These Steps…

Taking a seat on these steps and for a moment contemplating life ~ as I get older it is nice to be able to look back on that journey and for myself kind of remarkable as am not gonna sit and tell you tales of woe…nope everyone has tales but someone once told me it is not the fall it is how you pull yourself back up and move on that matters ~ but sitting with one of my favorite stuffies along with cookies & milk and just thinking…

Deep in Thought

Am almost 9 years old in Second Life and it is like almost yesterday that I logged in to this “virtual platform” as me and so many others will tell you “it is NOT A GAME” a game has a set of rules, winners/losers and you know the participants ~ rules in Second LIFE *laughing loudly* not really because I can be a pilot, a race car driver, a model and no rules are telling this I cannot ~ Winners and Losers well that should be nice and mean people as with RL you have people that you just gravitate to because they are kind and sharing and then you come across some that well I will just say it that you would like to shake them hard and go “SERIOUSLY grow up” ~ Knowing the participants *giggling* welp Second Life you have a chance to meet perfect strangers from all walks of life ~ rich or poor, old or young as you just never know from day to day who you might bump into and that’s the thing…

What I think of mean people

Try a little kindness instead of whatever mood you are in or at least apologize if when you log that it might not be the best day ~ you might be in pain or had a crummy day but your friends won’t know unless you say something ~ Anyway that is it for me as these steps are a little hard on my bum and my cookies are almost gone ~ thanks again for taking time to read ~ be good to yourself and others ~ Peace out ♥


Usually I put where this is shot at and what pose at the bottom but hey maybe you dont wanna scroll that far sooooo am using Image EssentialsStep Poses” that are very versatile and they are made for Bento ~ The set contains 7 poses w/mirrors that you can find on Marketplace or Inworld  and I shot it at the Backdrop Area at the Inworld Store, where I gotta tell you if you have not checked that out you should ~ Kay is always adding more and more ~

C L A Vv. Hibernating Time Cookie and Chips
8f8 – Milk Bottles – GIFT
[i] Snumbo the White Elephant -christmas gift 2015
Addams // Chain Belt // Maitreya
Addams // Lixie Ripped Super Skinny Jean // Maitreya
Blueberry – Group Gift – Tank Top – Maitreya
Cae :: Balloon :: Necklace
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Pure Poison – Kuki Sneakers – Maitreya – Black
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya appliers

The Challenge

Are ya up for a challenge they said… do you think you can handle it they wondered… but like anything of course I said yes and why not?  Just like with anything sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone and amazing things will happen ~ Might not be what you thought it would be but as you look back on that adventure or a given challenge you see a part of you became stronger, you overcame something that you never thought was possible ~ course they won’t be easy like life it never is ~ things, obstacles are pushed in your way and either you just give up or you take that challenge and go for it ~ my challenge that I accepted was to do the “Rain Maze” at Image Essentials and see if I could succeed ~ also had to wear something to make a statement…now you be the judge *giggling…

Start of the Maize 

I think when they first told me honestly did not realize how much rain there would be ~ ok so I kind of had an ooops moment but hey my hair remains dry at least so far and I am wearing my latex boots so tootsies will stay dry but the rest ummm well glad the temps are where they are cuz I should of put on a rainsuit cuz this is not just rain this is get out the ARK rain…

Kind of Lost 

hmmm and why did I bring a whip am thinking outloud cuz what I thought it might look even more cool ~ geez a lot of help that is now as I should of replaced it with an umbrella oh my corset is getting drenched as I put my hand on the back of my neck and think what was that last turn was it right or left ~ ummm was this one of my better idea’s ~ shaking my head feeling the rain just pour off the brim of my top hat…

Light at the End

I see it the light it has to be there the end of this horrid maize ~ ok lesson learned don’t do stuff like this alone ~ that is why you have friends and a partner to help you out ~ but I did not give up even though am not sure it was the smartest thing I have done and am so so drenched the experience I will look back on and go GAWD HOW DUMB WERE YOU…


Starlight Designs Cosmetics Velvet/Red Matte Catwa Lippy Marketplace
.Black Diamond. BLACK Boots Over the Knee ~ [Past hunt gift]
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CC St James Top Hat {Black} found on Marketplace & Inworld Store
CCD – Nose Piercing
DeeTaleZ Mesh BEAUTY MOLE found on Marketplace
IKON Hope Eyes Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
PEACHES. – Myrsella // Silver from Pandora’s Box May
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Eileen Corset [MM Gift]
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Catwa Applier June PowderPack

