Today is the Day …..

Today I take my hair off and wear a Bandana to support “Wigs for Kids” as I hope each of you will do today ~ did you know the feeling of losing your hair when you are a child…I tear up when I read the story of how “Wigs for Kids” came to be ~ one simple man Jeffrey Paul could not just let his 15 year old niece down making her a promise that she would have hair for her gym tryout when she was struggling with leukemia…this man took it upon himself to research how to do just that as he was a Hair Stylist and not just any typical stylist but a internationally well known who worked with high fashion models on the runways to movies sets and became the founder of Wigs for Kids…now 30 years later he is still dedicating his life to helping children ~ Did you know it cost $1,800. for one wig has each strand of hair is hand tied into a specific wig cap to withstand the rigors of a child…each wig consists of approximately 150,000 strands of hair, which is approximately 20 ponytails ~ the good news is the family of the child never is asked to pay for this at all ~ the results are amazing as a child who suffers from a number of medical issues gets their confidence back and in today’s society where a child is bullied and laughed at for being different truly helps…so won’t you?

Dena & I showing off 
Closer look at our choice of Bandanas

Each Sim at the Hair Fair  has a store for all the Bandana’s so if you land and find one it will have all the same Bandana’s and you won’t have to go to a different sim ~ I love butterflies and this one was perfect as they remind me of angels ~ Dena chose a sportier version with the sunglasses that blend in nicely…The cost for one is only 50L with all monies raised going directly to the Wigs For Kids Organization ~ Last year Second Life raised 18,515 ~ is that amazing!!!  And yes very believable because on SL Wigs for Kids website there are thank you letters from past years ~ please click HERE for a chance to read the thank you letters and find out more….

Today is the last day of Hair Fair and as typical the day everyone removes their hair to show you care and help these children ~ my thanks to this dedicated committee members that worked so hard to put on one of the best Hair Fairs I have seen in years…kudos to Sasy Scarborough, Whimsy Winx and Mel Vanbeeck ~ thank you for letting me part of this…As well as thank you to each of the Hair Designers/Creators that gave us such fabulous hair to choose from and the nice gifts as well…..THANK YOU !!!

Please stick around tomorrow as Dena grabs deep into her Closet to show you and take you to another place to explore in SL ~ hugzz

Hair Fair Locations

Back Lot West  , Back Lot North , Back Lot East , Back Lot Central   ~ you will find a Bandana Booth that displays the same Bandana’s at each Sim ~


Back to the Beaches I go…

Oh what fun I am having discovering new places to see, to take pics and to put on my go back to list to explore even more ~ Also I have to say that also I love doing events to get to know new designers and even ones that have been here but never seen their creative designs before, which is even more exciting ~ Now lets go back to some beaches to show you these great creations that are ONLY at Aloha Fair

EnvyMe ~ Jumper Jean 

Snug Harbor is just what you would expect from a town that looks like out of the pages of New England ~ with the lighthouse and the fishing boats ~ as I did not wander too far but this is on my come back list to explore more …I did accessorize this with a really cute necklace from ERSCH ~ one of the SL B-day gifts that I had grabbed that just gives the outfit a little pop of color~ Hair is from Magika one that I recently purchased at their 50% sale called “Drive” and if I didnt tell you earlier my skin is by Glam Affair ~ Amberly -Jamaica ~

Exclusive for Fair 

First Outfit is from EnvyMe designer Emmira ~ one of her exclusives Jumper Jean in Light that is 100% mesh and variety of sizes even for different bodies as I am wearing
Maitreya and the fit is perfect ~ also she has these cute Flower Hippie Platform Shoes for Mid slink ~ as well in various colors these are “pale” so hope that you will check out EnvyMe at the fair…let me give you a close up of the shoes

Flower Hippie  by EnvyME

Really cute shoes and because I now have the Slink Deluxe feet changing my feet from High to Mid is simply just clicking on the feet in the HUD ~ for me and possibly you also know that at times you want to change shoes quickly instead of looking into your inventory and searching for the feet and such well upgrading myself to the Deluxe was a little spendy but it was worth every single Linden I spent on them ~ Slink does have a demo of the Deluxe and why not hop over there and give it a try am sure you will be impressed like me once you try it ~ makes wearing different feet so easy peasy…psst here is the TAXI to get there ……on to our next stop ooops no no first I gotta show you another pair of shoes first ~

