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Am really finding some interesting items at the Home & Garden Expo to show you ~ with each item I will make sure you have the LM’s. My bestie Dena really helped a lot with setting this up so huge kudo’s to her ~ I have one more umm maybe 2 more from the Expo then will be switching gears to concentrate on exploring and photography ~ oooh I will be still ranting or hehehe blogging on here till possibly another big event but being a student of Visionaire I really would like to use what I know more ~ all of these with 3 exceptions ~ the vase of flowers, the wine bottle and glasses and the laptop all came from designers/creators at the Expo ~ unique and so different from one another so we shall go from left to right. The first is the Craftsman writing desk & stool that comes from *Trove* owner/creator is Kaine Braveheart -the desk could be used as part of your hallway entry table and I like that about this piece of being multifunctional ~ above that is the Art Deco mirror from TDF aka The Dark Fae ~ fits right in…another unique find that will be a keeper in my ever overflowing inventory – to the right is that gorgeous loveseat and rug from Raindrops on Roses who’s owner is Chloe Delores ~ love the name of the store along with the loveseat and rug ~ wow gorgeous and you must go look at her Marketplace and at the Expo her items are so gorgeous. These items are keepers and will be using them in future blogs. Behind the loveseat is a dark blue candle lamp from Chilly Pigeon whos owner/creator is Allie. Can I find another adjective to describe these items beside WOW ummm not sure but this is the taller one and she had a smaller version that I wish my brain would of remembered to set it out as it is just gorgeous as well. The Vintage Bird Frames are from Moonley Inc. and come as a set of 6 ~ really nice way to dress up a wall dontcha think? Ooops before I forget to mention the owner/creator is (thalia.lupindo) aka Moonley. Hold on still got a couple more items to tell you about. The plant & that very unique glass table that looks like it is hand carved from marble into a cheetah ~ are both from The Hangar who’s owner/creator is Dina Foxy ~ all different all unique yet they come together nicely at least I think so. Each of these stores are new to me yet I am so glad that I got a chance to blog their items and will be visiting their stores to see what else I can find. The Home & Garden Expo is ongoing till March 21st and I truly hope each of you will get the opportunity to visit each of the stores that I have been blogging about. I have found so many items like these that honestly never knew existed till this event and it is so refreshing to find new stores in SL. My list of faves is always growing along with my inventory LOL. See below for the LM’s for each store I mentioned ~ thank you and keep safe ♥

Trove Expo Location

Trove Marketplace

Trove Main Store

The Dark Fae Expo

Moonley Expo

Moonley Marketplace

Moonley Main Store

The Hangar Expo

The Hangar Marketplace

Raindrops on Roses

Raindrop on Roses Marketplace

Raindrop on Roses Main STore

Chilly Pigeon

Chilly Pigeon Marketplace

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