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Today is just that a little bit of items from the Home & Garden Expo ~ so many creators/designers that truly do need to get noticed at the Expo, especially when they are doing this for a great cause Relay of Life/American Cancer Society. I am really enjoying walking around finding items, talking with different creators and wanting to make sure they get at least a shout out. Now the house you see in the above pic I will say because it is modifiable I did just that ~ why? Because first I am not a builder just a blogger but for me I do like creators that give us *you and me* the option to change or modify things. So yes I did change the texture on the roof and floor ~ this is such a cute beach home “Fort Beach House” created by LozMac Designs ~ it is packed full of those goodies ~ they are located in Hope 2 that below will be all the LM’s for each designer. Plus finding so many new creators that I never heard of is a win win for me. I did not add anything inside the house but the Sakura white tree is also at the Expo from *Thus Magic* and they are located in Hope 1. A gorgeous tree that is a great find ~ that if you look on MP you will find some of the most gorgeous affordable trees for you land. Another little goodie is that cute Country mailbox by RVi Design that is located in Hope 9 that looks like you can even put mail in OMG how cool is that. Am going to put it at my residence and just see if any of my friends will put a note in there *giggling* and that is a BIG hint to you know who you are!!! Lastly are the 2 garden beds by a dear friend Corvi creator/designer of The Dark Fae I made at the Expo that created the Dinky House that I blogged earlier. This is really a great event even finding new friends and new creators plus there is a hunt going on that you just have to look for the Expo shaped Prim that will cost you 10L but the prizes are amazing. Please look below for the LM’s of each creator for their Expo Location, Main Store and Marketplace. Thank you again for taking time to read my blog ~ means a lot ♥ Stay safe…

The Fort Beach House does include the following items

Adrift Shelves
Beach Comber Table
Summer Chair
Summer Seat
Lots of Love Candles

LozMac Designs Expo LM, LozMac Marketplace, LozMac Main Store

Thus Magic Expo LM, Thus Magic Marketplace

RVi Design Expo LM, RVi Design Marketplace, RVi Design

Main Store

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