A peek inside…

Welcome to my little London Apt where I just started decorating with the help of the great furniture from Wythburn and the fabulous art from Finesmith Photography ~ yes they are both at the H&G Expo that just opened today and will be ongoing till March 21st. You might need all that time to make your way around the Expo as it is 9 area’s filled with stuff ~ the chair and loveseat have such a great variety of textures from Brocade or Velvet just to name a couple ~ same with the poses ~ the coffee table is also got some great goodies inside that will keep it fresh for you all year round. Behind the furniture is two great pieces of Art from my friend Star Finesmith creator and owner of Finesmith Photography. You can see one is framed beautifully and the other is straight on canvas so you get your choice which one you would like to put up on your wall. I am also impressed that she has kept the price very reasonable that you could pick up more than one piece to fill your walls with and there is a resizer script that you can make each piece a different size. Below will be the Website addy for Home & Garden Expo as well as Finesmith’s location and her main store ~ again this is for a great cause so I suggest you take advantage of all these creators in one gigantic place as each of them have worked so hard. I thank Sethos Lionheart and Star Finesmith for giving me the honor of being able to blog their pieces. My little apartment is looking perfect with their items. If you are looking for Wythburn I did blog it in an earlier blogpost Will be back with more goodies even a vehicle that woah they are letting me drive it *giggling as I am the worst driver in SL so watch out I will be on the road. hugzzz

Finesmith Photography Expo

Finesmith Photography Studio

Home and Garden Website


After a long day it is just so nice to sit with a very icy cold beer and enjoy complete silence ~ no one talking, no music, nothing just so quiet with the sun just starting to set and feel the last of the days warmth on my face. I truly love living alone especially after some of the crap I have been through it is just nice not having anyone hover, or someone going into your room when you are not there, having to be quiet after a certain time period or gawd forbid you sleep in past 8am that is a total mortal sin was told constantly. Even better the looks you would get when you walk out maybe wearing the same t-shirt from the day before even if its clean since it was obvious you didn’t do anything. Way too many individuals who thought they were my mother telling me what to do, who not to see or talk to. Is it lonely hmmm good question because I have never lived alone most of my life so there just might be a tiny tiny smidgeon of loneliness but there is always picking up the cell and chatting with someone. For me it is so freeing I love it just as I love this rattan furniture. Who says it has to be inside when it looks perfectly lovely sitting in the grass ~ and the owner/creator of Wythburn Furniture is Sethos Lionheart and he has packed each piece with goodies or choices if you like. The armchair is set you have a variety of poses ~ a variety of textures ~ same with the loveseat. Now another I really like about this is yes this is an adult version that I am sitting on but it is not filled with hard core porn stuff. He has chosen for romance instead and hey that is a very good thing. Oh am not saying it is not a little erotic as it is filled with 7 different ones just for lovers that yes it is xrated ~ the romance, cuddle for couples and singles have 18 different poses ~ the table is a wonder in itself too with a menu that is so varied you will have fun using it. You can see and try each piece at the Home and Garden Expo in the Hope Area 5, which below will be LM’s to that location, to his Main Store and to his Marketplace. Please take a moment and wander over there to try all the delightful stuff he has ~ stick around as I have one more post featuring his furniture and some gorgeous art.

Wythburn Expo Location

Wythburn Main Store

Wythburn Marketplace

Remember the Expo is part of The Relay for Life event that raises money for the American Cancer Society that is not just for USA but it has gone global. Something I know that almost 90% of people have been touched by knowing someone with cancer, having survived cancer or even worse have lost someone to cancer ~ yes the survival rate is getting better each day and one day maybe that word will never exist except for in the history books ~ so take a moment or moments to go and visit the Expo there are lots to see, entertainment to watch and even gifts scattered around the area ~ hugzzz

