming Friday.

SamPoses is my newest sponsor and I am happy to be able to blog their items ~ thank you for giving me this opportunity ~ and to all those that take time to read my blog posts I also thank you ♥


Shot high in the sky using SamPoses newest pose Ballerina

please don’t…

why do people not listen when you say I rather you not take my pic ~ why are they so rude when I do not like people taking random pics of me and sending them especially when first they didn’t ask ~ second they see am a photographer ~ maybe it is just me but for the most part those are just snapshots and spur of the moment that I gotta be honest are of poor quality. several send them asking me if I like it and get this one actually wanted me to give him some lindens for his effort…OMG seriously? should I be flattered with this ~ maybe if it was actually a great shot ~ yet again most of them are such poor quality that I actually asked if they were a photographer and did they want some tips on how to improve…giggling I think it offended one guy he started going off on him, which I just muted and went on my way ~ oh well guess it is a tool for men or whoever to get a conversation going but I would ask first saying “you have such an interesting look may I take your image” … btw this is another one of studiOneiro poses called No Flash that has 5 different and unique poses ~ LM’s always at the bottom ~ its late and just finishing up this morning so now off to work on my exploding inventory hehehe ~ stay safe hugzz

studiOneiro Marketplace

studiOneiro Main Store

Shot at Backdrop City using No.Flash by studiOneiro

Head ~ Lelutka-EvoX/Avalon
Hair ~ {Limerence} Anna Rare Gacha
Body ~ Maitreya – tweaked
Skin ~ [CHSkins] Melanie – Milk
Outfit ~ ***Giuliadesign/Cassiopea

see me…

do you ever wonder if people truly see you ~ was a question I was asking myself when I made the decision to just change up my looks ~ interesting that I took the plunge and went to a more fantasy look with the elf ears and the paler skin tones. I might be even more opening to wearing face tats that I never would of done in the past ~ now I love experimenting with different types of makeups and more extreme looks ~ this pose “Mia” by studiOneiro really gives you the ability to show off that gorgeous arm tattoo. seven different bento poses that you need to put on your shopping list for the Mix event that will take place Apr. 30th ~ sadly I will miss the opening as RL dog sitting has me away for the week. the LM’s for the event and the store will be listed below ~ so yes, maybe they still won’t see me but what matters is do I like it ~ am I happy with it as that is the most important thing with SL it is your Second Life and what makes you happy in here matters ♥ till next time keep safe ~ be true to you ~ hugzz

Mix Event ~ April 30th till May 20th

studiOneiro Main Store

Head ~ LeLUTKA/EvoX-Avalon
Hair ~ No.Match/no_bomb
Body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
Ears ~ +Fantasy b.o.m elf
Tat ~ [Carol G] Affair-white
Tiara ~ PKC Marissa Tiara
LipRing~ PKC Simple Lip Ring
Skin ~ [CHSkins] Melanie/milk
Outfit ~ GiuliadesignTonia

reaching out…

hands…touching hands…reaching out…touching me ~ touching you…are you singing the rest of the song yet ~ do you know it ~ it is by Neil Diamond and the title is Sweet Caroline ~ once I saw this pose Hanging On by my newest sponsor SamPoses I knew this would fit perfectly. sometimes things come easy when you have a pose or even an outfit and things just come together like a nice completed puzzle. Its a fun pose for couples or even best friends like Dena and myself ~ below is another shot taken using the same pose

I am happy that SamPoses accepted me as a blogger and will be showing you various other poses for you to grab for your inventory ~ below will also be the LM’s for you ~ thank you again for taking time to read, send me suggestions and comments ~ hugzz till next time ♥

SamPoses Marketplace

Main Store

oooh damn…

geeez I just got these boots and LOOK ~ the tip of the stiletto heel broke off ~ dammm and can’t just buy one boot to replace it either ~ taking a big sigh and shrugging my shoulders there is nothing more I can do since I don’t see the bit laying around. oh well its all on my clumsiness…the boots were gorgeous ~ fit like a dream and they did look gorgeous on. what did they sales person tell me as I slap my forehead ~ oh yeah these boots are not made for walking in the forest as the heels are made for city walking…well DAMN now I remember sighing loudly. listen and pay attention Starr and you could of saved these gorgeous boots. another hard lesson learned ~ alrighty now am gonna sit down very unlady like and pull them off but stick around am sure I will have more to show you.