Bonfire Sandals by Slipper 

In my earlier blog post I spoke of how kind the designer from Slipper was to set a gift out for everyone attending the Fair and she sent me a little IM saying how much she appreciated that ~ plus was the first I have heard of her store not that I know every store *giggling* does anyone ~ for me these sandals are ultra cute and come with a hud that you can change everything on the sandal even the metal you have various choices…Love the creativity and really well made ~ thank you again Elle for letting me show off your items…

Trix Blue Tropical Dress 

Storms are headed in when I reached this destination of Flotsam Beach  but the weather is just right for this long beachy dress by TRS Designs called Trix  perfect for daytime or walking on the beach late at night with someone special ~ now my hair is covering up but it is a really nice halter type dress and love the pattern on it ~ thank you to amethestpearl for this lovely creation…If you care curious about the hair it is one of the “gifts” of the Hair Fair from Mina *Kirstin* ~ if you like it and the Hair Fair is ending tomorrow I would take this TAXI and go grab it ~ am feeling drops of rain so lets head to our final destination for today…

Halter Neck Dress by Culco 

We land at Kat’s Beach  where the sun is slowing setting and I just find the scenery amazing from the Lighthouse in the background to several fishing vessels in the area that this also will make it on my come back list ~ but now look at this simply stunning summer Halter Neck Dress by Culco ~ from the color to the design it is a gorgeous simply stated dress that you could really accessorize this up to make it a very stunning formal dress to wear out dancing or as I am showing you a nice casual yet stunning dress that will make you look chic and ready to attend that sunset cocktail party ~  the hair this time is also a find from Hair Fair by Runaway called Romy ~ love that edgy look it gives ~ So there you have some new places to go exploring as well as hitting up Aloha Fair and grabbing up these exclusives that I have shown you ~ Thank you to each of the designers as well as to all my followers and supporters ~ so kind to receive inworld compliments on my blog and the likes from my readers ~ very very appreciated ~ Hugzz

Before I go one last comment ~ tomorrow is Take Off Your Hair day to support all those children that have lost theirs due to cancer and other illnesses ~ my wish is that you will follow me and Dena in removing your hair for just one day ~ even if it is for an hour…a reminder how lucky we are ~ hugzz

Credits ~ Poses used in shots ~ Katink, Vestage, and Iso Motion ~ Body by Maitreya, Hands & Feet by Slink ~ Skin by Glam Affair ~ Eyes by Suicide Unborn 

Off to more and more beaches…

It is so interesting discovering new places to explore and some really have made it to my “go back list” just to spend time walking around, taking pics of the landscapes ~ but in my mind when I blog items it is all about them ~ trying to give you a lot of sometimes my thoughts or what I would like to know if I am just looking at just the image of say a dress…some of my downtime I look at flickr either getting idea’s on places to go or poses or even at times attire whether its hair, clothes or accessories and it is always nice to see a blog that gives you just that ~ so yes am rather chatty for the most part but this is who I am ~ anyway found 3 more beaches to show you along with some of the outfits that are at the Aloha Fair ~

Gypsy Chic ~ Long Halter Dress ~
Gypsy Chic ~Long Halter Dress 

First place I landed was at Mediterraneo OC  a gorgeous Mediterranean seaside being able to watch the fisherman, stroll through some of the gorgeous sailboats and look at the crystal clear water… and there was some nice eye candy that umm I did glance at ~ hey am very happily married but doesn’t kill ya to peek over there ~ grinning ~ this Halter Long Beach Dress by Gypsy Chic is very rich in colors and you have a nice Hud of 4 other colors to choose from..making it either a nice evening dress or casual daytime wear ~ Hair am wearing is by ExileFull of Grace” ~ like the up sweep of this hair with this gorgeous dress…

[*K*} Kate Crystalline Watch ~ Rose 
And you can see that I added this unique watch as the only accessory to the outfit besides my rings…an elegant watch that you can resize and change time if you wish…color just really compliment my skin tone along with the colors of the dress ~ and ready to hop to our next destination…

Rasta Sand ~ Surf, chill, eat some ice cream at Rasta Sand. Take a C-3 surf board on Tahiti waves, explore the coast, jungle or tiki house. There’s even a dance spot, ride-able butterflies and more… One of the places that will come back to find those ride-able butterflies…

