are we…

I lean into Dena and whisper softly “are we being watched” ~ as Easter bunnies we are not supposed to be seen ever ~ but hey its Second Life and anything is possible even imagining both of us as Easter Bunnies and yes am giggling as I write this. Do we look like your typical Easter bunnies ~ ummm I think not. Especially wearing these very revealing and sexy outfits that we got from the Easter Egg hunt at Bri Underground. We are a great duo when it comes to hunts as over the years both of us have learned some great tips to searching out those sneaky items the store owners hide. Sorry we just can’t reveal our secrets as her and I made a pact that we keep it to ourselves on how we can be so successful and just zoom through the hunts with lightning speeds. Sometimes things just don’t work out like the first shot I had set up. The prop I was intending on using that I spent a long time searching for in my totally out of control inventory just felt wrong. I won’t even go into the entire shoot of setting up as the image was not what I envisioned. I always have to thank Wizard & Del for letting me use their platform to set up these images. It is fun to have this blank canvas that you can bring items and just start creating what you hope a successful image. Plus to have a great bestie that has patience and steps up with suggestions to even make the final outcome even better. Huge kudo’s to my bestie Dena for always being there for me. Thanks to all those that take time to read my blog and support my Flickr as it is more than appreciated. hugzz ♥


M-BdP aka Moonlite Backdrop & Poses have created a really great summertime pose set ~ for those that are longing to be at a beach resort or some exotic location just have to grab this pose set called “Beach Lagoon” that is now at the PosEvent till April 19th. This set has everything you need to enjoy yourself and your friends. 7 Single female and 7 single male poses along with 6 couple poses will keep you busy. The stories you can create like the image above is completely up to you. A little tip that you just don’t need to limit yourself to either using only female or only male as Dena and I used the couple pose with Dena using a male pose.

Same with this pose too we both used the male poses ~ with a little bit of adjustment and some tweaking you can really get some great photo ops with this pose set. The colors are vibrant and look at all the details with the bunch of bananas hanging in the background to the gorgeous parrots perched on the limbs of those palm trees. Dena and I had fun as I am sure you will want this to be a part of your backdrop and poses ~ they are even just letting you get the backdrop alone without buying the whole set. My suggestion is take time to visit M-BdP at the PosEvent and check it out. LM’s below to the Event and to M-BdP main store. Stay safe and keep sticking around as I always appreciate those that take time to read, like and send me those comments.


M-BdP Main Store


Heart Keeps

I was surprised and so pleased that I placed second in the Focus Monthly Photo Contest ~ made me feel good about my growing skills of a photographer and I do admit that becoming a student with Visionaire has really helped because I see so many things different now. Or maybe just there were there and had to be pushed to use the skills. The image I created is on my Flickr and the image above was taken for our homework assignment to create something anonymously and let everyone students and teachers guess who did it. I had to giggle when several times my name came up for the wrong image and even this one only one person did guess right. Something really interesting was the guest speaker Wicca Merlin who am not only a huge fan of her store items but also her images that she creates. They are so above others creativity and originality that I am in awe of her talents and her brain. Listening to her and nodding my head in agreement of things she was saying I am glad that for the most part I do what I like ~ in the thirteen years have been in SL I still have some fails in the pics looking at them I can see how to improve them or what mistakes I made with the composition or whatever…Now when I do scroll through peoples images at times am like yawning or shaking my head because to be honest they are boring ~ I learned in RL photography lessons and was again brought to my attention in class ~ stop putting your subject DEAD CENTER… and yes I look at mine and see I could of moved myself over a little more to make it interesting ~ or used a different light to give depth with shadows. My concentration is just wanting to improve on my own photography skills ~ creating images that pleases me and if someone comments and goes wow that is a fantastic composition I will smile and say thank you…Am not in Second Life to win popularity contests with my images at all ~ it actually was a challenge to myself to see if I could create something that looked like it came out of a fairy tale. I wish I had to some quote or words of wisdom to end this post but its late am tired and my brain is fading so be safe ~ till next time hugzz ♥