Shot all on Location of Image Essentials “Rain Maze” Using Sultry Poses also by I.E. found at Main Store and Marketplace 

A Gorgeous Dress…

I often wonder where designers get their inspiration when coming up with ideas for any of their outfits,What do they draw on and how do they know this texture will look so good on this style or on that one? well all I can say is -Hats off to them – they do a great job~ Have to also say that am loving this texture on this Honalulu dress by Julz because she has done just that come up with an exquisite design, not in just this piece but the others to from this collection and what a better place to show it off than one of the Hawaiian Islands

Honalulu Dress by Julz

The bold flowers always make a statement and with this dress it grabs the eyes attention from its unique neckline then flows down towards the bust and waist with its swath of material then your eyes wander downwards and follow as its swirls then floats like a billowing cloud around your legs~This is very much a stand out in the crowd dress that will have people thinking you have just strayed from the runway that has been showing incredible designs or from a red carpet appearance that has been honoring designers~

Honolulu Dress by Julz

This is a beautiful dress from its blue color to the bold print on the side, this is one not to be missed so please take the TAXI to the store and see what other gorgeous colors she has this in and make your own catwalk personal appearance at your next outing.

As always be sure to try the demo before you buy

Till next time ~ Be safe ~ Dena ♥


Eyeshadow~Zibska llie~April-powder-pack
Skin-Amara-Justine -tone 3 -April Powder-Pack
Lipstick-Catwa master hud
=DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair “Royce” Women Blondes found at Inworld Store
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Odyssey Eyes (right) – Apex
JULZ Honalulu Dress Azure found at Main Store
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
CATYA Shape (tweaked )

Shot all on location of the Island of Oahu Resort 

Sailor Bears lost…

We are two little sailor bears exploring SL after our ship sunk off the coast at Parameshvara ~ Let me tell you what happened to us…Our Ship got caught in a riptide and headed towards the rocks where she got sucked into the reef and hit the rocks underneath forcing us to abandon her.  After swimming ashore we had stopped to dry ourselves off in the sun making sure we had our hats with us and our kerchiefs were straight we sadly watched as our vessel broke up on the rocks, with tears in our eyes we decided we had better move on as we did not want to see her sink away altogether ……

Tears and Heavy Hearts 

Turning and with heavy hearts we dragging our feet up the beach slowly moving away, leaving behind the only home we had now for months, but with the thoughts in our heads that we are now on a new adventure exploring this Island~

Onward to a New Adventure 

We came across this funny looking old car and tried to get it started but think it had been in the sun or sand to long or both lol

Looks Stuck 

After looking around our little Island we have found it to be deserted and head back to the old car to tuck ourselves in for the night on this cozy mattress.

Bed for the Night

Thanking whoever left this out here with its lovely soft blankets and pillows to rest our heads on and hope we get found soon as we whisper night to you all and be safe ~

We hoped your enjoy our little bear adventures that Starr and I will take on from time to time ~ if you are wondering the little Bear Avi’s are gacha’s that are still at Twelve for 75L a pull from MOOH ~ so cute ~ and yes poses are not just for humans as we did use poses from Image Essentials called “Anna V1” that you can get at her Main Store or on Marketplace ~ our wish is we brought a smile to our readers as we wanted to try something new ~ please let us know if you have a place for us to go on a “Bear Adventure” and this was shot on the Beach Area of Image Essentials ~ Peace to you all ♥

It’s the Beast…

A dark and rather gloomy night even though the moon is full and bright and looking around to the fact that I do not know how I got here or why am wearing this sexy lingerie out in the woods ~is this a dream or what is taking place I ask myself as I am suddenly being jerked up with something that has long fingers and even longer fingernails that are scraping into my skin ~ then a breath that is hot and putrid smelling is blown onto the back of my neck making me shiver and get frightened…not sure I should glance around but I do and as I try to scream nothing but silence comes out…trying again to scream but hard as I try no sounds come out…he pulls me into a tight embrace ~

The Beast has me

I clinch my hands together and stutter “whaaat do you want” mind is racing and racing, my heart is taking on a life of its own am afraid I will just fall down and die ~ he twirls me around to face him and shoves me onto this stump…I try to cover myself up the best I am able wrapping my one across my body…


My heels some how sink magically into the stump keeping me captive and I try my best to squirm and try to get up except nothing happens and the Beast with his teeth bared at me starts walking closer towards me…gulping and not wanting to let him know how frightened I truly am I meekly again ask “what do you want with me?”  He gets closer and closer to stand right in front of me ~ his white teeth glisten in the moonlight and I think this is the end for me and I wait, and I wait a little longer not wanting to make the Beast angry ~ he leans down and whispers BOOOOOOOOOOOO as I scream louder than before I feel my hubby shaking me and saying “wake up Starr, wake up your having a nightmare”….Whew guess I will learn not to eat chocolate just before I go to sleep…


