New Years eve…

Happy New Year

Last night of the year and I wanted to take a few moments to reminisce about the past year ~ finally moving in RL to my own place after a serious amount of years living with others. At first it was a huge adjustment with no one telling me what to do, when to eat and so on. Learning just day to day stuff that you need to when you are in charge. Most of the months I have been enjoying the quiet and the freedom that comes with living alone ~ not saying at times it is a little lonely and that is where Second Life truly makes up for that and the friends that have stood by me and supported me when some health issues arose ~ like discovering I had Covid and some other major health issues that were scary but I survived and next year will be me working on getting even healthier. Rediscovering a passion for SL photography and how to enhance them even further with tutorials on Photoshop. Finally I absolutely realize how essential my friends on Second Life are so important to me. My bestie Dena especially I have to truly thank for letting me vent, never judging me and giving me encouragement when I was at a low point. My friend Sten who our friendship is going through some changes and like the past years we will learn to adjust to whatever the outcome is. I am thankful for his support when I took a much needed break from Second Life. Other friends like Taffy and Delcinea who I do treasure their friendship. To all those that do take time to read my blog ~ look at my Flickr pics I sincerely wish each of you a very Happy & Healthy New Year. This year brought a lot of struggles for each of us yet lets make 2021 a much better year. Hugzzz

Before I absolutely forget to let you know the outfits that Dena and I are wearing are again gifts from various events. I will try my best to link below the LM’s directly to their stores so you can TP and pick up the gifts. The hair was a group gift from Truth ~ stay safe ♥

FlowerDreams Main Store ~ was a gift from Swank

Dena & I are Wearing
YS&YS Tone 03 Blush – BOM
YS&YS Tone 03 Freckles
IKON Odyssey Eyes
Maitreya Mesh Body-tweaked by me
TRUTH / Soiree /
FlowerDreams Zehra Skirt,Top and Pants
[Enchante’] – Idalina Heels – Maitreya – Christmas gift
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears
YS&YS Polly T03 NO Brows – BOM (Catwa+Maitreya)

Birth ‘Winston’ Catwa Applier/ BOM Head – Tone 04_Blonde
-Belleza- Jake 2.1 Bento
.:EMO-tions:. * ROBBIE*2 s
::ROC:: Wingtip Male_Belleza
CATWA HEAD Daniel [SL Neck] v4.5
Utopia Vincent tie_size M

Winter beauties…


Christmas is over and tomorrow is New Years eve. Now there are so many gifts and boxes to open from Advent Calendars, Peace on Earth hunt, group gifts like Swank, Tres Chic, Cosmopolitan, Shop & Hop, and Ebento as well. With all those I thought it would be nice to show off a lot of the gifts we did receive and to say thank you to the designers for being so generous with their gifts. Remember the Shop & Hop is still going on so we are starting with that ~ from the fur hats, fur muff, gown and shoes they are all from that event. As I wade through boxes I will be sure to link the LM’s to the stores or tell you what event they came from ~ please enjoy ~ thank you so much for taking time to read the blog ~ hugzz

Mosquitos Way gifted the hat, muff, and neck warmer ~ Shop & Hop Link

SoG gifted the Damia Gown Snowflake LE ~Silver~ Shop & Hop Link

[Enchante] gifted the Idalina Heels ~ Shop & Hop Link

Shot at a private residence using {Sepia} Friends pose ~ Marketplace

[CAROL G] Flying Poem Black – Leg Tattoo
[CAROL G]Live Love Laugh TaTToo Leg
a.t flower hand white
YS&YS Tone 03 Blush – BOM (Catwa)
YS&YS Tone 03 Freckles 02 – BOM (Catwa)
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body-tweaked by me
Mosquito’s Way – A cozy winter – Fur hat
Mosquito’s Way – A cozy winter – Fur muff
Mosquito’s Way – A cozy winter – Fur neck warmer
Navy+Copper – Fondue
SoG Damia Gown Snowflake LE ~Silver~ Lara
[Enchante’] – Idalina Heels – Maitreya – Christmas gift
YS&YS Polly T03 NO Brows – BOM

Wearing GlamAffair ~ Arizona



Yes I am exclusive ~ to myself ~ as each of us should be ~ we have to learn to love ourselves be exclusive in that ~ there are no excuses for me not to love myself. Living alone in RL after years of living with others, following their rules *some good and some horrible* I absolutely enjoy being alone. The quiet is so calming and relaxing I love it. My joy is being able to start learn about myself and gotta admit that I can be a total slob, which is not a good thing to admit but its out there and I own it. As well as I have gotten lazy ~ way too relaxed and yes I will sadly own that. I will put this out changes are coming with myself my exclusive focus is on my health and getting to learn to love who I am again. Nuff rambling on that subject as am not good at admitting stuff but this outfit by BWC that was created/designed by Barbara Qariel rocks giving you that naughty look you gotta try to achieve once ~ hey its Second Life and we can try anything without worry. The entire outfit consists of jacket, bodysuit, and boots that make anyone wonder are you naughty or nice and hey that’s where you will find this outfit at The Naughty Nice Shopping event. The event is put on by Evil Bunny Productions so while you are there make sure you also check out the other designers too. Till next time ~ stay safe ~ hugzz


