The Balcony…


I love balconies. Trying to remember the first time I step out on to one and looked out smiling. Feeling that breeze from the ocean on my face and just loving being able to see the panorama view. If you get a chance to get a hotel room in New Orleans make sure you have one with a balcony facing Bourbon Street ~ you will not be disappointed even if it is not Mardi Gras.  Balconies can be so romantic as the scene from Romeo & Juliet where Juliet looks out and speaks “‘O Romeo, Romeo! {W}herefore art thou Romeo?”  I also love discovering new places that make Backdrops like CEBO Buildings. This balcony is one of their creations, which is more than just a backdrop as anyone can set a pose up on the balcony.  A lot of their backdrops come with poses that you can or cannot use.  Make sure you check out their Inworld store and Marketplace.  Oh, gotta leave Hubby is yelling down *giggling* he is wanting to go dancing since am dressed up…toodles ♥♥

Pose Foxcity Chill#1 ~
Prop ~ CEBO ~ Balcony

Shoes **Dirty Princess** Diamonds Forever Princess
American Beauty ‘O’ Diamond Necklace
CATWA Catya v4.0
**Sexy Princess**Elodie Gown
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Field
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
ChopZuey Willow Love – Womens Wedding Band
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Not Found Laura

Wasn’t Meant to…


The year was 1969 and Brutus, Dena and myself were on our way to becoming famous at least that is what our intentions were.  Except we had one small problem and that was our truck broke down.  Dena scrambled around fixing up that sign and the 3 of us stood on the side of the road praying we would catch a ride to make it in time.  The situation was we were going to get a chance at jumping up on stage as a backup trio if we could get there before the major singers arrived.  Just being there to hear the late Janis Joplin, or the sounds of the now-famous Carlos Santana would have been fantastic.  The road to Woodstock was one huge traffic jam of over 10 miles and it seemed we were at the back of it.  Did we ever make it to Woodstock ummm nope never did was all just one big fantasy in our mind back in 1969 ♥♥

Thanks to Brutus and Dena for helping with this ~ as always that is what your Bestie and Hubby do when you ask for what starts out as a group pic but ends up being much more…

The pose is *CS* Anywhere by ComeSoonPoses
Truck used is 67 Colorado by Cindy Henusaki Custom Cars

Am I…

Am I?

Oh, I am sure so many have asked this to themselves as they look in their SL mirrors ~ “Am I…” fill in the blank like am I pretty enough, am I funny, and the answers could go on and on.  Please remember this is your SL and what in my opinion counts is personality, and not being either a moron or an azzhole.  There are enough of those in RL ~ Sure you can look amazing, you can look drop-dead gorgeous and once you open your mouth you could be the biggest bitch anyone has seen that no one wants to be around you.  Wonder about why is it so hard to be kind in SL ~ saying hello to someone on your friends’ list, asking them sincerely how are they and listen to them.  Personally, I do not collect friends just to have friends ~ it’s like those on Facebook that have 1,000+ and probably know a quarter of them and I ask why?  Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there and also tell you that I did make a new friend who I just had to compliment her on her Flickr images.  One of the owners of Upside Down Poses Tintin Tuxing has some amazing images plus they also have an area outside their store you can take some pics *where the above image was taken.  Always love finding new pose stores and area that allow you to rez items after you join the group ♥  Check out their stores as they do have some unique poses and hey they didn’t even pay me to say this hehehehe ♥♥

Location Upside Down Poses
Pose Wetcat Kaelyn #1

CATWA Catya v4.0
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Field
Maitreya Mesh Body- Lara V4.1
Moon. Hair. Chelsea Dagger
ChopZuey Willow Love-Womens Wedding Band
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Skin Not Found-Laura
Shape – Mine

