Save the date…

Ready to party ???

Again I want to tell you about Tiny Empires and the Kingdom of Nil Thespia that I am Princess Wickedly Delicious in **pssst that is me above in the fairy costume in case you were wondering ~ this Saturday Oct. 31st Kingdom of Nil Thespia will be holding a dance for all members of Nil Thespia and their guests to come, dance, and enjoy their fabulous kingdom. Queen Sadira Desideri invites each of you to put on your costumes and join in for a night of dancing starting at 2 pm SLT ~ they will have DJ Lucky spinning the tunes ~ the Kingdom is rich in fall colors and dotted around you can feel Halloween is upon us. Before I forget to thank Royal Donut Chef MorningStar Finesmith for all her hard work in organizing this along with my bestie Dena Teardrop assisting in decorating all around the Kingdom.

Guarding one of the buildings in the Kingdom is the Pumpkin Knight and I wouldn’t mess with him as that pitchfork looks dangerous. Maybe he needs to have a pint of Guinness or a shot of Jameson to lighten him up…hehehe Look around as there is much to see and careful the woods are filled with strange things ~ even hear the pesky bees are buzzing about it…

Don’t be fooled by thinking she is just a dolly ~ look at those eyes as she follows you ~ shuddering and moving quickly past her to the inside, past the creepy spider webs, you will come in to where the dancing and there is even a skelly holding up the bar to dispense cold alcoholic beverages. Ooops just watch out for the blood splatter there was an earlier fight among the skellys not sure something about who has the biggest ummm thigh bone LOL .

Yes it looks messy, but I am sure one of them will have it clean before you all come ~ yes again the date is Oct. 31st ~ time is 2pm SLT. The Kingdom of Nil Thespia ~ those who know the way and even if you don’t a magical LM will be posted in the notices on Saturday for you ~ lets hope to see you all there ~ hugzz

shhhh it will be…

Its Okay...

My little pumpkin fellow is scared of this swing ~ thinks he will fall off and bust his head open…And we all know what’s inside a pumpkins head nothing but seeds and yucky stuff ~ shudders so I will sit with him and calm him down. This old tree with the swing and the lanterns is from one of my Sponsors store “Bloom” ~ only 9 LI and has 10 single poses in it as well as 14 couple poses ~ looks gorgeous in my yard with the lanterns lit. If you have not been to Bloom you should as I have several pieces of her furniture and love the variety as well. Okay the little fellow wants down to go play so I shall end this ~ below is the LM for Bloom store ~ enjoy hugzz♥


Evening out…


Dena and I decided tonight was a dress to the nines kind of night ~ donning our gowns and wearing our best updo’s we made our way to the heart of the nightclub. Everything was elegant from the candle centerpiece to the gorgeous staircase you had to walk down…it would of been such a perfect evening yet how do I say that as sleek and lovely I look it just was not meant to be as sadly am not the most graceful person in a pair of heels so when it was time to visit the ladies powder room this went from perfect to a very hot mess. Guess it was that 2nd glass of champagne that caused this and the fact trying to be lady like and nibbling delicately on a canape sent the alcohol right to my brain so yes I had a buzz on hehehe ~ Dena had asked if I was alright am like oh sure when in reality I was clearly not…getting up from a bar stool is at times a challenge when you are short and the stools have some height to them. That should of been a clue to take it slower yet I am at times too stubborn to listen so I just hopped off forgetting am buzzed, forgetting am wearing stilettos and started feeling myself starting to lean when instinct took over and reached out to grab something ~ the something was a tray of exquisite food with sauces, melted butter and plates of not sure what it was supposed to be and the tray went flying along with food and whatever else. I took down the server, in turn he took down a fellow server and we all proceeded to crash into a table top. Was that table empty ummm hell no it was filled with drinks and gooey appetizers. Three people landing on the table you had to know it would topple it. Don’t think I will go into any more details except to say now there are myself and 5 other people laying on the restaurant floor covered with beer, alcohol and bits and pieces of food. Dena who witnessed the whole thing could not help but start laughing ~ she said it was like a comedic skit and as we all tried to stand the other patrons had to chuckle as well. My dress was ruined, my hair was a complete mess as you could see bits of tiny particles of food and sauce covering and dripping down my face. Yes an elegant night had turned into one I won’t be forgetting. I did threaten Dena with bodily harm to delete them from her phone ~ she laughed and said to me that one day this would be funny ~ shrugging and thinking not in this present moment.

