Started out so…

The day started out as a gorgeous warm fall day making me think of Indian Summer as the sun heated up I changed into my latest from Black Rose Designs named Quinn ~ strolled along the water just enjoying the view when I looked up and saw this cute rowboat something that is my speed ~ no one was around and really did not think anyone would mind sooo…

Enjoying the Indian Summer Day

My feet skimming the water and just relaxing with the sun warming up my skin nicely that made me grateful I chose this outfit ~ smiling to know this is one of the outfits that will be at Rock Your Rack for the next 2 weeks supporting the National Breast Cancer…As I do look out there is this small little island that for me is an easy row ~ even though I really have not been rowing in eons it is not that hard ~ settled in I looked at where I would be going and set off…

Island of Neive

Rowing out only took a few moments and realized how out of shape I truly was ~ woah my arms felt like jelly and was glad to get off the boat not thinking of anything but that soft grass and those pillows I spied…

Showing off outfit by Black Rose Designs “Quinn”

Standing up so I can truly show off this outfit ~ loving the beaded tassels that hang down that I should show you what the back looks like

Back view

Good thing my camera went a little soft so you do not see the beads of sweat from all that rowing but you can see the designer carried the beaded tassels all the way around and the string that wraps around the waist ~ what is also nice is the Hud the designer gives for make all these glorious changes ~ There are 2 huds for top and skirt and the top gives you a multitude of choices from solids to patterns ~ bead color as well as tassle color same for the skirt you can really change the look ~


Giving you a closer front look as I now see the rowboat has drifted from the bank as looks like this will end in me getting soaked so I will leave you now but at least you will have my TAXI to take you to the event ~ from shopping, art, music and lot more to enjoy the 2 weeks will go fast so make plans to hop over there soon and check everything out …peace out♥

Credits go to Black Rose Designs for giving me the opportunity to blog this item for Rock Your Rack…

Am Wearing:
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
MINA Hair – Yenna
*YS&YS Catwa Skin & Shape Illy

Shot on location of Neive using poses from LumiPro2017

Some tips & stuff…

Am baacckkk… yup that was super quick wasn’t it ~ just have so much to show & tell you that instead of super long blog posts where you are reading and reading why not just make them a tad shorter ~ plus keeps your attention right…LOL dunno maybe it just sounded good ~ First let me get this tip to you that am like FLOORED to learn about ~ it is friggen fantastic and thank you to Kay Weston for turning me on to this tip ~ yeah ok lets get to that part ~ let me say not sure this will work on other Heads but it works simply amazing on Catwa Main Hud ~ here we go ~ at times you just get all rushed and stuff doing whatever and you forget what skin applier you have on ~ for me that is almost a daily thing LOL ~ welp here is the trick ~ first open your Main Catwa Hud ~ go to the skin tab and the next part is easy peasy ~ now I use just the lightest skin color box for this and all you gotta do is hit save ~ nothing more, nothing less ~ let me show you

Saving Skin Applier 

Can you see the first box where it is no longer a color but the name of the skin am wearing ~ now if I do switch Catwa appliers I can save it using another color box and the cool thing is after you save it say ~ now I have 3 skin appliers for my Head ~ I can just click back on the first one and tada am now wearing that skin applier ~ for me probably this is fantastic when I blog and not for saving I will before anything just click on that color box and it will tell me what skin applier I have on instead of trying to remember to write it down this is easy peasy…GREAT tip right…STill being new to Mesh heads am learning lotz more about first being able to change my look especially my lips, which for me am picky picky but I thought this would not be possible with my Catwa head how WRONG I was as I can show you