Thing 1,2,3

Thing 1,2,3

Oh, what a great day it is! For those that work, it is TGIF and moi it is another day but Friday has some great stuff. Love finding bargains and if you get the FiftyLinden List there is some stuff you just don’t wanna miss. Like the Capri jeans from Blueberry. Another note is the event Twe12ve is taking place where you can pick up these really fun hoodies for under 100L. What I absolutely love about them is they come with a HUD with Peanut Butter/Jelly, Ketchup/Mustard, Good Witch/Bad Witch, Thelma/Louise, and the one bestie Dena and I are wearing Thing 1/Thing 2 ~ love love it…Also one of my favorite landscape creators who might be related LOL or probably not Cica Ghost created a new sim called “Silly”. If you are aware I did a blog post a while back featuring her sim that was hand-drawn with different cats and stuff. Blows my creative mind how first you create something like this and bring it in not losing the hand-drawn aspect to it. Credits will be below as well as the LM’s to the various places. Appreciate Dena letting me do a blog post with her and for that, I got my very own Thing 2 sweatshirt. Seriously it is adorable ♥  One last little tidbit this weekend is Midnight Monthly Madness as last month they were on a break.  Yes, I will be scrambling around with all the others hitting the stores as quickly as possible since there is a limit to items available.  Check this OUT to see all the great gifts the designers have for members this month.  Okay, think I mentioned everything I wanted to let you in on for today.  BTW I sincerely thank those that have started again reading my blog posts.  I have to admit that I did miss blogging and not for reasons with clothes or free stuff but to work on my skills as a blogger, writer, and photographer.  Hugzz and life is too short not to be kind to everyone ♥

Landmarks for Twe12ve, Nerdy Girl, Silly, and Blueberry

Blueberry – FLF 9/13 – Capri Jeans –
CATWA HEAD Catya v4.0
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Field
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
NG – Cropped Hoodies Maitreya
smesh ~ Gabby Sandal
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Womens Wedding Band
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Skin- Not Found – Laura

TruthHair ~ Honey
DeetaleZ Skin -Bella
Scandalize Shoes – Emeli



Whew am tired of shopping hehe can you believe that? There are events after events, back to back ones, weekly ones, semi-monthly ones and it is exhausting plus expensive to try and go to all of them.  The facts are events are so over-saturated in SL  Just in my opinion the events should be special yet more and more events are being created that for me it is like when does it stop.  At least some are still once a year that you look forward to like the Hair Fair or the Pose Fair.  Am not trying to be harsh yet are these creators of events looking at the traffic as some barely register any residents at any given time when it was exciting to have to wait for days maybe weeks to get into events.  From events, the designers have to be a little crazy trying to create unique stuff for all the events they are in and then you are again over-saturated with same ole same.  Maybe colors might be a little different but have noticed designers creating almost the same exact shirt or skirt and for me am looking at the pro’s & cons of who to go with.  Will it fit my body, is it affordable and is it unique.  The affordability is big with me at least when it comes to clothes.  Just my opinion ~ what do you think about all the events?  Let me know ♥

Backdrop w/Pose “Ladies CandyStore” by CEBO
CATWA HEAD Catya v4.0</i?
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Field
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Pseudo- Hembro Blouse Black
Pseudo- Sonlu Skirt Gray
ChopZuey Willow Love-Womens Wedding/Engagement Band
[monso] My Hair-Susanne
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Skin Not FoundLaura



Guess it was a rough year for Diners in SL ~ this wreck of what might have been once a hot spot now sits abandoned and makes me curious to why. Was the food bad, or the service crummy, or all-around disgusting atmosphere? Maybe the owner had enough and just boarded it all up and walked away to start a different lifestyle.  Might just be me trying to make something so innocent into a curiosity that drives me to fantasize.  Looking closer I see into the past a hustling diner filled with lively customers that hmm a cook named Mel yelling at the waitress Flo that the food is getting cold and for her to stop flirting.  Customers chuckle as Flo turns to Mel to speak while popping her wad of gum in her mouth “kiss my grits Mel”…

BMade diner
Available in 2 colors green or red with a LI of 20
that does come with the EASY Rest-Inn sign at
Flourish Great price of only 90L and the event lasts till Oct 4th