When Dena and I discussed doing this blog post together I did want to make it an elegant night out yet after taking almost 2 hours to set this up and all the things that happened it took things to a different level. Truly was so laughable as things on my end started going wrong. One little wrong move with my mouse and poof went the set and Dena went crashing down to land. Then the flowers didn’t look right so trying to move the vase and flowers out of the way was another goodie that I won’t mention time involved doing that hehehe ~ with an exploding inventory you would think I could find one vase filled with flowers to replace ~ ummm nope so we went went candles and with Dena’s expertise she came up with the wreath that surrounded the candles ~ brilliant idea on her part. Then trying to change the pics out of frames was not going right ~ I am laughing right now at all the things that did go wrong. Its SL and we just gotta take it in stride ~ the above image might of taken us a lot longer than I planned but for Dena and myself it provided a lot of laughs and that is what matters at the end of the day in Second Life. RL is too stressful right now and having a good friend who you can laugh and giggle with helps so much. Thanks to Dena for being there ~ you helped make some fun memory that we will look back on each time we choose to look at this pic. hugzzz

Prop used Stairs to the Stars by Image essentials

Dena wore
DeeTaleZ Skin Maxille2 / Eastern
“”D!va”” Hair “Lisa” (Fantasies)
.:(CW):. Brisa Gown Dress / Cherry Maitreya
.:(CW):. Brisa Sandals – Maitreya / Cherry
IKON Sovereign Eyes – Field
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.2
Ysoral .:Luxe Set Earring Tania.

Am wearing
“”D!va”” Hair “Isla”
Lurve Somethin’ Shiny Gown – Maitreya
Essenz – Dominica (Light Gray) Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
Sibylline Choker Necklace
toksik – Dolly Nails (Maitreya R)
-Belleza- Callie FLF Med Blk

A word from…


Yes a word from one of my nice sponsors ~ Bloom! ~ Caitlin39 is the owner and is gracious enough to give me the opportunity to show off her creations like this red Baroque chair. Don’t I just look like I belong sitting in this chair ~ giggling as it is not a Masters/Mistress’s type of chair but one that is made for singles and couples at least the PG version I have. Those pesky skeletons think they are going to sit with me, when there is no way in hell am letting them sit with me ~ yes it is made for couples with 26 different poses its just not going to take place ~ and does come in the Adult version that hmmm sounds interesting as well as 3 color choices ~ black, purple and this color the lush deep royal red. Now she also has several other new items but the next one below is a very handsome looking couch.

Black Couch Ferta

This couch does come in 3 different colors ~ black as shown above, beige and red. Very smart and chic to have sitting in your living room. I love the coordinating pillows too. Yes there are 2 versions with couples and single poses, which if you just take the LM below you can decide which one you would want to purchase. Please stick around as I do have more to share with you just gotta get rid of these pesky skeletons. hugzz


Back from no where…

Back from Nowhere

Dena and I are looking so refreshed after our trip to Nowhere ~ giggling. Yes that’s where we went no where ~ oh never heard of it? This has become quite the trend as well very popular. Hey don’t believe me google trips to nowhere. Yes I know we are carrying luggage but it is really filled with snacks and couple of those teeny bottles of wine. Okay not a couple but several LOL ~ Let me explain the trip to nowhere its like this you get on the plane and hey we went first class just to be comfy ~ take off and fly around the city for just a couple of hours then back to the airport ~ that is it. You get a delicious lunch with a glass of the airlines best champagne so you can lean back and enjoy the flight to nowhere. Dena and I were so lucky to have gotten these tickets on the cheep as they were selling out rapidly. Gorgeous day to just fly and watch the clouds ~ the airline staff was a hoot and even got us all to sing Happy Birthday to this very dear ole man who just turned 90 and never flew before. Then it turned into a singalong with people including myself just making up words if we didn’t know the lyrics hehehe. Dena and myself loved this trip to no where & we might even try our next venture on a cruise ship and yes am not making it up they have cruises to nowhere also~ very short weekend where again you board the ship, the ship leaves port sails out to international waters for couple days weaving back and forth then sails back into the same port. Fun and a good time to try a cruise if you have never been on one. Our outfits are mix & match as you will see below ~ thanks for taking a look its appreciated ♥ hugzz till next time…

Using Foxcity’s Stuck Background
Focus Poses “on stairs”

Am Wearing
M&M-Heart and Arrow Long Necklace Silver-
M&M-PANT Colorful
M&M-TOP Colorful
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
toksik – Dolly Nails group gift
Wasabi // Nox Mesh Hair