Holding onto a couple strands of hair time just stands still as I let my mind wander over the day as I think to myself ~ was the day productive? Pretty much, as I got my homework done ~ even got some RL stuff accomplished as well. The bath water still is warm with the bubbles floating off into the air I smile. Taking a nice warm bubble bath is always brings great memories ~ growing up that was my go to place to relax and read whatever book I was into. Reading was my passion and still it is a way to relax and let the story take you away. If there were bubbles involved I would just close my eyes sinking deep in the water getting most of my hair wet. I would buy with my own money boxes of “Mr. Bubbles” a brand that still exists today after 50 years. Sitting here also thinking of what poses I wanna buy at the POSEvent as it just opened on March 28th and closes on April 19th I have plenty of time to make a list. Suggestions for each of you to this set Just like a woman by studiOneiro is a great one for your inventory. I do not have a lot of bathtub poses and this set features 5 Bento ones as I featured the second set B earlier. Both sets of “Just like a woman” have some great poses that you will want to grab. LM’s for the event and the main store will be listed below. Thanks again to everyone for taking time to read my blog and Flickr. Very appreciated.




practice, practice and more practice so when I do perform my dance it will be perfect and father will be pleased. its my goal to become good enough to leave this dusty arid desert, where you see barely anything exists. Traveling nomads that is what we are ~ going from villages that request fathers dancing girls. I am still so young yet I yearn for different things as one of the families we visited showed us on her cell phone all the exotic places they have been to especially AMERICA ~ wow that is where I want to be. Mommy was from there and that is where she was laid to rest in some foreign place named Maryland…She came over to visit our country, met our father way before we were born and fell in love. She stayed as he asked not demanded as some of these men do to their wives. Sadly we never knew how sick she was until it was too late but she will always spark this memory of goodness and loving everyone. Now I must get back to practicing…

This is such a unique set of poses from studiOneiro called “Hindu” that consists of 5 Bento poses as you can see by the finger positions it really mimics those belly dancers movements. You can grab this on Marketplace or at their main store ~ they have a demo at their store so I would suggest try it out before. While you are there look around at all the other poses they have. Till next time hugzz

Shot at Desert Palace


Main store

Head ~ LeLUTKA/Fleur
Hair ~ no.match/No_Waste
Body ~ Maitreya -tweaked by me
Skin ~ [7DS] Hopefully -group gift
Outfit ~ Bri Underground ~ Nanna includes
Face Chains, Piercings, Head Piece, Pants, Top, Sleeves & Necklace
Face Henna ~ OVI #8

loving this…

Stepping into the tub taking a moment to let the sailboat coast by before unwrapping my towel and settling in to relax and enjoy the warmth of the water. Doesn’t hurt that the view outside my bathroom is awesome ~ something about water is very calming to me especially after living at the beach for almost 3 years in RL. Even seeing the colorful sails on various boats drifting by is a picture perfect view and I am loving my new space. So happy I took the plunge into looking for a place where I could put down more than just a couple of prims. Still it will be even nicer when I find some land with water to buy that is my own ~ makes me giddy to think that I finally have my own space in my RL and soon I will have my own space in SL as well. It is one of the perks of being a premium member that Linden Labs will give you 1024 sq. meters free without any tiers ~ not a lot of prims but living in one of their stilts homes you can do a lot with very little prims if you are careful. We all have had our ups and downs in SL some more than others but SL at times really does mimic RL and you just gotta take a moment and breathe as things will get better. Now I gotta tell you about this pose set from my sponsor studiOneiro called Just like a Woman, which does come with the bathtub and 5 poses. There are 2 different sets A & B and this is from the B set ~ I know this will be used a lot as bathtub scenes can be romantic and very picturesque. This is an exclusive for the PosEvent starting March 27th to April 19th. I will be showing you more from both sets. And I will give you the LM just before it opens so you don’t miss out on this.

studiOneiro main store



Things are much better after my little meltdown over my homework assignment. Probably doesn’t look it by the above image, which I will explain in a moment. Several things have changed as I took a leap and moved from my Linden Stilt home to a little island that I am loving. Its been a first for me to start completely from scratch with landscaping, choosing a house along with decorating. I do have to thank Dena for so much ~ one she has a lot of patience with me especially when I am frustrated and that I value her opinion and suggestions as to where to put what, or bring out something in my inventory. She really helped me with the inside decorating. Another friend helped me find a house that would fit on my land. Its not a huge place yet anything is bigger than just having a LL home. Oooh please do not think that is a negative for anyone thinking of living in one of their free houses for premium members because the latest ones that LL has put out are marvelous I just felt it was time for me to move. I was a little jealous of my friends that had that option of changing houses, or having such cute items on their property. I am still looking for either abandoned land near the water or an auction that has something with water as well. Again a friend saved me from buying this one property because there was no way to get to any sailable waters due to how it was parceled out long ago. Now to my face that I have to say to all those that are not using Black Dragon who truly has a great poser inside it but that is not how I achieved this look it was with Lelutka’s latest Axis hud. What I love even though I do have the Lelutka head you do not have to wear one to use this hud. Yes seriously this will work with any head you have and it may be a tad spendy but as a blogger and a photographer its worth every Linden. You don’t need this huge manual to figure it out either, which is a plus for me. The hud has the image of the face with arrows, sliders for you to play with to get a very unique look. From forehead, head, neck to eyes and lips the combinations you can achieve are endless. No am not being paid to say all those things just stating facts how amazing this hud is. Stick around as I have a new item from Moonlight-Backdrop N Poses to show you and tell you about. hugzzz

