how do you…

how do you....

how do you like me now…am I the fantasy you dreamed about, am I sexy enough for you ~ first I do ask for one kiss then we shall see…so I ask you one last time how do you like me now…grinz and says is this outfit tantalizing enough that you just might want to stick around and keep this item in mind when The Stupid Cupid Hunt starts next month. This is the prize item from Princess Stuff ~ hawt and sexy combined that whoever that special someone just might love seeing you in this ~ Stupid Cupid Hunt is being put on by Evil Bunny Productions and once more details are available I will do a post with updates ~ until then I suggest you make a note for the Princess Stuff store as the landmark will be below ~ check out their store in the meantime…no adjustments needed with this for my Maitreya body ~ hey if I was not a blogger this would be one of the ones I would be hunting for ~ its UBER sexy and very HAWT…till next time I have more to show you ~ hugzz ♥


The Stupid Cupid Hunt starts Feb 3rd to 28th

Location ~ Backdrop Central
Backdrop ~ Dirty Princess* + Paparazzi – Dirty Street Princess Backdrop
Pose ~ Focus Poses Born Sassy #3

Body ~ Maitreya – tweaked by me
Dress ~ .Princess Stuff [Kiss me First] Hunt Prize Stupid Cupid Hunt
Eyes ~ Ikon/Dew
Hair ~ Dura F72
Head ~ LeLuTKA Fleur
Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Destiny *8
Tat ~ [Carol G] Live Love Laugh

morning cuppa…

Don’t you just love the morning sun while enjoying a fresh cup of your favorite coffee ~ its been so long since I had mine since there really isn’t any place to get a nice cup of gourmet coffee where I live. Yet in second life anything is possible so I am sipping on a Cinnamon Dolce Latte with extra whip and a shot of vanilla mmmmm sounds so yummy and all while I am wearing this cute little loungewear by Starlight Apparel in mint green. As you see it does fit with no adjustments on my Maitreya body. I always suggest if you are concerned about the fit there is a demo to try on. This will be at TWE12VE till the end of the month, which doesn’t give you a lot of time so you must hurry and take the LM below. Alrighty am going to enjoy the morning with Sirus and Chirpy so till next time stay safe. hugzz ♥


Starlight Apparel Main Store

Shot at my Residence using
North Moon Coffee #1
Weimaraner Dog Lying –
JIAN Dove :: Placer
ETL ~ Planter Wood Galanthus

Body~ Maitreya -tweaked by me
Head~ Catwa HDPro Soft
Eyes~ Ikon-Sky
Hair~ No.Match-no_rumour/group gift
Outfit~ .(SA). Bella Loungewear Mint ~ at TWE12VE
Skin~ WOW Diana HDPRO Toffee

introducing my brother…

This is my brother Braxton or what I call him Brax ~ yes he is older and if you look him up inworld do not be fooled by his born date as we all know sometimes you just want to reinvent yourself as he was in SL longer than I was…he will be helping me with some of my blogging and showing off clothes for men. Brax almost did not want to stay as he told me trying to find items for men was not the easiest especially when you are on a budget. Yeah my brother does not want to spend a lot of money ummm basically he is *whispering “cheeeep” Giggling cuz he would actually agree with me and would rather spend his money on a nice steak or a good bottle of wine. He did prevail and found out with a little bit of Linden dollars he got the look he wanted. I did help him out giving him a mesh head by Catwa ~ its basic and does not have all the bells and whistles but for him he said it would do. He spent so much time trying to decide on a body that I wanted to rip his hair out ~ he first tried the free one from Legacy but he said so many clothes were not fitting and he was not spending time trying to make all the adjustments needed to look good. Yes my brother is picky on how he looks. So he broke down and got the Signature body Gianni, which is less expensive than some of the others yet it still offers a lot of variety in getting clothes. He did not want to look like some young stud so he basically went with a look more truer to his real self. I actually think he looks rather dashing ~ you do not see a lot of mature men in SL so kudos to Brax for making that decision. BTW our other brother Maxwell or Max should be getting himself together too and yes he is a little younger than me but not by much and if you look him up inworld again both my brothers were in SL way before I was ~ its nice to have family in SL ~ even if Brax or Max might not be in as much they will still be around when needed. hugzz to both…for me I have been busy so stick around to see what I have been up too. thanks ♥