Quick Selfie

Now my lips did not look like that with the shape I have on or the Catwa Skin Applier but I took liberty and found out you could still change your lips as well ~ maybe you rather not but am just saying if you want you can even with the Mesh Heads…Along with if you wear the Catwa Bento Brow Shape you can also edit your brows ~ before you do I would save your shape so if you are like me and go crazy with the brow arch or whatever you can go back to the shape before without having to start all over ~ yes sadly I do learn stuff the hard way LOL ~ That is it for the tips and just one teeny thing left ~ tomorrow is the last day voting for the Bloggie Awards ~ if there is a blogger that you nominated and haven’t voted yet here is the Link ~ this is not self promotion as there are some truly great bloggers & vloggers that deserve awards ~ for myself I am so honored that I just was nominated and very surprised at some of the categories ~ anyway to those that did nominate me I sincerely thank you with all my heart as it truly means more than I could ever express…There are those that really helped me and gave me advice when I really got serious about blogging ~ So that is it for the moment ~ my wish is that I helped a little with some of the tips ~ if you have one and would like to share please please drop me an NC or send me an IM inworld ~ hugzz go out to all and please be good to yourself and kind to others as life is just too short not to ~ peace out ♥

All about Trikes…

Am jumping down on this ~ giggling and truly beside myself ~ KraftWork has the cutest, adorable item for Famished ~ seriously and will be available ONLY there till the event is over ~ oooh you wanna know what it is welp with the help of my wittle cuties Sariel we will show you…

Sariel & Myself 

Yes you are looking at Trikes ~ giggling are they not cute ~ and yes they are rideable, they come with this hud that not only changes colors of the bike but also you can change the flag too ~

Hud for all Trikes 

I know everyone will want one of these trikes as for me I can finally ride on something that am not driving into the water or crashing into the side of a mountain ~ my driving skills truly are horrible but this OMG I absolutely love love it

Childrens, Decor only and Adult 

Am sure even if you are an Adult that you could hop on the child size one and ride around ~ there is adjustments for the seat ~ now my little friend Sariel will have to grow just a tiny bit more but no pedals just start going forward and off you go ~ the very tiny one in the middle *red* is decor only ~ yes it is that tiny that you could set on a shelf, mantle to display it proudly ~ and yes you can change all 3 with their separate huds…

Sariel Phaeton enjoying the Trike

Famished does not open till October 1st but hey gotta be prepared and this is one am sure you will find fun and your friends will as well ~ I know hubby and myself raced around our sim along with Dena today just having a blast with these ~ come on you know it reminds you of the good times growing up with possibly a favorite memory…So here is my TAXI that won’t work till Oct 1st ~ stick around I have lotz and lotz more to show and tell you about this great TIP my friend Kay Weston told me about…

Credits go to several people first to Sariel & Sangi Phaeton for taking time to answer my quest for a child ~ that helped me out major ~ thank you both!!!  To KraftWork that has given me the honor of blogging their items ~ thank you ~ finally to my readers, supporters and those that send all those nice comments on here and my Flickr it means more than words could tell you but it is always so appreciated…thank you ♥♥♥

Rock Your Rack..

Tomorrow RYR will be open to the public and let me tell you I got to take a peek at the SIM and am like WHOA ~ first I love the layout as it is not all crammed in ~ that gives 5 ***** from me and the entire sim is just immense ~ when you first land as the image below will show you there is signage pointing the way for various things…

Landing Point Signage

From the Art Show that has some of THE best artists in SL displaying their work, Silent Auction that has some great items for you to bid on, Music Venues that will have dance parties, live music, fantastic DJ’s ~ get tired from all the shopping there are areas that you can just completely sit and relax while looking out at the ocean watching the waves..

