All that glitters…

There is a well known saying “all that glitters is not gold” welp that does not apply here especially at the Winter Bazaar ~ nope because with what I am gonna be showing off it is definitely glittering ~ for those gacha addicts pulllease write this name down Oak & Thorn because what they are offering you will not be upset no matter what you win ~ ok ok I will let you see what I mean

You really will need to go see these items because the pics alone do not do justice to this absolutely stunning set ~ from the 3 Christmas cards on the mantle of that gorgeous fireplace that has gold running thru it ~ the stockings, the wall sconces and that divine wreath that could be kept all year round ~

Gacha items from Oak & Thorn 

Are they not uber gorgeous ~ ooh yes forgot to mention the reindeer candles  and the star ~ the entire set is just something that will be kept for year after year as the detail is just fabulous ~

All That Glitters by Oak & Thorn

Truly my images cannot justify how gorgeous this is without a lot of lighting changes and possibly a little pop using PS but when you see this in person or the lucky winners you will absolutely love all of them ~ at 50L a pull I honestly believe you will enjoy whatever prize you receive ~

Gacha Key 

Just a reminder this Winter Bazaar will start on December 1 and since I will be away for the first part of December as am going to be traveling please look at Seraphim for the LM’s ~

Credits go to Oak & Thorn for giving me the opportunity to show off these truly gorgeous items ~ thank you to Kennedy St James creator/owner ~ also again I do have to thank bestie Dena for her always helping me out when I need it ~ if I can will try to post again before I leave but if not will see you back right here in little over 2 weeks ~ am off to enjoy the sunny climate of Florida ~ ♥

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