Outdoor Cuddling…

Hey everyone I am baaack ~ a very laid back trip for me spending lot of time reading and doing a little sightseeing ~ was so nice just unplug and enjoy myself completely ~ plus I saved a gopher tortoise from being possibly squashed on a busy road ~ and we are not talking about a small box turtle this was big and slightly heavy to pick up and move across the road, which was an experience and sadly no pics because I didn’t have time to yell at my gf to take pics *giggling* anyway its back to blogging and Vic from Nerenzo sent hubby and me this gorgeous Snuggle blanket and fireplace ~ wanted to really do something different and set it outside among the trees and snow ~

Snuggle Blanket & Fireplace by Nerenzo 

Love the different textures that you have the ability to change as well single and couple poses that range from nice to naughty…

One of the many single poses 

I was lucky Sten came in and dragged him over so I could show off a nice couple pose along with giving him a very long “I missed you” kiss ~

One of the couple poses 

The quality of this I give it 5 stars along with truly love the selection of poses and the ability to change the textures ~ thanks to Vic owner/creator of Nerenzo for this which,  is available at the MAIN store and on MARKETPLACE ~ priced reasonably as well ….

Credits again to Vic owner/creator of Nerenzo for giving us the opportunity to show off one of his creations ~ plus I wanted to give a huge shout out to someone that I just recently dealt with ~ Keira Blackthorne owner/creator of Celtic Mystic Jewelry where hubby got our wedding rings 2 years ago that were actually made for the right hand but I really wanted to wear them on my left so I contacted her and she responded so quickly asking a couple simple questions and sent my ring and poof it was returned almost before I could finish a sentence on this blog ~ that is true customer service and just had to rave about it ~ as I absolutely love my ring would not trade it for anything ~ please check her out as well on MARKETPLACE & INWORLD along with NERENZO…hugzz and stick around as I do have so much to catch up showing you…till next time be good to yourselves and others ♥♥

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