hey you…

Yes you! Who you looking at that is the question. Are you looking at this sleek bike, or the one that owns it and is looking very sexy sitting on it or are you looking at that odd man with those weird mittens sitting outside in that chair? Don’t need to answer cuz the correct reply is of course you gorgeous bike babe and the hot machine that your long lean legs are straddling it. Smiles sweet and innocent and says why thank you…Yes this is my bike and do not go all sexist on me thinking only cough cough men can have huge hot machines as that just isn’t so. Proof is you are staring at it. BTW lean in closer as I tell you that you can also own this bike and yeah the fake background if ya want it too but and this is the thing you gotta go to the PosEvent that is starting today at 1pmSLT and that means at this moment as I tell you its not open yet. This bad boy can truly be yours so check out M-BnP space as they have several options ~ here are the details about the bike that you might be interested ~ you can just get the bike and all the poses that come with or…you can get bike and background, which by the way they are not attached and if you are a blogger it is always cool to build up your inventory of backdrops and poses. Now if you are wanting what I am wearing you can look below for all the details, the LM’s to get where you wanna go. Revv’ing up the motor looking straight into your eyes gotta go and ride like the wind *giggling*…PS do you know who that man is in those mittens…Let me know if you figure him out ~ LOL ~ till next time hugzz and all that good stuff ♥


M-BnP Main Store

Head LeLUTKA/Fleur
Hair Exile/Under the Sun
Eyes IKON/Odyssey-Dew
Body Maitreya-tweaked by moi
Outfit Bri Underground/Mayan Jacket,Necklace,Bra,Shorts,Sunglasses
Boots {SA} Abby Boots
Skin TraditionalFace Jenny/Mel

attention all dinkies…

My friend stopped by as I was relaxing on my “Monster Plant Throne ~ pretty cute huh ~ another discovery I found at the Expo ~ shhhh this is not in my blogger area but it was so cute and the owner asked so I just couldn’t say no. Doesn’t this remind you of that movie “Little Shop of Horrors” ~ it was the first thing that popped into my mind ~ anyhooo there are some really cute sits that just show off myself and as any Dinkie knows that is a big thing we do like to get noticed. Now the creator/owner of Multifarious Conceptions also created this cute kitchen Dinkie size. Look below.

Yes, dinner was almost ready, but I do have to make sure my guests wash their hands ~ and as you can peek inside the oven there is some yummy food almost ready. Once you step up on the stool you will get a menu ~ then the choice is yours. Kes Styxx is the creator and owner of all these unique items ~ located in Hope 8 I suggest you make it on your list to go visit and see what else ~ check below for the LM’s to Expo Location, Main Store and Marketplace ~ stick around as my biggie Starr comes back on to show you more Expo Goodies and I hear she has a couple new sponsors she is blogging for. Take care and pssst I will be showing you more stuff soon she just doesn’t know it yet. *Giggling* cya ooops she caught me and reminded me to tell you EXPO is opening today and remember this is for a great cause Relay for Life is a huge event in SL as it supports American Cancer Society that has gone global. Every Linden will help ~ please take time to go see ♥

Multifarious Conceptions

Main Store


my Dinkie home…

Hi! First let me introduce myself ~ my name is Violet and I am a Dinkie and proud of it ~ actually I am a purebred lilac-point Siamese Dinkie but my friends call me Violet ~ this is my newest home especially made for the Dinkie’s, which makes me extremely happy since my big friend Starr just threw a dinkie bed in the corner and said I could sleep there sheesh can you believe it ~ but she puts up with my expanding clothes cuz you know Dinkies have to look fashionable just like the biggies *giggling* ~ now let me tell you about the house as it is a Dinkie marvel created by Corvi Ashdene owner of The Dark Fae that is in the Home & Garden Expo. Two floors that you can pack a lot of Dinkie stuff in that yes yes I will be showing you soon. Oooh if you look closer behind me you will see another creation by Corvi that very artsy “Deco Mirror ~ hey we are just as decor conscious as the biggies ~ just saying… okay little Miss Biggie over there is rushing me to finish soo gotta say stick around as her and I will be showing you lot of goodies from the Expo ~ pssst pay attention to my stuff will ya its for a good cause and it is soo stinkin cute too *grinz…ooops forgot below will be the LM’s to her place at the Expo and to her Main store ~ whew dont want you getting lost like Starr did *giggling as she is so not map coordinated…ooops one more thing I gotta say THANK YOU Corvi for this great house hugzzzz !♥♥ OMG Starr is telling not to forget that the Expo opens tomrrow NOT today geez I knew that but she wants to make sure you know its from the 27th of this month all the way till March 21st and she also wants me to remind you that it is all for a great cause ~ btw I did hear there is a hunt and gifts all around the regions. Will be nicer than her and give you the website so you can look at ALL the regions as well as entertainment and other good stuff.

