Am back…

Well, let me say I have been back in SL for months.  A debate was going on in my head whether to start blogging again as you can see yup am back.  Being back I have noticed there truly are some spectacular morons out there that have nothing better to do than be mean.  Oh for shame that if you are not wearing a specific head, or body you are just probably basic.  Yes, I will be losing sleep over those comments…NOT.  I like my basic head and body and actually who cares.  Yet it does seem some are that critical of what head and body they get their jollies on attacking you.  Again it comes down to your choice in SL what you want to wear.  It is like those females that have boobs that look like you could pop them like a balloon, or thighs that could squeeze you to death.  Those to me give me chuckles when am wandering around SL.  After 10 years here, I should not be shocked by the mean ones ~ they will never go away and are ever diligent in praying on those that do not conform to their standards.  Till next time just be nice life is too short  ♥

Backdrop Cove

(r)M Hair No.67’19
**RE** Luxy Rings
*B.D.R.* Flora Boots
[LsR] Susie Dress
IKON Odyssey- Field
MaitreyaMesh Body Lara V4
Vibing-Lydia Necklace
ChopZuey-Willow Love- Engagment/Wedding Ring
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Not Found Laura


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A long-time resident of Second Life ~ with the love of writing and taking pics and a lot of rambling about this and that

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