The Naughty List

[CAROL G] Flying Poem Black – Leg Tattoo
[CAROL G] Live Love Laugh TaTToo
a.t flower hand white . classic Physics
BWC Stunning Bodysuit_Maitreya
BWC Stunning Boots_Maitreya
BWC Stunning Jacket_Maitreya
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body-tweaked
Sintiklia – Hair Amelia
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ear t
YS&YS Polly T03 NO Brows – BOM (Catwa+Maitreya)



Dontcha wish just sometimes you could be standing in a huge field of flowers, mountains behind you and the sun giving you warmth even if its a chilly morning? Anything is possible in a dream as I imagine myself just standing there surrounded by a field of daffodils, which btw are a fave of mine. I really do love flowers and couple years ago I was given some paperwhites that I was successful in forcing them to bloom. Their fragrance is rather strong in a small room just a warning as lesson learned from experience. This outfit looks as carefree as the flowers are ~ created by *B.D.R. *Beautiful Dirty Rich* in case you were wondering what the initials stand for. Was hesitant at first to wear the cropped tank with the turtleneck but now I love the contrasting look it gives ~ unique and yet quite acceptable especially when it is at the Winter Spirit Event. This is event is ongoing till January 10th so you won’t have to rush. The amount of textures in the Hud really give you a lot of options again another plus and more bang for those hard earned Lindens. The outfit is called Kiukiu but please do not ask me how to pronounce as I am usually bad at that. You will find below the LM’s to her store and the event. One more day till 2020 finally is over yet please keep safe and healthy. Till next time I wish you all the best ~ hugzz


The Winter Spirit

This was shot at the event itself but through the magic of Photoshop I placed myself in a dream *grinz

B.D.R. Kiukiu Skirt Maitreya Lara
B.D.R. Kiukiu Sweater & Crop Top Maitreya Lara
-FABIA- Mesh Hair < Lyric> Blond
Addams // Heaven Tall Boots with Ruffle Sock
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body-tweaked by me
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ear

Roses for…


I have learned not to wait for someone to give me things, like these gorgeous roses am holding in my arm. Flowers are made to enjoy even if they do not last long…plus so many different ones have the most gorgeous scent to them. I chose pink to match this warm gorgeous fringe sweater dress. As always creator of Beautiful Dirty Rich Cameron Vasiliov has included a great HUD that has so many different textures this will be the one to keep you looking gorgeous. Giggling I have over used the word gorgeous but look at the dress it is gorgeous and once you see all the different textures you will know just what I mean saying so much for you Lindens. This First Snow Dress is at the Pretty Event till the end of the month so RUN as fast as you can to grab this dress by B.D.R. so much bang for your $$. Now I am going to zip home to place my roses in a vase just remember I do appreciate each of you taking time to read my blog. hugzzz

Beautiful Dirty Rich Main

Pretty Event

Shot at Backdrop Central using FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Hello Gorgeous and R.icielli editorial pose

B.D.R. First Snow Dress w/ Fringes
-FABIA- < Lyric> Blond
Ariskea[amour]. Roses Bouquet Pink
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body – tweaked
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ear
YS&YS Crissy T03 NOBROWS – BOM (Catwa+Maitreya)

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

That fabulous stag just stands there knowing he is on private land and cannot be shot ~ he looks around then opens his mouth to bellow out his call to a female. His loud call can be heard up and down the mountains as if you never heard Stags bellow it is quite remarkable and very unforgettable. With his magnificent rack I also stand in awe just watching without remembering to capture this moment with my camera. I stay down wind from him so he doesn’t bolt into the forest deeper and finally raise my camera to take this moment in time. Of course you can replicate this as I did using HJM DesignsWinter Forest” that come with those 2 very tall pine trees that I did modify so you could seen the entire scene, along with the buck and grass that again I took a little liberty of standing them in a nice patch of snow to finish off the look. If you are looking to grab this as it is not just a background but a wonderful scene for you to use as your imagination takes you ~ but you must hurry as it is at The Girls Heaven Event that will be ending January 9th. I would suggest you take the LM to the event to check it out. This makes a great addition in my inventory and it should be in yours as well.

