newest makeup…

Looking Marvelous

Dena and I love trying on the latest lippy and eye makeup… eye makeup can enhance those baby blues, make your brown eyes stand out ~ we are both wearing StunnerOriginals ~ Melody ~ it is a mini pack that is made up of blue and purple…exclusive to the TWE12VE event…Our lippy is by GO Makeup Cherie #4 ~ there are 6 different lip colors to choose from ~ GO Makeup is also at TWE12VE ~ Dena and I hope you will take a trip to TWE12VE to look around, try on demos and possibly find something that you would like to purchase ~ as a lot of events some designers price lower then when it goes into the store the price will go up just saying…a little shorter post than normal but to round it out am gonna give you some did ya know stuff *ENJOY

Did you know 8% of people have an extra rib
Did you know rabbits like licorice *yummm
Did you know honey never spoils
Did you know camels milk does not curdle
Did you know the king of hearts is the only one without a mustache
Did you know a cats urine glows under a blacklight

Shot at my home using Frozzen by V.D. *past gift*

Dena and I both are wearing~Catwa/Catya head, Maitreya Body, her skin is by Deetalez, mine is from Pumec…

Thank you to TWE12VE for giving Dena and myself the opportunity to blog their items, to all my readers and followers and to my Bestie Dena and hubby Brutus for always supporting my blog ~ hugzzz ♥♥♥

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