Night is full…

Nite is full...

Am surrounded by all these bats and winged creations ~ me being one of them. Just hope they keep far enough away so I don’t have to swat them with my wings. I will mention flying with heels on is not recommended as I had to make a steep incline and almost lost one ~ what a nightmare that would of been huh? Still the outfit am wearing would not look complete without the heels so I just grip my toes tightly saying a short prayer they will not come off in mid flight. The entire outfit is by Allure Couture that is now at Twe12ve till the end of the month. The wings are separate as well as the wrap around my neck making it a very nice formal that you can change the color and get more wear out of this. One sec as I spin around narrowly missing that bat ~ cripes can’t they watch where they are flying. Anyway back to me telling you about this gorgeous dress called Morigan ~ you have two choices Slimpack and Fatpack ~ the first has fewer color choices and the fatpack has them all. Screams and ducks as a bat tries to land in my hair. OMG this is just too much so I will finish quickly and get the flock outta here hehehe ~ check below for details and the LM to Twe12ve. I gotta dash before I hurt, maim or worse with these bats ~ nite & hugzzz


Shot at Backdrop Central using Foxcity Pose Dare to Fly


Allure Couture Lace C-String –
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
Allure Couture Morigan Gown – Maitreya Lara
Allure Couture Morigan Heels – Maitrerya
Allure Couture Morigan Wrap – Maitreya
Allure Couture The Morigan Wings
Ysoral .:Luxe Set Rings Nemesis:.(Maitreya)(All)
Shape Mine
DeeTaleZ Merry/Mediterra

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