HJM Designs

Girls Heaven Event



Not sure if I have mentioned this before and maybe the title doesn’t truly describe it but I have issues LOL yeah lack of patience, bad attitude when things go haywire and very moody at times. RL is stressful enough at times and we come into Second Life to relax or have fun not get frustrated, freaked out to the point you wanna just delete Second Life and deal with RL a different way. That is me today when things just start spiraling downward. AND stressing about some RL issues as well so the day sux. Now after I have whined and ranted let me say this jacket called
“Belinda” by Beautiful, Dirty and Rich looks just as gorgeous as you see here probably more so on you ~ with a Hud that is filled with solids and patterns that you will be able to keep this looking fresh and very trendy as there are so many to choose from I chose a plain black with the pink accents on the pockets. No needed adjustments with my Maitreya body another plus for choosing this jacket. It awaits for you to try on the demo at the Sense Event. I will be showing off another *B.D.R. outfit next that I also suggest you at least try on the demo’s to see how it looks on your body. Cameron owner/creator of *B.D.R. really does a great job creating some unique outfits that I have yet to be disappointed in her clothing line. Please check her store and the event out as the LM’s will be below. Thank you always for taking time to read my blog ♥

Beautiful, Dirty and Rich -Main

The Sense Event

Wearing Physics – Mild Bounce
B.D.R. Belinda Jacket Maitreya Lara
B.D.R. Belinda Top Maitreya Lara
B.D.R. Grey Sky Day Jeans Maitreya Lara
-FABIA- Mesh Hair < Kiki> Black&White
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body -tweaked by me
-Belleza- Bianca BoM BASE Sunkissed – No Brow

Snowed in…

Snowed in...

I actually would love to be snowed in with a few exceptions of course hehehe ~ the first being WIFI ~ well maybe not WIFI first because you do need electric or a really damn good generator to power your house so that would be first then WIFI. Plenty of wood for the fireplace since its gas heat but rather save that for cooking. Enough food and yes booze hehehe ~ I know this might seem strange but a dog for company and not humans would come next and if I had someone that I could stand being around 24/7 they would be after that. Oooh yes and my kindle or plenty of books to keep me busy. So maybe WIFI might be a compromise as this snow looks pretty deep I could say my tablet or laptop to keep myself entertained with some games I have downloaded. I truly have come to appreciate living alone after years of living with someone whether it was a roommate, a *cough cough* husband, or even families. I enjoy the periods of quiet where the tv is off and nothing else is on except the sounds of my fingers typing away on the keyboard. Also enjoying having no set schedule for meal times or bedtimes as I at certain periods was so regimented in those times living with others. If I am messy its on me to clean it up and not have someone pointing out there is a tiny bit of papers I need to pick up. Lastly I can wear or not wear clothes if I so be it and OMG no I do not even walk around naked even though I could. That gives me shudders if I should pass by a mirror and scare myself. Might be different say I look as good as I do in SL ~ giggling as that was years and years ago when I could of said that. SO yes I would love to be snowed in and my question to you is would you or could you and if yes what would the exceptions be. Think about it ♥

Shot at a sandbox using hive’s skybox “Snowed in”

Wearing Physics – Mild Bounce
Blueberry – Dynamite – Leggings – Leather – Maitreya
Fabria Necklace Gold
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body – tweaked by me
SEVEN – GIFT 2021 – Sweater – Maitreya Lara
^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears
YS&YS Polly T03 NO Brows – BOM (Catwa+Maitreya)

New Find…

Wythburn Furniture

For me it is always nice to find a new store to tell you about. This is not fashion at all but some really interesting pieces of furniture. The creator/designer is Sethos Lionheart who owns, designs and creates some marvelous pieces of Victorian furniture. I was only going to show you one piece the fireplace but I wanted to pair it with his wingback chairs as well. Usually am fairly quiet about furniture as most are strictly functional or they are just filled with hardcore poses that I leave that to others. Sethos has created a nice balance with his poses that are very imaginative as well as romantic. The armchairs have over 40 texture options that I still haven’t looked at all of them as well as you can also change the type of wood. The textures are really well chosen, which is another plus factor as you know there are some tacky textures on cheaply made furniture. The biggest plus I do see is the land impact of 2 that is amazing. My suggestion is take the link to visit his store inworld to try out the demo with the poses as you will be pleasantly pleased. The fireplace is another find that is filled with so many poses and props. The land impact is a little higher of 6 yet it is worth every one to have this in your home or place. You can hear the fire crackling, there is a rug and a quilt for you among some other nice surprises that I won’t spoil or tell you about as you must try to demo to find out. Like the other pieces of furniture I mentioned Sethos does give you a lot of choices of textures from screen, stone and wood. The rug and quilt also have a nice variety of textures. The name of the store is Wythburn Furniture ~ I said it last so you won’t forget and below is the link to the inworld store and Marketplace. Enjoy ♥ ~ btw wonder around the grounds as they are gorgeous and also created by Sethos who I thank giving me the honor of blogging his items.

Wythburn Main


Together ~ day 11

Together ~ Day 11

Dena and I both were not feeling well and missed taking Day 10 pics, its life and I won’t go back just to push in another pic. The cute outfits we are wearing came from Blueberry at the Shop & Hop event that still is taking place. I absolutely love how her clothes fit my Maitreya without additional adjustments ~ was nice that Dena and I both grabbed this holiday dress pack . Looking out my window it is now snowing in RL and we will have a white Christmas YAY!!! I have decided after Christmas will bring back the closet series to show you the advent gifts that we gathered from various stores. From Dena and myself we both want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and may you be safe, happy and healthy into the new year. hugzzz

Shot at my residence using a gift pose from Focus Poses ~

Blueberry Shop & Hop