magic at OZ…

Sunday was the first time I was able to travel to Oz Noir ~ yes you heard me right when I say I traveled to Oz ~ it is the name of a nightclub within Calas except Ty & Truck have worked their magic transforming Oz into a perfect negative hence the name OZ Noir ~

Oz Noir

when you arrive the magic begins ~the long staircase leading up to the entrance where you are transported back into the 1940’s era ~ an era of elegance, posh and where you saw men in black ties and tails, woman in very fancy gowns and head pieces ~ looking around on the stage we were gifted with the live music of Zachh Cale ~

Zachh singing  live

Everyone was requested to wear only black or white and even Zachh looked the part as well ~ you must and yes must try to hear him perform live as his voice is just magnificent ~ he got huge kudo’s for me singing a song from my all time movie and it is not one of Elvis’s ~ The Wizard of Oz has been my favorite movie since I first watched it when I was just a wee child hehehe ~ anytime this movie came on I watched even when I was working as a bartender had the entire bar watching *true story*  ~ the song is “Over the Rainbow” and when Zachh sang I got tears and goosebumps ~ then the MAGIC happened as our eyes were drawn to the huge mural ~


Before the mural was just like the others but the more he sang the colors started emerging was so magical you could hear the audience start ooohing and aaahing and calling out “its magic”, “its fantastic” and “how did that happen”…You had to be there in that moment to see the magic as Zachh did that song proud ~ Wednesday is the last night for OZ Noir and then it is whisked away and the normal Oz comes back in all its splendor too ♥  the nightclub is based on OZ with portraits of Glenda and the wicked witch ~ the magic still remains as a very elegant and classic nightclub ♥  where the entertainers are singing live and the dress attire is always formal ~ giving everyone a chance to really dress to the nines…if you cannot make it for that last performance at OZ Noir just take this RIDE so you can see this amazing nightclub that Ty & Truck have created ~ you will not be disappointed♥♥ Enjoy  ~ Calas is a combination of 10 Sims created by 2 of the nicest guys Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith ~ want to know more please check out this LINK to their website ~            ENJOY

3 thoughts on “magic at OZ…

    1. I understand that as am on 3 hours later than SL time that is why they try for Sunday afternoons that you could make and it is also my fave ♥ thanks Moz


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