Gifts galore…

As you see me in the above image everything am wearing is FREE ~ oh yes, top to bottom and it is all from the Linden’s Shop & Hop event, where over 100 Designer stores have graciously put out a gift for everyone to grab…will give you a closer look at my face and that gorgeous clock from Fancy Decor ~

Course there are exceptions as the skin am wearing is not free nor my eyes but yes the hair is from bonbon that has a variety of colors for you along with you can also change the color of the little candies too…the winter blush is from MICHAN, which I did not tone it down so you could see exactly how it looks on ~ makes you look like you just came in from the cold as you stand by the fire to warm up…did you see the cute stars am wearing on my ears as they are from NamiiChu also coming with a hud plus you get your choice of either wearing animated or not since they do twinkle…that gorgeous necklace from [Cynful] is just the right necklace to set off the sweater dress from Blueberry…oh yes you heard right that Blueberry is participating with the free gifts as well ~ that is why I just love this event as each designer really goes overboard with their gifts♥  To my left is the gift from Fancy Decor that is a silver Carriage Clock that I will admit to you that I did modify it a tad so you could just see how beautiful it is…lastly are the overtheknee boots from Hucci that yes are a gift as well♥ Now can you see why I love when Linden puts on these events ~ the number of gifts are overwhelming yet you will never hear me complain about too many of them hehehe…also if I forgot to mention if you are still looking for more gifts you should TP over to the +++Versus+++ Event  as they have also a lot of gifts that I will be giving you a peek at ♥ with Versus you will have to join the group and the group fee is only 50L and the amount of quality gifts is way beyond that…there you are 2 events with gifts galore that am still opening boxes and sorting inventory out ~ till next time remember to be kind to yourself ♥♥ hugzz

shot inside my home using Bauhaus Movement ~ Cosplay that is also a Shop&Hop gift…

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
::HH:: Hucci Rehovot Boots – CandyCane Shop&HopGift
Blueberry – Sweater Dress – Loose Fit Shop&HopGift
bonbon – bon hair Shop&HopGift
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
NamiiChu ~ Silver Twinklies Shop&HopGift
Chop Zuey ~Willow Love – Engagement Ring – 
[Cynful] Fluff Necklace – Shop&HopGift

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