Lelutka Axis Hud Face

total failure…


Usually am excited to show my homework assignment yet today was not one of them ~ my stomach started churning the more I stared at this image the more I was close to tears knowing it was a horrible failure. Even towards the end I barely could speak because of being upset and in tears ~ silly right? Maybe I stress way too much wanting to really up my photography and each assignment I take it very serious starting to work on it right after class is over. I had this vision in my head for this goth look with the hat and make it black and white. Looking at the final image now what a muddled fucked up mess. From the hat overtaking the image to the bleh black and white that had no punch. I am better than this and I should of just taken a step away then tried again but it was frustrating to get the look. The feedback I received was helpful and I will be redoing this only for my own personal satisfaction. Visionaire has taught me so much and I think it was letting them down that upset me more. I will move forward and leave this failure knowing that I can and will improve on it. I won’t stop as it just was a huge frustration for me but rather step back when it gets to that point and try again. Stay safe everyone ♥


Sitting here with no one next to me am enjoying being alone ~ am also alone in RL as well and I love it ♥ Being alone in SL and RL is my choice so do not feel pity or sorrow for me. I hear listening to some in Second Life that being alone is horrible and they need that companionship in a partner or a lover to be happy. Why? I truly wondered why. Is it they are not happy with themselves and being alone just intensifies that emotion? Yes I have friends that I can talk to or do activities with in Second Life. This is my choice in coming into Second Life to enjoy exploring and meeting people. I definitely did not come into Second Life seeking out romance or desperate to find happiness with someone. Yet some are not happy if they are single, if they have no one ~ why? Maybe I am a tad anti social these days as I treasure my alone time especially in my RL. In SL I try to say hello to my friends and at times yes I get busy with my photography but then I can go days and no one says hello to me at all. Maybe I am invisible to those that I consider friends. Shrugging my shoulders and commenting to each of you that my friends list is small for reasons that if you are my friend we should at least say hello not let months go by without acknowledging we know each other. I had to chuckle as I would say hello to a friend and before I could go any further this friend would make the comment ooops gotta go RL. Seriously it was not just a one time thing, which we all know RL comes first, but every single time ~ yet when the tables were turned and I said just hello and sorry RL is calling the person got truly offended and angry. Why? Okay enough rambling and whining as I just will say I enjoy being alone in both worlds.

Shot at Moonlight Studios ~

Dress-Dead Dollz/Roxanne past FLF
Boots-Blueberry/So Cozy
Hair- Doux/Denise


Two days ago was International Women’s Day ~ a day to celebrate being a woman…researching this remarkable event I learned it was started back on 1911 ~ the United Nations recognized this 1975 ~ women all over the world are challenging each other to raise awareness on women’s equality. This year is to challenge ~ challenge does bring change as we all know in the past and now there have been a lot of changes for women. I thought this pose by studiOnerio was appropriate ~ it is part of the Dana set that is available at the Pose Fair till the 28th of this month. Just putting my arms out wide to celebrate being a woman. We do not need just one day for women we need the entire month to bring awareness to harassment in the work force, to justice for rape victims and to gender equality. So with my arms spread wide I am celebrating that I am a WOMEN…

Shot outside at ChicaChica

Using studiOnerio pose Dana at Pose Fair

studiOnerio Marketplace

Main Store

Head ~ Lelutka/Fleur
Hair ~ Exile/Lucia
Body ~ Maitreya – tweaked by me
Sweater [D2T Limited] RFL Sweater @Home & Garden Center
Capris Blueberry FLF
Skin ~ [7DS] Hopefully Apricot