Monomania ~ Aloha Ocean

This Aloha Ocean beach dress by Monomania  has such great movement as you can see above ~ another halter style dress that whether it is day or night you will have no concerns as to looking out of place when you wear this ~ sizes come in standard mesh, fitmesh and also for those that wear other type bodies like Maitreya and others…there will be one that will fit so have no worries…Course I changed my hair to Magika “Hearts Like Ours” ~ they had a super 50% off sale that shrugs just could not pass up …ok ok am becoming a hair whore because when I first came to SL I wore the same hair gawd knows for how long ~ I was so stuck in a rut never wanting to change anything about myself and isn’t that what SL is about going outside your comfort zone and try, experiment and just go for it …but that said I still am picky but the hair just flows with this dress…

Last stop is at Haeundae Beach in the Korea Beach Village    one of the best tourist attractions of South Korea. Here you’ll find lots of spectacles like old Korean villages of
the 1970s and 1980s. Take a trip to these isolated islands that await you!  Sadly I did not spend a lot of time here BUT this will be one that I will make a point to come back to take some pics as the surrounding area looked simply gorgeous

Hibiscus Bandana Top & Shorts 

Behind is the shower room *giggling you just well have to see it * there is a lot to see and actually do here ~ oh YES they have this bungee jump that scared me to death and NOPE no pics of me screaming as I was hanging upside down…..whew but let me give you a close up this outfit…but back to the outfit is a really gorgeous top and shorts courtesy of ArisAris/B&W ~ called Hibiscus Bandana Top & Shorts ~

ArisAirs/B&W ~ Bandana top & Shorts 

The fit is so perfect and a keeper in my book with the HUD that has 7 different choices for the top and 3 for the shorts…100% mesh and enough variety of sizes as well that you won’t have any issues of fit…and yes hair is by Magika *Drive*…told you was 1/2 off sale…

Slipper ~ Flip Flops ~ Gift 

Remember told you there are gifts at this event well those cute flip flops are from Slipper and fit Slink Flat ~ so big shout of thanks to Slipper for the adorable gift…Sometimes it just is nice window shopping at events even if you are broke as a lot of designers put out a dollarbie or even a freebie and for me if it reflects what they make or it is of nice quality I will remember that designer ~ also very good marketing idea ~ ok and last item to show

Kate Color Black Watch

Again this is a great little accessory by Kate ~that can just put the final touch ~ you have the option to make the band shiny or not, resize or not and change the time if you so choose…

Now all these items are strictly at The Aloha Fair and some are exclusive to the fair so not to be pushy but….probably not the best idea to procrastinate if you see something as it is a 2 week event and some of the prices might just go up after this event ~ plus who doesn’t like a nice freebie or a dollarbie ~ take my special TAXI and go see for yourself…thank you and please let me say again how much I appreciate you taking time to read, to follow and like along with the comments ~ thank you so much!!   ooh yes and Dena is coming back doing a “Whats in My Closet” special for you ~ all on her own as I will only be taking the pics for her ~ so again please stick around for that ~ tomorrow though is something both Dena and I think is very special ….hugzz till then


Body ~ Maitreya ~ Hands/Feet Slink ~ Shape ~ my own ~ Poses used in shots were from Image Essentials and OoO Studio ~

All Around SL I go……

I did say during these 2 weeks of Aloha Fair I would try my best to show you a lot of different beaches ~ it is nice to discover different sims ~ different places to wander or just flit about looking for a place to take some pics ~ and yes I keep a list of places that I like to go to so this list that am making up is just simply “Beaches” ~ well that is a given huh..*giggling* and right now as I look outside it is simply pouring buckets and buckets…what little sun I got will be faded once the sun comes out again ~ it is at times like planning things and poof they just go up in smoke ~ the other day took what I thought was a terrific blog pic but when I looked at it am like whaaaat it was just horrid and no I won’t go into details but hey things happen ~ and for those that love messing with windlights I discovered some really good ones by again reading other blogs ~ his blog  has over 12 windlights that I do like…if you are like me and love messing with them ~ even me figured out how to install them ~ ok that is my tip for today ~ as I have a lot to show and tell you …..