Just 1 of the Music Area’s 

Remember this is SL, nothing will be shut down there will be events ongoing and if you want more details on this please click HERE ~ there you will find the schedule for the Entertainment, Hunt info, and various other stuff that you might want to find out…

Helicopter Ride

Now am not one for extravagant ways to travel but hey you just never know who might be stepping out of that ~

Partial Overview of the Sim 

Yes this is just a partial overview to tease you and tempt you to come and explore, listen to some great bands, dj’s, attend a fashion show, look at all the great designers items that so many have donated 100% of the proceeds going directly to benefit National Breast Cancer Foundation ~

Rock Your Rack 2017 Official AD
Please Join us 

This truly is an fantastic event that is one am honored to be an official blogger and the past days I have given you looks to what some of the designers are offering ~ there are more to come ~ as the Designers are over totally over 50 that each one is also participating in the 10L hunt ~ again some great items that cost you 10L what a bargain right…Here is your TAXI to the event just remember TOMORROW it will be open ~ enjoy and again just remember EARLY DETECTION SAVE LIVES...hugzz ♥♥

ModelsGivingBackNEW HQ

NBCF Foundation


Guess what…

Yes guess what time it is again ~ O M G it is time for Calas to open up their Halloween Sim and this year it is out of this world LITERALLY !  Ty and Truck have done an amazing job on this years theme “Dark Moon” now I rushed over there because as a group VIP member it is not open to the public ~ group fee is ZERO it is free to join and if you ever ever attended any of their past Halloween events you know they put their heart and soul into it and this year is no exception ~ AMAZING and I just took a little peek so I could tease you ~ giggling first let me give you some tips and stuff to make this an enjoyable time when you visit ~ Please please make sure your scripts are under 100 or you will be sent home ~ Ty and Truck have done an amazing job keeping it really lag free ~ lets help them keep it that way and am only showing you a very very small peek into this Sim ~ there is LOTZ to see, to explore and enjoy for the entire month starting Oct 1st it will be open to the public…

For the best possible experience please accept our Region Windlight Setting. You will also need to have PREFERENCES/GRAPHICS/ADVANCED LIGHTING MODEL and Sounds and Music turned on. Truck has created another awesome Music stream for a more immersive experience which will be playing except during our live music performances. NOTE: This build is a dark one, so it is a good idea to view it when you can draw the curtains and have it as dark as possible in your room when you log on 🙂 We’ve left a flashlight for you near the Entrance. 

Let me introduce you to the owners/creators of Calas Ty & Truck 

Ty is on the left and Truck on the right ~ you can see they truly get into the spirit of this as so many others that also visited this sim…As a friend of theirs for many years I truly applaud their creativity ~ for each of you I do hope that while you are there visiting as Calas is basically supported by visitors and group members you might drop a couple of Lindens in the most unusual donation aliens ~ laughing just wait and see LOL

Intro Sign you will see when arriving 

As they said this is a very dark based sim in more than ways you can believe ~ ever wondered what the Dark Side of the Moon is all about well let your imagination take hold and find out ~ shuddering what I have seen it is creepy, its umm dark and remember to turn on the music as Truck always provides the greatest sounds to listen to while doing this…

Ut oh 

Looking down that long corridor and around on the floor I am seeing blood spots, dropped lights and this eerie feeling again that I am being watched ~ cripes what is up with this lately ~ hmmmm

First Goal

Make it to the Portal but this ship is huge with a lot to explore so take your time, walk around, peek in where you dare ~ that is the first level ~ gulps now I gotta go through this and onto level 2 ~

Level Two ~ Moon Surface 

Level Two: The moon’s surface. Both the DARK MOON SHUTTLE TOUR & the CAVERN ENTRANCE can be found there. Arrows will help point the way. There is no Portal at this level, but the way to the next level is clear. This is so immense as I was overwhelmed just looking and almost falling to craters ~ Until you do this I can only say WOW!!!

