… Hair Fair ~ Part 2 …

With over 129 Hair Designers and I did opt in to join the Hair Fair Demo group where as the name applies each designer sends out demos to whoever is in the group ~ seriously that is a lot of hair ~ am finding some faves and some that well not so likable in my opinion but I am coming up with a nice to buy list that will set off picking up some within my budget…and yes not sure I discussed this but even when I was working full time I would set myself a budget to spend in SL for me it was so necessary as back then I gave myself a far bigger budget then needed just because I wanted all the pretty things and hey who doesn’t ~ but have just recent spent a lot of time cleaning out my inventory and discovered that while I would buy all this stuff on sales, events, etc. so many were still not opened and I am talking about back still 2 years ago ~ so many hunts that I went on found unopened boxes just sitting there or sale clothes that I just had to have never worn again still in boxes…working very diligently spending 30 minutes or up to one hour each day doing nothing more than paring down my inventory it is now almost under the 40k mark ~ Still think of it there are 365 days that still leaves over 39K in what cuz you know that is not just furniture, poses, hair, etc but MORE CLOTHES…where or when does anyone have time to wear that much clothes LOL ….ok ok I know right still doesn’t change that when a designer like Blueberry, or Addams or your fave designer makes something you want it…so its really a moot point…On with showing you demo’s of some faves that will be on my to buy list…please enjoy ~

Analog ~ Love 

From Analog Dog one of my faves with the longer curls ~ this is on my to buy list and they are located on Backlot Center ~ click HERE for your limo ride…

Lovey Dovey ~ Braelynn

Cute style and this is one that am on the fence about but still I do like the 2 topknots on the head…Lovey Dovey can be found HERE at Backlot North.

Wasabi Pills ~ Marceline 

The bangs are an instant attraction for me as I am liking the higher aspect leaving a little of your forehead showing…You can find Wasabi Pills right HERE at Backlot West  

pr!tty ~ Brook 

The nice feature of this is how the hair does frame the face ~ you can find pr!tty right HERE at Backlot East

Tableau Vivant ~ Miranda 
Tableau Vivant ~ Carrie

Both hairs am just cannot decide which to choose from as they both are really nice but again my budget am allowing myself only so much to spend at least for this month ~ am kind of leaning for the Miranda one as I like the shorter flirty style ~ trying to increase my hair inventory to include short, long, and that one I would consider flirty ~ grinz ~ either way I think both are winners from Tableau, which can be found HERE  at Backlot North

That is all I have to show you at the moment am still opening more and more boxes my studio looks like it has been taken over by boxes LOL ~ now if you didn’t sign up for the demo’s each designer will have them for you ~ oh and please remember to look at the Bandana stations that are placed around the entire event ~ really good cause as all the proceeds of the sales for the Bandana‘s goes to Wigs for Kids…If you need more information about the Hair Fair please click HERE which will take you to their website…and thank you again for taking time to read as I will be back showing off my favorite hairs and still much more ~ tomorrow I have another performance at Oval in case you are wanting to come see what everyone is talking about…starts at 1pm SLT but please allow yourself to get earlier as our first performance was turning away people…limited seating only…

Hair Fair 2016 Banner


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