Nous Vous Sleeve Jumpsuit

I like the color pattern of Palm & Flowers that Nous Vous has used  giving it that tropical feel to a some what kimono style jumpsuit ~ possibly a great cover-up before or after spending time at the beach ~ this outfit comes in Fitted and Standard sizes as well as Slink and Maitreya *which I am wearing…yes I love Maitreya and do not see me changing anytime soon ~ the beach I landed on is called “Fire Beach”   and sadly I did not spend a lot of time at any location that am showing you between RL jumping at me, my sweet SL hubby coming on and took me shopping I just had enough time to finish up my blog ~ but please do not let that stop you from taking the LM’s and looking around because I will be back as it did look like a nice beach…oh yes my hair comes from my Sponsor “rezology” ~ its called Equanimity and here is the Marketplace link for it … off we go to our next location

*LX* Luau Skirt and top 

Am standing very very still trying as I do pose for this shot but looking behind me looks like a “Great White” and you know how that goes and their fetish with docks…anyone hear the tune of the Jaws theme playing…I shudder when I think of that one scene ~ but hey have not been here in a long time it is the 7Seas Fishing Game Headquarters where I used to spend lotz and lotz of time fishing ~ my inventory overfilled with fish…thought it would be interesting to show off *LX* Luau Skirt and top ~ as each set does come with 2 tops, and 2 skirts when you use whichever set as I chose the Monochrome to show you but they also have Naturals, Pinks, Red Wine, and…..whew lot more you can mix and match as  I did with both sets ~ plus plenty of sizes to fit you ~

Ash Skirt and White Top 

I am feeling that shark getting closer and closer so not a good idea for me to stick around too much longer ~ so lets just wave bye bye to Mr. Shark and head for a different location..

Aloha Dress ~ Sass

Our last and final destination today is New Brighton Pier that am sure a lot of you from the UK will recognize as am told it is based on ~ was a very brief stay as you can see those storm clouds gathering even faster-this dress by Sass is very summery ~ even comes with the sandals that I have a close up for you ~ Teal *am wearing* as well as 2 other colors ~ I do like the shoes that match the dress matching it a very overall nice outfit…Really like the pattern of this Aloha Dress ~ a nice flirty dress that will make it in as a cute casual outfit…

Sandals comes with outfit

These are for medium slink and I will comment that couple months ago I did treat myself to getting the Deluxe Slink feet from Slink and if you can afford it I give it 2 thumbs up as now I just do not have to fiddle around with taking feet off and on and trying to find my feet *sounds funny but you know what I mean for me it was a hassle and I basically wore only Slink High now doesn’t bother me because it is easy peasy to change feet…give the demo a try and they also have “kitten feet” and no they do not look like kitty feet it is just the height and as well as on pointe ~ for those that like ballet…Oh my hair ooops forgot to change it as I popped into another outfit and location but from the last 2 pics it is from eXxess Siva ~ also a fan of the newest ones due to the “breeze” factor ~ grinz hey I know am a little odd but love it how it moves like a soft breeze blowing your hair very softly…

There you have 3 outfits that are strictly featured at Aloha Fair ~ first from Nous Vous, 2nd and 3rd are from LX the Luau Skirt and Top and lastly the Aloha Dress from Sass…all shot on location using poses by Image Essentials that are also featured at the event from her Aloha Set ~ thank you to each Designer for letting me show off these and thank you to all my followers that have given me some great feedback ~ hugzz and one last thing that I need to give you is………the TAXI to Aloha Fair….cya soon




Hair Fair – Bandana Booths and Bandana Day info

Lets make a difference for these children please

Hair Fair Second Life

Happy Bandana Day - Booth Sign

Bandanas for Bandana Day 31st July

Residents from all over SL come together each year under the same roof of a Bandana Booth, to provide these wonderful creations for us to purchase. Bandana day is traditionally the last day of Hair Fair, so this Sunday 31st July, you can remove your hair to show you care, and help Wigs for Kids. The bandanas are sold at 50L each, they are transfer so you can buy for friends, for alts etc. They have become collectibles over the years. They are only sold at this event, not sold at any other location, and once the event closes they are no longer available.

So many gorgeous styles, some just downright hilarious ones, and the notecards that come with many may – if you are anything like me – have you in tears.