Shuttle Guide the one on the right LOL

Whew at least he is one of the friendlies that you will meet on this journey to the Dark Moon ~ yes that is a hint a huge hint about ummm what lies ahead ~ and I did met some fellow explorers as well who seem to be not of this world

Michael Delmar

Interesting characters but very friendly and cheerful along with being as excited as I am doing this ~ and I met couple more interesting explorer that I think needed to put on some weight *hehe*

Annastazia Delmar
Mr. Flux


This is where I will leave for the moment but hey i’m not through with this yet ~ as it does open up to the public on Sunday and any members of the Calas VIP group are welcome to come explore before then…I truly hope each of you will take time out of whatever you are doing either in the next couple days as it does finish up on Halloween then it is POOF gone for good and they make way for their Winter/Christmas sim…Please be respectful of others and keep your script count down ~ Alright I will leave you with my own Space Taxi to take you to DARK Moon…enjoy♥

Ready to hunt…

The countdown has begin for one of the Biggest Charity Events ~ Rock your Rack ~ starts on September 30th till October 14th ~

Rock Your Rack 2017 Official AD

There will be entertainment galore from dance parties, tribute shows, live singers that you seriously do not want to miss and besides shopping another of my favorite things “A Hunt” ~ no this is not a free one but for 10L you will be finding some really nice stuff ~ actually I have a peek at one of the items you will be hunting for ~ first let me show you what you need to look for ~ this wire hanger ~

Hunt Object

Most booths will have this hanging somewhere and inside will be your prize ~ now the one I will show you is from C!L Boutique ~ what I like about it you have 2 options ooops better let you see before I start explaining ~

Rocky Birdy Strapless Dress by C!L Boutique

It is fun and flirty little mini dress that something you can wear still in these fall days or if you are from down under this will be just the thing for you as the days warm up…but you can also add this feature

Bowtie and Straps

How ingenious right ~ giving it a little different look that just blends right in with the rest of the dress ~ love it ♥ ~ Gotta say from what I remember about finding those hangers it is nothing and I mean nothing like the Twisted Hunt ~ that hunt almost made me go blind LOL ~ and hey it is all for a great cause as you should know ~ to help support the National Breast Cancer Foundation ~ something that supports, educate and assists not just females as more and more men are being diagnosed with Breast Cancer ~ I can say this a thousand times “early detection saves lives” ~ check yourself at least once a month in the shower giving those girls a thorough exam ~ then if there is a hint of you finding a tiny tiny little something that was not there welp get your sexy self to a Doctor immediately for a mammogram and DO NOT I REPEAT do not put it off!!!!!  For more information about this event please click HERE ~ some great designers, fantastic entertainment and other goodies are planned ~ till next time please be good to yourself and kind to others as life is just too precious not to…hugzz ♥♥

Am Wearing:
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
:.C!L Mini Strapless Dress
*YS&YS Catwa Shape & Skin Illy

Shot at my Residence using Poses from LumiPro 2017 ~ Wishing Well is from Jian ~ 

Someone is stalking…

Lately I have felt these eyes on me but when I turn around all I feel is this chill shuddering through me ~ ever get that way?  Well today I think have found the source when I went up to my high in the sky platform to work on another gorgeous gown by C!L Boutique for the Rock Your Rack event ~ the gown is called Rocky Feathers Set with a very plunging necklace ~ another unique gown that something just unexplainable took place once I put it on ~ fog started swirling up, and and this gulp figure appeared beside me ~ I was so scared I could not speak and for me that is a whole lot of scared ~ good thing I have the pics to prove what I am telling you…. LOOKIE

Wearing Rocky Feathers Set by C!L Boutique 

Now do you see that creep ~ shuddering while I am standing here trying to take a nice pose all this happens and the whispers “I will be watching you” GAWD I could scream except who would believe me ~ no one was around and he is whispering let them see the feathers – they need to see ~ holy moly is he a ghost stylist or whaaat….

Showing off the Back 

His ghostly fingers touch my bare skin and goosebumps appear ~ but he whispers back once more “see very nice back” but I will agree how unique those feathers are up on the back of my neck ~ I gotta turn around because umm he is still staring at me ~ is it this dress or what?