Sometimes a dress just deserves to be on the runway showing it off to everyone ~ with the lights ,the camera’s flashing and the runway seats filled to capacity as they watch you nervously walk down that long runway ~ taking a deep gulp of air I set off not even imagining how long the runway is as it feels like it will never end. Keep a poker face they say and for me it is so hard not to just cringe or start with a nervous giggle. Inside am saying silent prayers not to trip, not to make a fool of myself. The gown deserves to be shown I say to myself and they chose me so I take my time letting everyone see the sparkle, the spaghetti straps that are barely there and the way this dress just accent my girls perfectly *grinz… Oh yes I feel like a well deserved runway model in this gorgeous gown from AsHmOot that is at the Girls Heaven Event till Feb 3rd. Several color choices will be your issue and nothing more as it fits my body like a glove. Landmarks to the event, the AsHmOot’s main store to check out all the other items. Till next time I might be introducing my brother Braxton if he ever gets his self together. Shrugs who knows just stay safe and thank you for taking time to read.


Girls Heaven Event

Shot at Private Location using
IE The Runway w/Pose #3

Hair ~ .:EMO-tions:. Mera Luna/darkred
Body ~ Maitreya – Tweaked by me
Skin ~ YS&YS Polly BOM Tone 3
Dress ~ im ~ Loose Gown #12 @Girls Heaven Event
Eyes ~ IKON ~ Odyssey
Head ~ CATWA HDPRO ~ soft
Tattoo ~ Just Love by [Carol G]

cashing out…

As you can see by the wad of cash I have in both hands that I did very well in Vegas ~ and yes before you say anything I absolutely left off certain letters on the name of the hotel just cuz and those that do know Vegas will know exactly which hotel am referring to. First off I am honored to say I was asked to become a blogger for Allure Couture ~ thank you again ♥ Second I discovered a really interesting place “Vegas in the Sky“. I will be doing another blog post shortly as I thought the owners *husband & wife* did an excellent job building Vegas. For now with my cash in hand and can say looking very smart along with sexy did help at the poker table hehehe ~ hey when you are playing for high stakes some use sunglasses to hide their expressions why not use my assets *wink* to help me along. Of course I was not playing with professional gamblers as I could of dressed in a bikini and they would not of noticed ~ nope played with some rather elder gentleman who’s eyes did wander a bit *giggling* and well the rest is history. This outfit “Callie” consists of high waisted pants, top and heels. Oh yes it is a little sheer giving you that bit of a naughty look and love the pinstriping texture on the rest of the outfit. Am wearing this on my Maitreya, which did not need any adjustments. Owner/creator does give you 2 choices fatpack or slimpack ~ and the slimpack is nothing to be ashamed of getting as it still has a nice color variety for the top, pants, and heels. Really a great outfit and it is out at the 2nd Chance event where all items are discounted ~ great place to check out and of course grab the demo of Callie to try and buy. It has been discounted to 50% off ~ great bargain and who doesn’t love bargains ♥ Thank you again for Allure Couture for this opportunity to blog their creations. Landmarks to all will be below along with the details of what I am wearing ~ till next time stay safe **hugzz

Allure Couture

2nd Chance Event – till Jan 30th

Vegas in the Sky

Shot at location “Vegas in the Sky” using Vegas Money Cage -created by Kitten along with !R.O.! One Moment includes Money Stack ~ Marketplace 1L

