I mentioned in one of my past posts that I have a couple new Sponsors and both of them are Pose Stores ~ I love finding new pose stores that really have unique and interesting poses ~ studiONErio is just that ~ especially working with Bento hands ~ having tried myself to really get the fingers to bend and move I know it takes talent and patience ummm things that at times I sincerely lack in. This pose set is exclusively for the Pose Fair that will be starting March 7th through 28th. A little tip for those that hesitate to buy at any event ~ most designers/creators give discounts during the events so DON”T HESITATE ~ this set Portrait C will be discounted 20% ~ I chose this pose to show off the Bento as poses have come so far in the 13 years I have been in Second Life. As a pose lover this is a huge keeper for me ~ there are 6 different poses in this set and I suggest that when the Pose Fair opens you need to grab it ~ it’s different and unique like most of the ones studiONErio creates. I sincerely want to thank Anaya Twine, owner/creator for letting become a blogger for studiONErio. Yes, you will be seeing more poses from this store ~ below find the LM’s. I truly want to say thank you to those that read my blog and also make a little comment ~ am not a professional writer ~ I do use Grammarly to catch spelling errors but this is how I would talk to a friend about the pose using ummm or abbreviations like LOL ~ for me this is like my diary/journal and those that have ever kept one you do not worry about grammar as it is writing in your voice not to be submitted to a magazine or turned in as a homework assignment. Oh there are some that probably cringe reading my blog as they probably are used to examining everything like a editor. This is me and this is how I write so if it offends you don’t read it as I am not changing my style of writing unless *giggling* I am receiving a salary to write articles. Stay safe everyone ~ hugzzz ♥

studiONErio Marketplace

studiONErio Main Store

Because the Pose Fair does not open till Sunday I am leaving off their LM.

Head ~ LeLUTKA/Fleur, Hair ~ [monso] – Billie

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