Front close up view

I try to act nonchalant as let you see a closer view with the front feathers that sit right above my belly ~ this is one gorgeous and unique gown that is being sold at the Rock Your Rack event for that worthy worthy cause supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation ~ as we all know the only thing that saves lives is early detection and that means putting your girls in a mammogram ~ might feel uncomfortable but you just never know how many lives having one saved ~ there is hope today that being diagnosed with breast cancer is not a death sentence it once was ~ this yearly event raises not only awareness for Breast Cancer but so many designers give 100% of their proceeds directly to this organization ~ this is one gown each of you should have in your closet for those upcoming dances ~ whew the fog is now lifting and whoever he was has left…till next time be kind to yourself and others ~ life is too precious ♥

Credits go out to all the Designers, Organizers especially Jamee Sandalwood who has down an amazing tireless job putting this together ~ thank you so much for letting me be a part of this amazing event…hugzz

Am Wearing:

*YS&YS Illy Catwa Skin Applier
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
Gown feathers (Detail back neck) Rocky Feathers :.C!L.:
Gown feathers (Detail front belly) Rocky Feathers :.C!L.:
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Plunging Gown Maitreya Mesh Black :.C!L.:
*YS&YS* Catwa Shape ~ tweaked

Shot on my Platform in the Sky using poses from Sultry Series by Image Essentials and that Ghostly Backdrop courtesy of Something New ~ will tell you more about that in my future posts …


Stairway to…

Wondering where these stairs will take me ~ will there be a magical portal that I may escape into ~ either way I will be looking so chic and uber sexy…giggling ~ but oh yes this dress called Jenna that was designed and created by Love Lei Couture for the Rock Your Rack event ~ back to these stairs that I am holding on trying to maintain my balance in these killer boots ~ oh right you cannot see ummm let me give you a glimpse…

Wearing Jenna dress by Love Lei Couture

A fun and flirty dress with a plunging neckline really makes this a very sexy one too ~ and look at those boots with the laces leading your eyes all the way up your legs…very yummy that I am sure hubby will say KEEP IT ON…giggling ~

Back view of Eleanor Boots 

From the killer stiletto heels to the laces that are connected by that strap these are imaginably sexy you just have to admit ~ on top of that they come with this huge that you saw earlier can match the Jenna dress or possibly any other outfit you like ~ 25 different color choices truly makes that possible ~ And you did notice how the dress is cut to give you a very nice thigh look ~

Jenna in Black 

The ruffled hem is the final piece to this sexy dress that also has a great hud with 12 different color choices ~ how can you go wrong by scooping up this dress ~ no matter what season it is you are gonna be hawt wearing it!  This is just one of the items that Love Lei Couture is offering for RYR ~ please make sure you stop by and check the rest out as I gently remind you this is for a great great cause with so many of the proceeds going to benefit The National Breast Cancer Foundation ~ will be back with more items as they Designers put finishing touches on their booths to get it all sparkly and fantastic when the event opens up on the 30th…Need more information about this place click HERE

Rock Your Rack 2017 Official AD
Rock Your Rack 2017

Credits there are so many and all my supporters, followers and friends know exactly who they are and I thank you ~ to the Designers/Creators for this event I sincerely thank you for giving me this opportunity to show off your fabulous designs ♥♥

Am Wearing:

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
!:LL:! Eleanor Boots Maitreya
!:LL:! Jenna Dress Maitreya
::Exile::Full Of Grace
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* Catwa Shape tweaked
*YS&YS Illy Catwa Skin Applier

Shot on Location of Image Essentials using poses from Graceful Elegance series created by Kay Weston 


Have you ever…

Have you ever tried on a dress that you knew just knew this dress was YOU ~ when I slipped on this Dark Desire gown by Luxe Paris I was swept away – yes seriously something about this dress along with the name Dark Desire just put me on the steps of this mysterious castle waiting for umm well not sure but I can only guess it would be my tall, dark and very handsome husband to clamp his large hand around my wrist and…ooops sowwy am getting carried away by this dress ~ giggling so let me give you a peek ~

Dark Desire Gown by Luxe Paris

What makes this gown desirable to me is how the designer created that neck corset oh yes that is exactly what it is called and I love it ~ ok ok close up shot you will get ~ patience please …

