Yes that is my question and will possibly answer it with my own thoughts ~ have been in SL for over 9 years ~ seen a lot of changes some of it very good and some recently that is not so good ~ those that know me as a friend understand my need to speak up ~ is this a form of bullying that someone buys some stuff but cannot share it with whoever? Was there rules governing the limit on who and what you can share with others even if you bought and paid for it? If there was or is am not aware of it and why now what has changed ~ oh we all know the hot rather sticky topic that am talking about and I will not name names but am wondering why just one person ~ there are other places and sims that do not choose to ask for fees to use their stuff ~ possibly they are asking to join a group at zero cost do they get harassed or  bullied or intimidated to feel like what they did is a sin?  Actually no they don’t and does that mean those individuals who go to those places should wear a Red letter on their chest because they possibly some think so ~ WHY? As a blogger I have possibly a huge collection of backdrops along with various photo studios that I let friends come and use is this shame on me? Have won several in gacha events and have purchased all so am not sure why jump on this bandwagon of anti sharing now ~ what about all the photo studio’s out there that are placed at various locations that are FREE to use with poses from different creators should they be griefed and bullied, or posemakers that place scenes/backdrops  out for whoever should they be taunted and bullied because they are sharing something  that they paid for from other creators ~ why now is this an issue ~ sighs sadly if the creators of these items would rather not have them shared possibly make them only useful to the owner an no one else ~ oh everyone will have their own voice in this, their own thoughts as this is mine ~ possibly my back is against the wall like the image below

Speaking out 

One last comment on this let’s be a little kinder to others when there is no malicious intent as more people should ask why now? Comments are more than welcome ~ insults are not ♥

5 thoughts on “Why…

  1. Ah, some sense at last. Once you have bought a product then it’s yours to do with as you wish. I could understand the feeling that if said person was charging to use said products then it would be questionable but given free of charge and then moaned about doesn’t make sense to me. If pressure were applied in this way to everything that was bought, then there would be no secondary gacha market either. And bloggers wouldn’t be able to make up scenes with products and get ‘likes’ and kudos for their pictures, it’s just stupid. Some designers are also ‘advising’ their bloggers that they are not to use said products and will be looked upon unfairly if they do.

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    1. Some designers hmmm am only thinking of one designer and that is her right but like it all comes down to Karma careful what you say as this designer is finding out the hard way bloggers are not happy about the temper tantrum being thrown

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