The Dark Fae Expo Location

The Dark Fae ~ Main Store

Where to see Dinkie House

Home & Garden Expo Website

Afternoon with friend…

What a gorgeous afternoon to spend a little time with a friend ~ sitting out in the backyard on my fabulous patio set created by Sethos Lionheart owner of Wythburn Fine Furniture was so enjoyable. As you can see by the image above this is a great patio set with the umbrella and 4 chairs along with the table that holds some unique surprises. When you first sit down it will ask your gender then after sitting there is a menu with so many choices you will have fun just picking and choosing. You can choose to change the texture of the metal and the glass ~ next there are choices of decor ~ if that was not enough there is food and drink choices ~ oh I could go on and on about this patio set but instead I want you to head on down to this years Home & Garden Expo and try this out for yourselves ~ pleasantly surprised and all the items that will keep you or friends entertained for the afternoon or whatever time you choose. While you are at the Expo wander around and look at what else Sethos has created ~ make sure you try them out ~ he really puts a lot of creativity into filling each piece of furniture with great animations among other things that you just have to see them. Below will be his location at the Expo so you don’t get lost like me trying to find my way hehehe and the LM to his main store. Remember the Home and Garden Expo starts tomorrow and ends March 21st. You might need all that time as this is probably the biggest event SL has held especially when it is part of the Relay for Life that raises money for the American Cancer Society that is not just for USA but it is going global. As each of us have been touched by cancer in our life the American Cancer Society helps people all over with knowledge, support and much more. One day the word cancer will be no longer but today that word is not as scary as it was 10 years ago with more and more strides in eradicating this horrible disease. This event is one way you can help ~ even if you do not want to purchase anything there will be various locations that you can donate ~ 1 Linden or whatever will help. Hugzz ~ stay safe ~ cya soon ♥♥

Wythburn Expo Location

Wythburn Main Store

Wythburn Marketplace

isn’t she lovely…

I guess the title should be aren’t I lovely since that is me hehehe standing inside one of a very unique gazebo by GardenCenterSimona who is one of the stores that I am honored to blog for the Home & Garden Expo ~ yesterday I took a short walk around parts of the expo and wow besides being huge the designers and creators are amazing. You really have to see this gazebo up close and I will be putting the LM’s below ~ as well as the gazebo the owner/creator of GCS created that gorgeous wedding bouquet that I am holding. You can almost smell the fragrance from the combination of flowers. Hey, what a great idea – smellavision in SL umm maybe not thinking about other smells that just would be so wrong…Anyway GCS has so many fantastic items that you will be seeing in my upcoming posts and pics. In doing this I discovered this gorgeous wedding dress lost in my closet ~ from 2018 I must of had this dress to blog ~ I will post the MP listing for it if you are interested. I truly hope when H & G Expo opens in two days that you will take time to visit area Hope 5 as that is the Region I am blogging. The Expo is part of The Relay for Life that supports American Cancer Society that is becoming global as well as the USA. Cancer touches many many lives and the strides that they are making we just might see more and more cures, treatments for the horrible disease. This is why I love being part of this Expo and SL because SL is not just a game but in some ways each of us can be a part of helping out. hugzz and thank you’s for taking time to read and support my blog ~ take care & till next time stay safe ♥♥

GCS Expo LM February 27th till March 21st

GCS Main Store

Skin ~ TF – Jennie LEL/MEL
Head ~ LeLUTKA/Fleur
Hair ~ Exile – Slow Dancing
Body ~ Maitreya ~ tweaked by me
Eyes ~ IKON/Odyssey-Dew
Dress ~ _LTK_Wedding Moulin_RougeDress on MP