Yes, take a look,  I am not wearing my usual blonde look. For me, it is a step out of my comfort zone and wanted to try a different look ~ guess am trying to give myself a little more choices as to how I look in SL.  This outfit from Beautiful, Dirty Rich *B.D.R.* that is now out at Whore Couture Event screamed go darker so I went darker.  Good thing it is SL as most know to change hair color in RL is a process not to mention the cost yet in SL it’s like poof you’re a Redhead, poof you are now Brunette and the list goes on.  Another reason that I love SL as you do not have to follow any rules as to how you should look and forget those that judge you because you are not wearing the most expensive skin, clothes or whatever.  I will say it over and over till it sinks in if you are not being an azzhole and hurting someone WHO CARES what body, what skin you have on.  Gawd it really irks me when I hear comments oh you are so basic.  Am like what is it to you except for the purpose of being a “mean” girl or to intimidate you thinking you are less than or better than them.  That is my rant for the day ~ but this cute sexy outfit by *B.D.R.* has a great Hud so you can change the color of everything you see I have on with the exception of my hair.  This outfit includes a bra that I chose not to wear just to make it a little sexier.  Good fit for my shape and body but please as with anything I would try on a demo just to be sure.  Credits and location are below.  Please remember life is just too short not to be kind to one another.  hugzzz ♥

Whore Couture Fair

*B.D.R.* Teacher’s Pet Heels w/ Stockings
*B.D.R.* Teacher’s Pet Shirt
*B.D.R.* Teacher’s Pet Tie
*B.D.R.* Teacher’s Pet Skirt
Sintiklia Bangs
CATWA HEAD Catya v4.0
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Field
Maitreya Mesh Body-Lara V4.1
[RA] Jessica Hair
Skin-Not Found-Laura




Fall is my favorite season ~ the temps get cooler yet not that cold that you need to drag on those heavy winter coats.  Air seems cleaner and crisper that you just want to take in a deep breath.  It is the time to put on those gorgeous cardigans over your summer tanks to get a nice look, it is the time to look forward to snuggling under blankets again and opening windows.  It is also time to put away those summer clothes unless you live where the temps always stay warmer or you could be from down under where you are just coming out of winter.  Am I glad to be saying bye to summer OMG you bet I am? The older I get the worse the heat affects me.  At least in SL I never feel the immense heat or the intense cold and for me, that is a great thing ~ don’t you agree?

(Yummy) Guardian Charms Necklace
**RE** Luxy Rings
CATWA Catya v4.0
DE.Boutique Girls like you Dress
DE.Boutique Zara Heels
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Field
Maitreya Mesh Body-Lara V4.1
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Engagment/Wedding Ring
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Skin-Not Found -Laura

Ikon Chocolate
*dafnis– Lace Up Skirt
*dafnis -CBB118
::ROC:: Lace Up Thigh High Boots

Am back…

Well, let me say I have been back in SL for months.  A debate was going on in my head whether to start blogging again as you can see yup am back.  Being back I have noticed there truly are some spectacular morons out there that have nothing better to do than be mean.  Oh for shame that if you are not wearing a specific head, or body you are just probably basic.  Yes, I will be losing sleep over those comments…NOT.  I like my basic head and body and actually who cares.  Yet it does seem some are that critical of what head and body they get their jollies on attacking you.  Again it comes down to your choice in SL what you want to wear.  It is like those females that have boobs that look like you could pop them like a balloon, or thighs that could squeeze you to death.  Those to me give me chuckles when am wandering around SL.  After 10 years here, I should not be shocked by the mean ones ~ they will never go away and are ever diligent in praying on those that do not conform to their standards.  Till next time just be nice life is too short  ♥

Backdrop Cove

(r)M Hair No.67’19
**RE** Luxy Rings
*B.D.R.* Flora Boots
[LsR] Susie Dress
IKON Odyssey- Field
MaitreyaMesh Body Lara V4
Vibing-Lydia Necklace
ChopZuey-Willow Love- Engagment/Wedding Ring
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Not Found Laura