Closer look at the neck corset 

Yes it goes all the way up to the neck and no slouching allowed wearing this ~ that stiff lace at the bottom then your eyes will follow down to that form fitting gown ~ can you see where am getting these dark fantasies ~ but look at from behind my parting shot and see how this truly is just one of those gowns…

Stunning View in a Stunning Gown 

See how it just molds to your body and no it does not make that bum look fat just only gorgeous and uber sexy ~ ooh you are interested in where is this stunning gown and my reply is that it will be at the Rock Your Rack event that starts on Sept 30th ~ This event is an annual event that supports The National Breast Cancer Foundation as we all know there is no known cure for Breast Cancer and what is saving lives is early detection ~ monies raised will possibly be a life saver giving someone in need a free mammogram ~ designers, creators are donating items that 100% or 50% of the proceeds go directly to this worthy foundation ~ please take a moment when you are taking a shower and give your girls a good exam just might save your life ~ thank you again for taking time to support my blog, follow me and send me such kind comments as each one truly makes me smile ~ hugzz ~ till next time be good to you and to others as life is too precious not to…peace out♥

Rock Your Rack 2017 Official AD

Credits ~ For those tireless designers/creators that are donating items for the silent auction, for the hunt and for those exclusive items that either all or a portion will be going directly to this great cause~ thank you♥ And to my Bestie Dena for always giving me some great suggestions  and just being there ~ love ya! 

Am Wearing:
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics (new)
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
LUXE Paris DARK DESIRE Gown Maitreya
LUXE Paris DARK DESIRE Neck Corset
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH / Apple
TRUTH / Apple / Whisps Rigged for Updo
*YS&YS* Catwa Shape tweaked
Blush by Zibska from past PowderPack
[Pout] Glitter bomb catwa makeup
*YS&YS Illy Catwa Skin applier

Shot on location of Something New Photo Land using Poses from Graceful Elegance by Image Essentials ~ 

New Stuff…

Hubby and I love to get our hands dirty working in our pumpkin garden but the thing is the cleanup of tools and hands without dragging everything inside the house ~ now because of KraftWorks newest item we can finally do our cleanup from behind the house ~ YAY us…its a great outdoor sink that seriously you get 2 versions ~ ok ok I know you wanna see without me chattering non stop…sheesh hubby says the same thing…

Hubby using our brand new sink by KraftWorks

He and I agree with the dual sinks we will not have to ummm have a discussion on who goes first ~ course it has running water as this is a working sink nothing decor about it ~ can’t you tell looking at it with the water running ~ those galvanized steel basins will last long time ~ ok so I umm shoved hubby aside so I could give you images without him but he kept saying his hands were still not clean hmmm maybe I need to put some soap bars that might help instead of just plain water  ~ hehehe

 Kalgoorlie Outdoor Sink

Oh yes did I mention the cute little signage saying “G day” and FYI for ya Kalgoorlie is after doing a little tiny bit of research a little town in Australia that started out during the Coolgardie gold rush and is also the ultimate destination of the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme ~ get it water = sink ~ Kalgoorlie…very ingenious ~ oh now you think it is more of a bargain if you get not just 1 but 2 choices of sinks…amazing right..

2nd sink with flowers 

This is the 2nd sink and can you see those pretty flowers peeking out of it ~ and yes the water runs in this one as well ~ this will have a bit more prims as the other is lower except if prims are not your concern you could use them both ~ even that great wash rag over the side just makes this great ~ Now where is this item welp it is now being featured at Cosmopolitan for a super bargain price under 100L ~ this really gave our backyard a little more ooomph if you know what I mean ~ ok ok again I will hush and here is your TAXI so you also can grab the latest from KraftWork…and if you are not a group member you should be as there are some great group gifts ~ alrighty I have so much to show you that please remember how much I sincerely appreciate you taking time to read, support and follow our blog ~ means a great deal ~ THANK YOU bunches♥