Head ~ Catwa HDPRO
Body ~ Maitreya
Skin ~ WOW Rivvy in Toffee
Hair ~ Tableau Vivant Fairy nights hair
Eyes ~ IKON Odyssey/Sky
Brows ~ Simple Bloom High Arch
Outfit ~ Callie High waisted Pants Outfit using Slimpack Hud

does it bother…

Does it

Does it bother you when you go to check out a furniture that is on a sale list and basically you are watching a couple spend ten to fifteen minutes trying out every single pose and then spend tons of time on one pose, which you know at least in your mind they are not chatting about the weather. Maybe it is me and yes I will sit on a piece of furniture to see the menu or if I am with Sten we might also try a pose or two out but anymore either we buy it and take it home to really try it out even further. Today I guess my patience level or tolerance was at zero when I TP’d over to check out Kazza’s sale item and a couple was on it trying it out, which looked like they have been there for awhile so yes I spoke up asking are they the entertainment and should we stay and watch or something to that effect. OMG you would of thought I committed a mortal sin speaking up as someone else said does it bother you that much. In response I should of just shut my mouth and bought it and left but ummm that is not who I am and actually spoke up that it was rather rude of them as time was now more than I felt appropriate time when there was others around that possibly wanted to sit on the piece of furniture. So I let my mouth get the best of me, when the adult thing was to again just leave. Maybe I was wrong and maybe not and now I think the question could of been rephrased differently and asking how much longer will they be. Oh then again am sure someone would of spoke up in their defense like they can take as much time as they want. Really? Okay silly rant that I am sure if Dena or Sten read this they will go sheesh Starr you trouble maker. See if Dena had of been with me I might of just whispered to her or spoke in voice OMG are they ever going to be done ~ and not caused any fallout since they would not of heard us. Soooo Dena all your fault you did not come back after you ate hehehe ~ will she read this only I will know tomorrow. hugzz I do love her as my bestie she keeps me balanced.

Shot at my private residence using [DB] Breathtaking moment pose

Head Catwa HDpro
Skin YS&YS Polly
Hair Navy+Copper Iris
OUtfit BriUnderground Amanda Woods Sweater, Pants, & Beanie
~ was a Secret Sunday Sale item

lady in red…

Oh am not sure am a lady but every time I wear a gorgeous red gown the song Lady in Red pops in my mind and honestly I thought Rod Stewart sang it but another English singer by the name of Chris De Burgh sang it ~ Red truly is such a power color and just as sexy as this gown by GGVG Fashion has created. I can say I truly love her creations as they fit on my body like it should with no adjustments. Sexy yet chic and very posh that will want your special someone to take you out dancing possibly for Valentine’s Day or even sooner. This gown is a must have in your collection of evening wear. It is at the Girls Heaven Event that is going on till Feb 3rd. You still have time to grab this gorgeous gown and if you must try on a demo for fit size. This dress will be a keeper in my closet for a long time as in my mind it will be timeless. When you go to the event look around as GGVG has another outfit that will remind you of Breakfast at Tiffanies ~ oh I am dating myself pretty bad mentioning that movie but Audrey Hepburn would wear the other dress with perfection. As a blogger I am picky on what I show each of you and so far GGVG has not disappointed me at all. So excuse me while I take a moment to listen to the song as you can below and dance around ~ details and landmarks below ~ hugzz

Girls Heaven Event

GGVG Main Store

Shot at Backdrop City Pseudo- The Greenhouse Scene
w/ R.icielli Runway Pose #5

Hair ~ Tableau Vivant ~ Fruit of the Bloom/blond
Head ~ Catwa HDPro
Skin ~ YS&YS Polly BOM/Tone 3
Eyes ~ IKON ~ Odyssey-Sky
Body ~ Maitreya ~ tweaked by me

looking out…

Looking out my window is such a nice view of the city, even if I am not a city girl and this is SL so not close to all the noise, the traffic and the tons of people day in and out ~ I could never live in a huge city like New York City just cuz of all the things I mentioned. Not only that but I love small town or suburbia to live ~ its just that simple living without all the hustle bustle you see… Yes I have to been to a lot of major cities like New York or Chicago even Washington, DC. and it is very nice to visit but shaking my head not where I want to live. The cute cardigan that I am wearing is from Gloss who is one of the sponsors of Girls Heaven Event. It is very open in the front that is why I wanted you to see the back with the stripes and how the material truly hangs on your body perfectly. Several different color choices and a demo for to try. Landmarks will be below as the details ~ Remember Girls Heaven Event is ongoing till Feb. 3rd ~ thank you ~ hugzz♥