Shot at my studio using Image Essentials latest poses Gothnic that is found at Designer Circle till July 7th ~ Beast was using poses from LumiPro 2017

And seriously on this post I have to thank my bestie Dena who helped being the Beast ~ giggling and laughing she goes “what I do for my best friend” she truly helps me out soooo much ~ thank you again Dena you sexy hairy beast LOL…

CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
pr!tty – Kyla –
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya shape tweaked by moi
*YS&YS Illy Catwa Applier tone 3
*ZD* Carolina Lingerie ~ found on Marketplace

Ut Oh…

You know when you go out to a party or an event and you look around the room and you see the exact same dress on that person and its like hmmm do I look better or does she and another thought comes into your brain if she looks better am I copying her look and what are people thinking ~ now if you are one of those that obsess over this fact please take a moment and just give this a thought that you both have excellent choice in clothing to have picked that dress to wear ~ no one should have that right to say gee you are both wearing the same dress and if they do you smile and say yes we both have such great taste in clothing ~ you came to the party or event to enjoy yourself so do just that and if you bump into that person just compliment her for having such great taste ~ anyway reason I say that is Dena and I again decided we would do another dual post am like ok get dressed in a nice cute summer dress then come over and when she did TP we gave each other a look, giggled and smiled because we had the same dress on but different colors but ut oh our hair was almost perfectly matched ~ its like we are so into each others heads….

Luane Dress by KiB Designs 

This is a very summery outfit with its harness to enhance the areas that count the most on us ladies out bust and waist ~ The texture are very subtle and yet the effect is outstanding with its net overlay to the skirt and deep plunge to the neckline your on to a winner…

Luane Dress 

A nice closer look at the patterns of the dress and the harness ~ as Dena described above the harness really sets this dress apart and makes it just pop ~ I do love the sheer overlay as well that you can see comes just below the dress again giving it that xtra little added touch…and of course we both want to show you what the back looks like ~

Back view 

I also like the fact that the harness is carried the whole way around your waistline to really let the eyes travel there as well has giving everyone a look at your gorgeous bare back that will show off any tan or tat you wish…Now the month is coming close to an end means once these are gone and back into the stores a lot of creators/designers will raise their prices and these dress is so affordable now I urge you not to procrastinate and just take my famous TAXI over to Designer Showcase and grab it before its back in the store ~ So our ut oh moment was not that bad after all as you can see so again just feel good about yourself that you have that style, that fashion sense to have chosen that matching outfit ~ thank you for taking time to read, and if you follow me it is very appreciated…till next time please be good to yourselves and others ~ Peace out ♥


Shot on location at my residence using poses from Image EssentialsDemure” that can be found on Marketplace and at her Store  and a huge thank you to Ember Adored & Tantrica/Creator of Animare for their assistance ~ I do love when people take time to help ~ hugzz to both

YS& YS- ILLY- Skin Tone 3 -June Powder-Pack
Zibska-Eyeshadow.March- Powder-Pack
*AvaWay* Sindy_Maitreya_GIFT Ring_R Ringfiner
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Nymph
KiB Designs – Luane Dress Maitreya ~ found at Designer Showcase 
Magika – Never-Hair/!FAITH HAIR/Alexander Blond
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape ~ tweaked by me

CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes- Nymph
KiB Designs – Luane Dress Maitreya ~ Found at Designer Showcase 
Magika – Empty Gold & Faith Hair Alexandra light blond
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape tweaked by Moi

Burgers anyone…

Aaah yes summer has begun and with it brings memories of those days when you could find a burger shack on the beach to grab hot dogs and burgers ~ loved it and now KraftWork has recreated a perfect replica of a “Beach Burger Shack” that for me brings back RL memories of days spent on the beach my Dad giving me enough money to grab lunch for everyone ~ those fries that you know you had to sprinkle vinegar on them just that perfect amount ~ burgers being done on a flattop grill that were always fixed with onions and pickles unless you said something ~ place where we would hang out had the world famous ok not world but best local fries that you got with your burger and a Coke…all for under $3.00 ~ yup a pure bargain back then so let me show you this Burger Shack ~

Beach Burger Shack by KraftWork

What you see is all included ~ the 3 chairs, the sand bucket, sand, surfboards…and that lots more ~ Those Adirondack chairs were such a staple at our beach house and lasted for years and years and every year we got to pick a new color to repaint them…