This was shot at my private home using another great pose by studiOneiro ~ this is part of the Damn! set that you can try the demo at their main store, which is always advisable to make sure you like the poses included. You can also purchase it on Marketplace and both LM’s will be down below. thank you for taking time to read my posts as well as send me some nice comments ~ hugzz

studiOneiro Marketplace

studiOneiro Main store

Head ~ LeLUTKA
Hair ~ [KNOX] Nala
Body ~ Maitreya – tweaked
Skin ~ TF/Anna – Porcelain
Necklace – Minimal/Dina-Rose Gold
Face Chain – ~Soedara~ Silver
Outfit ~ Fatal Fashion Nicolly Boots & Dress

keeping him…

my little wolf cub that I call apollo is no longer little and roomie is frankly a little nervous having him inside at night, especially when he starts to howl ~ a very earth shaking moment that once you heard it you will never forget the chills it sends up and down your body. we have a small little out building on our property where I have started taking him there for him to sleep. apollo still is very young and does not like being left alone so I come and sit with him till he falls asleep ~ thank gawd the nights are much warmer as you can see by my very skimpy clothes hehehe ~ apollo just loves being close to me as he was raised by hand and never has been left out in the wild. he’s my fur baby and if it means I lay here or kneel here with him I will ~ all pet owners would do the same just mine is a wolf ~ laterzzz

this pose is from the Laura collection created by studiOneiro that you can find at their main store or on Marketplace ~ i love using poses in a different manner than shown ~ always remember try to keep an open mind and not just use the pose as the creator as shown ~ you will get so much more bang for those Lindens. LM’s will be below ~ thanks again to studiOneiro for allowing me to blog their items and to all my readers that take time out to read and send me comments ~ take care & cya soon ♥

studiOneiro Marketplace

studiOneiro Main

Shot at my home

(Milk Motion) abandoned room
Jinx ~ Wolf Pack/Watcher
Pose used Laura Bento Set 6 poses

Head ~ Lelutka/EvoX-Avalon
Body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
Hair ~ No.Match/No_Hugs
Skin ~ TF Anna/Porcelain
Clothes~ [Glitzz]-Ingrid Bra & Panties/Plum


somewhere in the night a window gets opened, somewhere in the night a baby cries, somewhere in the night a sigh of relief is heard ~ yet somewhere in the night I look out the window and think what a wonderful world…a little hokey but look at at all the starts and the huge moon and here I get to stand and see all of that it is a wonderous feeling. the air on my skin, the slight chill that in just moments that all will change when I slide into my bed and cover myself with all my blankets. for now I just look at amazement the sky is littered with so many stars ~ the moon is so huge it looks like I could just reach out and touch and the feeling of happiness meeting new friends. walking around the fantasy faire I came to see this someone with a look that I truly wanted to copy ~she was with her best friend and you could tell they were just having so much fun enjoying the Fantasy Faire. I said I would give her a shout out so Morgaana Fae this is for you as your kindness overwhelmed me and I truly thank you for that…its a huge huge place that if you love all kinds of fantasy you just might break your budget like I did. anyhooo somewhere in the night you feel surrounded by new and old friends and a smile comes to your face and you whisper sleep well my friends…night nite ♥

Fantasy Faire Shopping Guide

Fantasy Faire TP

Shot high in the sky on a platform using MP In The Window Pose Prop

Head ~ LeLUTKA/EvoX
Hair ~ No.Match/No_Hugs
Tattoo Panther Tattoo/Cindy
Body ~ Maitreya/tweaked
Skin ~ TF/Anna-Porcelain
[Glitzz] Ingrid Panties – Plum