Girls Heaven Event

Gloss Main Store

Shot at private location
Props Used
MP In The Window Pose Prop
Star Lamp CHEZ MOI
Maya’s – Natally Rubber Plant
*Emotions…Collect Moments… Frames MND9 Hunt

Body ~ Maitreya Tweaked by me
Eyes ~ IKON Odyssey/Sky
Head ~ Catwa HDPRO
Hair ~ Doe: Merri – Candy
Outfit ~ *Gloss Bianca Cardigan/Strawberry ~ found at Girls Heaven Event
Dress ~ *Gloss* Vickey
Skin – WOW Diana BOM in Toffee

Cozy setting…

This looks so cozy, with the fireplace from Dreamland Designs as well as the desk ~ my dog and her pup love the warmth it gives off as winter sets in and my heat is almost running nonstop even set at the lowest temps I can bare. As one of the sponsors for the Girls Heaven event this is really such a nice piece and because of the size you could almost put this on a deck giving you another look. Fireplaces should have mantels as they just should LOL ~ too bad you cannot hear the crackling of the fire I can almost smell that wonderful scent of a fire burning ~ also included are the 2 candles and the cactus. I will also note the desk will also be at the event at a reduced price only for this event ~ great bargain as it does have some interesting poses *nope not gonna say a word hehehe ~ LM’s to Dreamland’s store and the event will be below. Thank you again for taking time to read my blog ~ hugzz

Dreamland Designs

Girls Heaven Event

shhhh its a ….

yes shhhh it’s a secret ~ OMG do not share with anyone ~ cripes and I should use stronger words as this fact truly bothers me to the point I want to use some 4 letter words to express my distaste in this fact. Someone and I will not mention their name but a store owner asked me a question about how I got a one word on my profile ~ example “flickr” instead of inserting the whole url you use a simple code and tada it is on your page. Sadly, this creator/owner has been asking for 4 years ~ OMG 4 years of asking someone how to do this ~ SHAME on those that thought this was some secret never to be shared. FOUR YEARS of asking a simple question that takes possible 1 minute to share the code which is this [ <- that bracket symbol goes first then put in your URL without spaces ~ most will have a / after it ~ you will then hit the space bar once and type in the word you wanna use like flickr immediately after put the closed bracket ] and hit enter ~ you won’t see it but others will see that one word. It is so irritating when you try to find answers and no one will share information ~ what is wrong with people. There are so many bloggers out there and because you use cute emoticons or whatever you think not sharing makes you special? Seriously I have asked so many times how they got a certain symbol and my request has gone on deaf ears. This is not me being lazy ~ this is not me trying to copy anyone’s style ~ am not asking anything that truly can be found but spending a lot of time doing research ~ I ask because as one blogger to another you would think they would want to help a fellow blogger. Sadly I have learned in the blogger world how cutthroat it truly is. There are times when it reminds me so much of high school and the mean girls who sat in judgement of you ~ snickered behind your back and smiled in your face. Second Life in the blogger world is just like that and probably even more so since the anonymity of hiding behind the screen makes it cause to act even meaner, crueler and unforgiving. Oh they know who they are ~ the special ones who judge others for their lack of something and it makes me angry to see the snubs, the rumors that go on in the blogger world. With all the craziness that is ongoing in the real world you would hope people in SL would have a little more compassion, little more empathy and express a little more kindness ~ I will always try to help another person, another blogger if I am asked because it is the right thing to do. Please do not roll your eyes or dismiss me but look into yourself and truly believe that when someone asks for help or you can share something that will help do the right thing. To the person that asked me, this is dedicated to you as I said that I would write about this for you and for all the others that never got questions answered. hugzzz

Shot at a private location using props by [Park Place] Faux window w/animated falling snow & 11orison Floor pillows

Hair ~ {Limerence} Vlada
Skin ~ .::Wow.:: Diana HDPro
Body ~ Maitreya – tweaked by me
Head ~ Catwa HDPRO soft
Eyes ~ Ikon Odyssey/Sky
Earrings ~ Ysoral Tania
Rings ~ Ysoral Nemesis