Thank you so much to all that contributed this year with Bandanas, and thank you to all that purchase…

View original post 37 more words

On Our Way to Surf and Sand

We are now into the “Dog Days of Summer” where if you are living in the Northern Hemisphere  and above the Equator your are like me melting and not wanting to go outside ~ I live at a beach resort and at times it is  a struggle to not spend 90% in the water ~ sand gets so hot burns your tootsies ~ sit down for 5 minutes and up again trudging into the water LOL yes such a hardship huh  ~ well not really trudging because am moving pretty fast across the sand ~ but lets talk about the Aloha Fair that is just starting today ~ see the poster below…

Opening Today

This is a event that if you are looking for summer clothes, and other goodies I highly recommend you hurry ~ there are gifts, dollarbies and will try to show you as much as I can as it is a 2 weeks event so please do not procrastinate as we all know that designers love putting on exclusive prices for events…So grabbing my bestie Dena so we could have fun with this item that Image Essentials is offering called Summertime Fun ~ and hey will give it 5 stars ~

Hey am winning ~

Ok ok I had a head start but what can I say the wood boards are hot and I wanna jump into this cool ocean water….ooh noticed my suit did you well it is one by StormCrow Designs that you can get only at Aloha in a variety of colors like Babyblue that I am wearing, Black, Navy, Pink and others ~ the Penelope Swimsuit comes with the Omega Applier ~ will try to show you the other items that StormCrow has ~


We both jump in the air am not sure how we will land but at this point who cares….climbing back up to do it again and again ….. One, two, three here we gooo…

Dena showing off

Yes bestie just loves to show off her skills at balancing and good thing am such a nice person and just sits here watching her instead of jumping up and pushing her overboard..giggling hmmm maybe

Drying Out on the Towel Set *Woman Lay* by Image Essentials

Grabbing our towels we sit and dry off a bit after splashing around in the ocean…the towels are so comfy and hmmm looks like Dena is trying to copy my pose or possibly mirroring me *laughing*  ~ there are sits that she could be using ya know…oh well with our hair sopping wet who cares…just need to chill and relax…


Just Chillin ~ Image Essentials 

Waiting for Dena to come back after she changes out of her wet bathing suit I decide to give a rest and enjoy a nice cool drink ~ and yes I did put on a dry suit as well that is also up for purchase by KL CoutureTreasure” ~ the suit is non mesh but does come with appliers for Belleza, Eve, Maitreya *am wearing* and Omega ~ fits well as I stand up to show you the full body look

KL Couture ~ Treasure Swimsuit in  *bronze* 

Ok and am digging my toes in the sand waiting for Dena to come back so we can grab an afternoon cocktail and apps ~ oh yes I will say this prop “Just Chillin” has some really nice poses including my beach bag ~ All 3 items from Summertime Fun, Woman Lay and Chillin will be available at Aloha each will be discounted for length of the fair ~ Please stick around to see more of what will be available at the fair ~ need that Taxi just click HERE to be swept away to Aloha Fair ~ enjoy & hugzz


Tone – Deep Expressions Eye Polish – Fog
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics 
!Rebel Hope Kauai Mesh Bikini Bottom_Maitreya
!Rebel Hope Kauai Mesh Bikini Top_Maitreya
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
* Inkheart * – Tender Eyes – Glace Blue
Bellic Rockz – Colour Change Cross Necklace (short) – Gold
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat Right 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands  Casual
[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Nowles
-Glam Affair – Romy skin  ( Jamaica )
IKON Destiny Eyes – Frostbite (S)

::DS:: Ittar Mendoni Eyeshadow
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
(r)M Hair No.39’16
**RE** Anya’s Pearls Necklace
-SU!- Lythion Eyes EMERALD 
-SU!- Lythion Eyes LAVENDER 
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe
Bathing Suit StormCrow Designs ~ Penelope Swimsuit in BabyBlue ~ 
 KL Couture ~ Treasure in Bronze 

Also want to thank thanks to Astralia for letting me use her Sim as my location for this shoot hugz and if you are inclined check out her store as well Astralia ~

Aloha Opening Tomorrow

The Aloha Fair is opening tomorrow at 12 noon SLT ~ I snuck a peek just a few moments ago and really like how it is set up ~

Aloha Entrance 

Once you land there are some freebies and gifts ~ take time to wander around as vendors will have gifts for you ~ most are dollarbies but very nice as I will open and show you in the next few days…some group gifts are also available as well ~

Vendors and beyond

Really done well with the vendors all placed in huts in semi circle so to not have to walk your feet off ~ just beyond which I suggest you not go there as you can see that Volcano spewing lava ~ suggestion keep inside the event and you will be fine…as it being a summer Hawaiian theme my first item to show off is …….. hula outfit from Muse…