Flattop Grill

Oh yes you can grill up some patties and toast the buns on that flattop ~ the detail is so amazing and love the color of the washed/bleached out wood ~ how perfect ~

Condiments & Soda 

From green peppers to pickles, onions and tomatoes along with a drink this is packed full of details ~ even have a to go window ~ along with it will seat up to you and 3 of your friends with some very nice poses as well ~ its 100% mesh and added features of changing textures as well ~ what a cute place for either your land or to use at places you can rez like I did take these at Image Essentials “Beach Area” as it just fit in nicely…Now the only place you will be able to buy this is at Knot & Co. ~ there is a demo at KraftWork’s main store that you can rez and try ~ as always will show you the AD for all the details….

Exclusively at Knot & Co. 

I hope you will take my TAXI’s and check out the demo at KraftWorks main store ~ then hop back in and check out Knot & Co. and purchase it as it is so unique ~ love the detailing and the craftsmanship in the constructing of this ~ great job! Coming up Dena and I do another dual post, which you won’t wanna miss ~ be good to one another ~ cya soon ~ Peace out ♥


Mmmm Second Skin…

A good friend of Starr’s called Taz ( KingBel Nandahar) of Taz’s Customs has decided to branch out into making clothes and I have been given the opportunity to show you one of his latest creation that is available on Marketplace as well as at his Inworld store  ~ An  eye-catcher not only in the name of this dress “Second Skin but in the fit also and am sure you will get some HOT, HOT, HOT looks in this ~

Second Skin by Taz’s Customs


First as I set out on a stroll around SL looking for new places to visit and found this interesting place called Brampton Wood/Scorpion Cove  and you can see from the above pic they have some gorgeous birch trees to lean against among some other great photo ops or just another interesting place to explore ~ now back to this gorgeous dress that if you are wanting to match your dress almost to your skin tone this is the dress for you called Second Skin as it fits like a glove and makes you feel very sexy as its texture is snake skin and will have you squirming with delight as well as your partner…With that said have to rush off to RL Now- I now its a drag and it does get in the way sometimes but has to be done lol Be safe Hugs Dena ♥


Taz’s Customs ~ Second Skin Dress
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Odyssey Eyes Apex
Vivienne hair-Faiths Family
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape (Tweaked) 

Shot on location using Pose by CKEY  ~ found ONLY on Marketplace 

Special Rez Day…

Today is my good friend Othon’s 11th Rezz Day and I got invited ~ so am gonna slip on a party dress ~ Eleven years is a long time in SL if you think about it ~ I have been here for almost 9 years next month ~ but Othon decided to throw a party to celebrate his rezz day ~ from the invites which are adorable that I will show you in a moment to the entire party this was a fantastic event ~

Love a Nice Invite 

Really nicely done invitation as Othon always puts a lot of thought into his planning ~ I met Othon when I started coming to Oval Theater for their productions and he really made me feel like part of their theater family ~ Am ready for the party as all of their parties that the Oval family has they are fun am sure this will be fantastic ~As I never know at times what to get someone for a Rezz Day pressie so Othon my sweet  friend this blog post is ALL about YOU and your special Day ~

Standing with the Guest of Honor

Othon stood at the balloon entrance and was greeting the first arrivals ~ always looking dashing in his tux and I am wearing a new creation from KiB Designs that I will tell you more about in my next post ~ I stood next to him so I could wish him a very happy 11th Rezz Day ~ Looking around the room you can see Othon’s style went into the decor as it was perfect ~

DJ Addy Hax and his Assistant Alina 

Oh yes the music was bumping ~ DJ Addy tunes really helped make the party a huge success ~ playing a variety of tunes that had everyone up and on the dance floor and was non stop ~ plus always fun to hear a giggle and laughs from the DJ as he voiced the upcoming songs and any dedications ~ with that sexy accent that well you know had some of the guys ok I will keep this strictly PG ~ but let me say he did have a very nice voice…As the guests would arrive I tried to get some comments from them regarding Othon ~ note I did not alter any of them *giggling* just copy/paste *still giggling* lets get started on some from his partner Richardson Nootan-Weiland this is what he had to say “during this last year, Othon has been there for me and suppoting me, he is a jewel xxxxxxx”  Another good friend of mine Kyle Mckenna made this comment “he’s very sentimental” and giggling Kyle’s partner Beez Starling I asked he answered this “fecking old fart” but I do know for a fact that both of them have only the highest regard for their good friend Othon as he is such a treasure and jewel that they could never see Oval without Othon…Course I had to ask another Oval Cast Member Red Hykova for a comment “Othon has made a lot of close friends in SL over the years, at The Oval he is like the father figure of our theatre family, he always has a smile, a joke, a great idea or some sound advice to share, he’s kind and thoughtful and would do anything to help anyone. I’m happy to be here to celebrate his 11th Birthday this genuinely sweet man :)”

