Guess it was a rough year for Diners in SL ~ this wreck of what might have been once a hot spot now sits abandoned and makes me curious to why. Was the food bad, or the service crummy, or all-around disgusting atmosphere? Maybe the owner had enough and just boarded it all up and walked away to start a different lifestyle.  Might just be me trying to make something so innocent into a curiosity that drives me to fantasize.  Looking closer I see into the past a hustling diner filled with lively customers that hmm a cook named Mel yelling at the waitress Flo that the food is getting cold and for her to stop flirting.  Customers chuckle as Flo turns to Mel to speak while popping her wad of gum in her mouth “kiss my grits Mel”…

BMade diner
Available in 2 colors green or red with a LI of 20
that does come with the EASY Rest-Inn sign at
Flourish Great price of only 90L and the event lasts till Oct 4th

Published by Starr

A long-time resident of Second Life ~ with the love of writing and taking pics and a lot of rambling about this and that

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