Muse Exclusive 

A really nice set that includes ~ the Husk Skirt which there are sizes for Belleza, Classic Mesh Sizes, Fitmesh Sizes, Maitreya *which am wearing*, and Slink ~ now if you are one that loves demos Muse has demo’s for you to try ~ two sizes of the Lei am wearing the smaller version around my neck…you also will receive the Floral Belt, Wrist Leis for both, and ankle and hair lei as well…on the wall is a variety of colors to choose from that also will have a Hud to change the flowers in that specific set ~ am wearing Wedding Colors..I did pair it up with the bikini also that Muse is offering …please no confusion as the top is not included for their exclusive just the skirt and the various lei’s…

Ankle Leis 

Nice to show off your ankles wrapped in the gorgeous flowers…they are also resize-able if you like the flowers bigger

Hair and Neck Lei 

Giving you a closer look at the flowers that are used in creating these ~ the bikini top is one of the colors from the Scales Hud

Aloha Bikini 

This is a favorite style bikini giving it a really unique look to the bottom ~ am sure my hubby will be agreeing with me on this if I know him *giggling…The Aloha Bikini has various texture huds that you will be able to choose from ~ Disco, Faux Fur, Leopard, Night Sky, Scales and the one am wearing Hawaiian ~ each of those different Huds also has 6 different colors to choose and you can color the top different from the bottom for a different look ~ Bikini sizes are plentiful from Belleza *Freya, Isis, Venus*, Slink both kinds, Maitreya *am wearing* and the Standard Mesh sizes as well ~ along with a demo if you are unsure….

Muse also has other items that you might want to look around and see ~ just remember the fair does not open till 12 Noon SLT ~ here is your RIDE for tomorrow ~ Enjoy and remember to stick around as there are lotz more to show you plus taking you to visit different beaches to explore and show off all those summery outfits…like the one where these were taken was shot on location of Baja Sands a very gorgeous sim that I will be going back to just to take some landscapes ~ till then hugzz & stay cool as the Dog Days of Summer is here…


::DS:: Ittar Mendoni Eyeshadow
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics 
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
-SU!- Lythion Eyes EMERALD (R)
-SU!- Lythion Eyes LAVENDER (L)
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 
NSP Aloha Hair Lei – 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
[MUSE] Aloha Bra – Maiterya
[MUSE] Aloha Panties – Maiterya
^^Swallow^^ Open Me Belly Piercing – Maitreya Lara
Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 
IKON Lucid Eyes – Spearmint 


I’m too Sexy….

Remember that tune ~I’m too Sexy for my …. well am not really but this latest dress that I will be showing off makes me feel just that ~ too sexy ~ but before I show you just a huge reminder the end of the month is drawing closer and closer with Designer Showcase for this month will be finished on Sunday ~ I have enjoyed being able to show you and others all the fabulous clothes that are at this months offering…now on another topic have you ever been looking at someone’s hair or dress and really do not want to ask them well after listening in a group today Abbie Danitz gave each of us a heads up about this Hud that will let you know what someone is wearing …. OMG is that fabulous…it is called “What is she Wearing” and the great thing about this Hud is first you can find it on Marketplace and it is FREE ~ yes absolutely zero $$ and here is the LINK ~ does not take up a lot of room and very easy to use as I tried it on myself and truly was amazed so huge kudo’s and thank you to Abbie for sharing that with us ~ it is always nice when people share information like that…now let me show you this very sexy dress…

Brie Leather Dress ~ Navy Pier 

Looks really well on and there is plenty of sizes that one will fit you ~ love the detailing that is put into this dress ~ from the texture to the other little items…

Tavern on the Green 

The colors are rich and the texture is leather…

City Night 

Usually my fave for leather is black but…….am kind of leaning to the Liberty Torch…

Liberty Torch

Something about the red just sizzles for me and the shoes well lets not forget those either as they are also at Designer Showcase ~ heels are by KC Couture and let me show you a closer pic of them so you can see all the detailing…

Nenya Heels ~ KC Couture

These heels come with a very nice Hud that gives you 35 options that will change everything about the shoe color wise… interesting shoe as I like it because of the uniqueness with the design and nice height to them as well

Back View 

Here is one of those little details was speaking of with the nice lace up cinching it ~ now let me turn around for a closer look at the front

Front close view

Nice zipper going up the front ~ chain-work as well and the belt that you can see gives another added dimension to this outfit…..Here is your taxi so you can grab up those goodies…

::DS:: Smouldering Smoke Eyeshadow
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
(r)M Hair No.39’16
-SU!- Lythion Eyes EMERALD 
-SU!- Lythion Eyes LAVENDER 
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
Baubles! by Phe FrayNecklace
Prism Brie Leather Dress by Journey – Maitreya Fitted
CCD – Nose Piercing
CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands  – Casual
[PPD] Sweet Spring Daze Sunglasses
Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 
IKON Lucid Eyes – Spearmint 

Shot on Location of Black Kite  using Poses by Katink 

Designer Showcase


Aloha to you….