Dena Wore
YS&YS Make-Up 06 – BOM
Blueberry – Chelsea – Belted Cardigans
IKON Sovereign Eyes- Field
Maitreya Mesh Body
Wasabi // Britt w/ Beret Mesh Hair



Yes it is me again ~ with a little something on my mind ~ okay couple things on my mind hehehe ~ Think I have probably brought this up several times and maybe someone will hear me. Customer service PEOPLE ~ when did that just disappear? This is more important in SL since you are not doing face to face with a manager or the owner. The next item that has been nagging me is group fees ~these have gotten outrageous to I ask myself is the owner that greedy asking so much or what is the reasoning behind raising group fees to the point I could buy 6 different nice outfits as opposed to one group fee. Maybe I am forgetting 12 years ago when I started there was nothing called group fees and when they started putting on join fees it was very minimal. Just as owners are basically pushing fatbacks or nothing for their items. Sorry if that sets off people saying they are very special ~ do you need every color in the rainbow for the same skirt or top? For me personally the only fatpacks I consider is hair as I love to change the color when needed and not the style. Yet you might think that is the reason for clothing fatpacks ~ shrugs as more and more hair stores have groups of colors like fades, pastels, or Ombre’s and you are getting a good price nothing over the top. I commend them for how they are giving us more groupings of color choices without breaking our piggy banks. Alright I got carried away with all this and will stop here. Stick around has I have some new stuff for you to see ~ and Dena and I are bringing back in the closet series again ~ hugzzz ♥

Using Foxcity Candy #3 pose


“”D!va”” Hair “Lisa” (Fantasies)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
toksik – Dolly Nails *group gift
YELIZ MESH “Caven” Overknee Boots
YELIZ MESH “KaCy” Jacket
YELIZ MESH “KaCy” Jumper

Fresh apples…

Fresh Apples

Apples everywhere and so fresh I can taste that first crunch when you bite into them. Love the fall season with crisp weather and just needing a light jacket. All the yummy recipes like apple butter, apple cider and one of my favorites baked apples. Back in my home town there is one restaurant or some might call it a diner that no matter how stuffed I was I ordered the baked apple. They chose the biggest apples, then wrapped them in dough, brown sugar topping and would drizzle caramel sauce lightly when it was served to you. Simple yet decadent and most times I eat only half to save for later. One of my favorite fall memories. Maybe this will bring back some of yours as well. Alrighty have rambled on enough ~ details and credits are below. Thank you to those that read my blog after my long absence ~ appreciate it very much ♥ hugzz till next time…

Props used
{what next} Autumn Bicycle Decor
{what next} Copper Fall Sign
08 MI Green Apple Box
+Half-Deer+ Colorcopia Pumpkin – Si
[CIRCA] – “Nature Valley” Pumpkin & Gourd
{what next} Vintage Soda Crates
SSP – Truck Bed Prop

Used CS Country Full Scene


  • Secrets – Nany Belly Piercing – Rose – Maitreya –
    .: ROHINI :. 1NNOVAT1ON Boots
    Bowtique – Ripped Skinny Jeans (Maitreya)
    Cae :: Mantra – Bloom :: Necklace
    CATWA HEAD Catya
    Magika – Empty Gold
    Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
    Old Cowboy Hat
    Crash xkopenboyfrienshirtredflannel
    Ysoral .:Luxe Set Rings Nemesis:.(Maitreya)(All)


Dena & me

In my twelve years in SL I have made some fantastic friendships ~ not the kind that just come and go but forever friends who have touched my RL in so many ways. Especially the person above Dena Teardrop who has and always will be my bestie in SL. We met over 5 years ago ~ not sure the exact date but it was through a mutual friend who was showing us how to become mesh *giggling at the memories on that. Funny the mutual friend just one day disappeared but Dena and I just clicked. We love getting on voice and getting the giggles so hard our tummies hurt with tears blurring our sight. It is nice to have friends in SL ~ ones that accept you for you. Her and I have had some adventures in here that just make me smile and laugh. Dena who is a Brit and myself am good ole USA, which I honestly think we compliment each other in our style and life. She is almost like the sister I always wanted and never had. I can come in a funk and we start voicing even if she is listening to me moan my woes and end up in a better mood. Am wishing that she can say the same about me as I try to be a good friend. Friendships that last in SL usually are based on being honest, loyal and good to each other. Its also nice to see that our friendship has lasted and I think because we are both very caring individuals. Yes I do have other friends that have known since I came to SL as a couple are very special to me. Anyhooo today we pulled together items from our closets to show you its all about mix and matching. Dena usually can come up with very stylish ideas that yes I will confess try to copy. All the time will ask her where did you get that from, or ooh I like that such and such…laughing yes its true most of what Dena has in her closet I will have almost the same. If not we will go get it. Then we wonder why our closet is exploding. Geez I have rambled on and on so please stick around for of me and Dena and the “in the closet series”. Thanks to bestie for sticking around. hugzzz