Save the dates…

Yes, beginning February 27th till March 21st one of the biggest events in SL will begin ~ The Home and Garden Expo for 2021. I am so honored to be a blogger for this event as looking over everything it is going to be UBER yes uber big!!! So you might not see me as me *giggling* but you might be meeting *Violet my Dinkie ~ oh she is sooo cute and I cannot wait to show you… There are so many regions at this Expo I probably know I will get lost tomorrow trying to find my way around ~ there is even a place called Waffleville that will be a part of what I will be showing you. I have several stores that I will be showing you what they are offering and my my save your Lindens as the items are so extraordinary you will want to come see and try a lot of them out. From some gorgeous furniture by Sethos Lionheart owner/creator of Wythburn Furniture to some gorgeous items from GardenCenterSimona among other stores that I will be mentioning, showing and taking you to the stores at the Expo so you won’t get lost ~ further FYI is that this is for a great cause. Something that I think touches everyone sometime in their life ~ Relay for Life is been a part of Second Life for as long as I have been in Second Life and Second Life has raised OVER 3.6 million dollars for the American Cancer Society. That is a lot of Lindens, which you can imagine each of your lindens will be going to something worth more than money or lindens can buy…Stick around please as I get ready to introduce you to some fantastic stores and items that you will be wanting in your home or garden or just for fun ~ hugzz

we are Coyotes…

we hit the bar in our final stance as the bar crowd goes wild….we are Coyotes and loving the one night we can dance on the bar ~ throw water on ourselves ***that was later in the night hehehe ~ and just enjoying a good time ~ putting on our cowgirl boots and hats Dena and I hopped over to Coyote Ugly for a good time listening to Leann Rimes sing that famous tune “Can’t fight the Moonlight” ~ yup this is one of my faves that I can watch over and over like I did tonight …even Dena concurs this is a great film okay it might be a chic flick but with John Goodman and others it is a classic. Think we would make it ummm not sure now getting on the bar would be a hoot ~ years ago I was up there dancing on several bars LOL but hey we all have some wild stories when we were younger. This Coyote set is truly a great find at the Moonlite Backdrop and Poses either at her studio or just go to Marketplace and grab the set. I have shown you only just a few of the poses as there are a total of 39 different poses plus the bar itself ~ so I need to get back to dancing and setting up drinks for everyone ~ have a great night and cya soon ♥

Moonlite Backdrop and Poses on Marketplace

Moonlite Backdrop and Poses Studio

Dena and I are both wearing
Head ~ LeLUTKA Head
Body ~ Maitreya – tweaked by each of us
Hair ~ Magika/December
Skin ~ TF *Anna in Porcelain *Me
Skin ~ 7ds Katelijn in Cotton Candy *Dena

Outfits Chantilly skirt, top, boots and Hat from *BSASSY*


Homework #4

This week at Visionaire our homework was to use the DOF aka as depth of field ~ just like in RL photography the further away something is it does get blurry or not in focus, which I hope this image conveys just that ~ I had to laugh when a friend noticed the background is blurry, which meant to me I had achieved DOF ~ yay me ~ also wanted to note that any of my homework assignments are done strictly in Second Life without the aide of Photoshop ~ I am pleasantly surprised at the results I am getting with a little time and more practice. Using the environments along with my own personal one that you can manipulate the sun or the moon to get that just right effect you are looking for. The one thing that always makes me nervous in this class is having to explain and talk about your image. Oh yes I can ramble on and on with friends but in a classroom setting it is nerve-wracking to talk about why you did something or how did you achieve that ~ then we have one instructor no name will be mentioned that dissects your image with what I refer to is the “Madden” board ~ you know the sportscaster that would draw circles and lines all over the screen ~ well that is what this instructor does showing what you could of done to improve or what is wrong with it. I actually get nervous when it is my turn. The critiques are not harsh or mean yet compliments followed by how you could improve and that I do like. Our class is very small only 9 students and we are becoming like a family with some you smile at while some you just roll your eyes when they begin to speak and no I again will name no names. Giggling but yeah I do do those things hehehe. Anyway I truly appreciate being able to take this class as I am in my opinion improving my images little by little.