Dancing to the Music 

The dance floor was filling up with everyone rocking to the tunes ~ turned out Othon had a lot of his artists and close friends there to help him celebrate this day ~ even had a cake that hey someone got on top and was really getting into the tunes…While everyone was dancing some were recalling fond memories of Othon throughout the years now I even heard a tale about a gift of a Piano but think I won’t spill the beans on that as you can ask him yourself if you like to know or ask *giggling* Kyle or Beez hehe

Othon on top of cake

I met a lot of nice people that had some really kind words to say about Othon like Mitch Underby said this “Othon is a great co-owner, full of ideas and life. He makes our region colorful and happy.”  As well as Theron Mexicola had this comment for me “Othon has been an a great friend to me since i met him. i was so nervous when i was asked to to take part in a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Othon was a supportive friend and i was able to do the show. I am proud to call him my friend”  As the party was coming to a close I could tell Othon and everyone had a great time celebrating his 11th year in Second Life ~ from the comments and knowing Othon you have to realize at least for me and I am sure others as well that SL is not a “game” but its made up of so many individuals that make long lasting friendships that become a part of your lives ~ Othon my wish for you is to have many more fantastic years in SL and that you bring so many of us smiles and happiness thank you as I am truly honored to be your friend…..



Little Big House…

First I must say thank you to KraftWork for giving me the opportunity to blog for them ~ and my wish is that I honestly put my best work out there for them ~ at least I will give it 100% as I try to do with each of my sponsors ~ so thank you for your confidence…This house if I had of seen at Cosmopolitan I would of snatched it up in a heart beat it is one of those houses that you have to look at again and visualize what can be done ~ I called it little big house because from the Ad it looks rather small but…..wait and see

The Bach House 

And what you see looks like ok right?  With a little imagination and please trust me am not the greatest decorator of stuff for inside houses as usually hubby handles inside and me I do landscaping so this was a nice challenge ~ Wanted to make the place inviting for guests or just hubby and bestie ~

Redone deck and entrance 

Just adding a few simple pieces and the hanging pots and plants gives it your first look ~ plus I did not want to go overboard ~ but love the tree that comes with the house and the deck color is perfect….Next you step in the door and kitchen is there ~


Added the wire stools ~ oops left the burner on geez ~ and made sure we had a nice sponge cake for our sweet tooths ~ really does give you room for a kitchen table and chairs this was just one look ~ to the right you go into the living room ~

Living Area 

Oh yes puppies were xcited to watch some TV but you can see still having plenty of room without that crammed in feeling ~ also nice designs on the windows as the puppies ran back and forth looking out ~ lets head back out and up the stairs to the bedroom area


Again with the window design you do not get that claustrophobic feeling and still I could of put a little more into this room but liked the airiness ~ for those that have the prims but not the land space this would be perfect ~ and still so much you can do with the little big house ~ again am not a professional decorator LOL but wanted to give you a feel of that homeyness ~ will be showing off more of their items and they have some really interesting ones ~ with the detail and the craftsmanship of this house it is certainly worth your time to take my TAXI to their Main store look for the demo and possibly you will be the proud owner of this little big house ~ stay tuned, stick around for more stuff ~ as I think Dena has some fashion to show off ~ thank you again to the owners of KraftWork ~


Bach House ~ by KraftWork at Main Store
Patio Chair Set by Chez Moi comes with Chairs & Teapot & tea cups
Spring Patio set Gacha item by Bee Designs
Planter w/Purple flowers by *Lok’s*
Summer planter & hanging plants by what next *fifty linden Friday
Wire Stools by Fancy Decor ~ group gift
Sponge Cake & Slice by What next ~ group gift
Sofa by Dekute Dekore
TV & puppies by Jian ~ gacha item Rare & Starry Nation Wall Art ~ gift
Vintage Rug by LISP Fifty linden Friday
Book Pile Lamp, Square Table & Flower Case  by Kalopsia ~
Vintage office desk by Naughty But Nice 
Square Table by Kalopsia
Upcycled pallet bed ~ tarte
Hanging Candles ~ by DDD ~ no longer Available