Shot at front door using Focus Poses Friends 84


  • Secrets-Nany Belly Piercing the Saturday Sale
  • Secrets-Sexy Savage Queen Necklace the Saturday Sale
    CATWA HEAD Catya
    Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
    neve jacket – stone Lara
    VINYL – August Necklace Gift – Maitreya ROSE GOLD
    [EN] Rachel Boots Maitreya
    [EN] Rachel Skirt Maitreya
    [monso] My Hair – Ruda /Mixed
    Ysoral .:Luxe Set Rings Nemesis:.
    DeeTaleZ~ Maximille/Mediterranean

YS&YS Tone 02 Freckles 02 – BOM
Leven Ink Tattoo
DeeTaleZ Skin Maxille2
Vanilla Bae Babe Necklace –
Blueberry – Group Gift – Denim Skirts –
Blueberry – Julia Jackets –
CATWA HEAD Catya Toothless v4.5
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.2
MINIMAL – Boho Rings -Maitreya R- Silver
[Gos] Monza Belted Boots – Washed Denim
[monso] My Hair – Ruda /Blonde
Ysoral .:Luxe Set Earring Tania.

Night is full…

Nite is full...

Am surrounded by all these bats and winged creations ~ me being one of them. Just hope they keep far enough away so I don’t have to swat them with my wings. I will mention flying with heels on is not recommended as I had to make a steep incline and almost lost one ~ what a nightmare that would of been huh? Still the outfit am wearing would not look complete without the heels so I just grip my toes tightly saying a short prayer they will not come off in mid flight. The entire outfit is by Allure Couture that is now at Twe12ve till the end of the month. The wings are separate as well as the wrap around my neck making it a very nice formal that you can change the color and get more wear out of this. One sec as I spin around narrowly missing that bat ~ cripes can’t they watch where they are flying. Anyway back to me telling you about this gorgeous dress called Morigan ~ you have two choices Slimpack and Fatpack ~ the first has fewer color choices and the fatpack has them all. Screams and ducks as a bat tries to land in my hair. OMG this is just too much so I will finish quickly and get the flock outta here hehehe ~ check below for details and the LM to Twe12ve. I gotta dash before I hurt, maim or worse with these bats ~ nite & hugzzz


Shot at Backdrop Central using Foxcity Pose Dare to Fly


Allure Couture Lace C-String –
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
Allure Couture Morigan Gown – Maitreya Lara
Allure Couture Morigan Heels – Maitrerya
Allure Couture Morigan Wrap – Maitreya
Allure Couture The Morigan Wings
Ysoral .:Luxe Set Rings Nemesis:.(Maitreya)(All)
Shape Mine
DeeTaleZ Merry/Mediterra

Help me…

gonna get me

Wearing one of my latest little black numbers by Darkmoons Corner out of nowhere comes this horrid man and his vicious Doberman ~ OMG I could just pee myself right here ~ they both look like something out of a horror magazine and the wind whipping the trees around make horrible sounds I think I am just in a huge nightmare and will wake up soon. Please let me wake up ~ please let me wake up ~ screaming silently… Wow cannot believe that dream/nightmare so vivid the image above just still gives me shivers thinking of it. October is filled with horror and Twe12ve is no exception. From that background by Something New, which is named “Frighten” oh yes Ally the owner of Something New chose a great title for that ~ yikes. Comes with 5 single poses and the props ~ makes a great horror pic if you are looking for one. The cute short black dress “Holly” am wearing also is at Twe12ve and fits my Maitreya body perfect. Lot of interesting items this month at Twe12ve so if you are looking for any thing Halloween make sure you pop over there and check it all out. Stick close by as I have another one to show you ~ hugzz & details below.


“”D!va”” Hair “Cristina”
*DMHolly*Lara @Twe12ve
CATWA TEETH A [Small] v3.2
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
Morigan Heels – Maitrerya
Ysoral .:Luxe Set Rings Nemesis:.
DeeTaleZ Merry in Mediterra
Shape ~ mine