For those that are in the know the word Aloha is used for hello and goodbye…but also in the Hawaiian language it also means affection, peace, compassion and mercy ~ all things we need in today’s world  ~ in SL the world Aloha means a great summer Fair that is starting July 27 thru August 10th featuring a Hawaiian theme ~ from gacha’s to gifts and yes each designer will be placing a gift that either is FREE or a dollarbie which to me is almost free ~

Event Poster

Today will be showing you the 3 exclusives from KaraBaby ~ the designer Dreamsicle has combined Mesh w/non mesh to create these outfits and I really like the look…


Nice combination of colors and the top and bikini have appliers from Maitreya which I am using, Omega, Physique, Hourglass, etc ~ so there is no complaint as the fit ~


The cute ruffled skirt that the bikini peeks out from is 100% mesh ~ that also comes in a variety of sizes to fit you as well…


Giving you a back view of skirt with top ~ she has really did a nice job in using both Mesh and non mesh together ~ the color pallet she chose I do like ~ nice lacing on front and end of sleeves ~ if this appeals to you as it did to me ~ make sure you stop by KaraBaby and check them out ~ hugzz and thank you Dreamsicle for letting me show these off…As this event does not start yet will not be able to give you a ride yet but check back as I do have other items to show off ~


KaraBaby Bikini ~ Found at Aloha Fair ~ starting July 27
::DS:: Smouldering Smoke Eyeshadow
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics 
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
(Chemistry) Long eyelashes
-SU!- Lythion Eyes EMERALD 
-SU!- Lythion Eyes LAVENDER 
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD – Nose Piercing
CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark – 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
[DUE] Sparkle
Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 
IKON Lucid Eyes – Spearmint 

Shot on Location at Black Basalt Beach using Poses by Noya & Lumi Pro

The Final Review for Mysteria….

Oh a moment of complete sadness knowing tonight was the last performance for Mysteria…no its not over for Oval just that performance as they are now going to start rehearsing on new plays, new productions that I will take my regular seat out front in the audience ~ I will say that it was truly an honor to be part of such a professional group of cast members ~ when you look up Oval Theater it will say “Offering the very best in SL Performing Arts. – A fully immersive theatrical experience, The Oval Theatre is home to some of the most talented Choreographers, animators, directors, set builders and performers on the grid” and that description is spot on ~ tears welled up today just remembering from the beginning with all the rehearsing wondering if I would get it right ~ would the costumes go on, would I be in the right place…so much to learn and was amazed at the sets, the dances, choosing of music to go with each ~ then the costumes that just fit perfectly with each number…was simply stunning ~ and again I will repeat myself over and over that I truly loved being a part of this production…If you missed it am sad because for me it was truly a fantastic performance but here are some of the highlights again…

As it begun…

From the music that you started hearing as you sat down you could feel the magic ~ even backstage we knew this final performance would rock the house down…just everyone was sad but excited as they would be ready to start on their new production…


Here Othon all sharp looking in his tux gets ready to greet the guests with a friendly hello making each one feel special as they find their seats…he never rushes yet enjoys going out to the audience preparing them for what they are about to see and enjoy…giving them tips on how to get the best out of the performance like turning the lighting to midnight…

Scary Mary 

OMG but backstage this time we had an intruder ~ Scary Mary and look at those huge scissors she is holding while running around trying to stab and maim us before we even went ON….I think the blade knicked Red in the ankle cuz she was pint size but what a holy terror and how did she get backstage when it is so well guarded ~ but good thing Kyle came to the rescue and netted this insane little creature putting her right where she belongs behind those steel bars…….whew disaster averted ~ as we all know Show must go on…

Opening Number 

To the thunderous applause and all the oohs and aaahs we start off magically perfect…music is insync, dancing is simply stunning ~ and the set well as you can see gorgeous…

Fans come in all sizes 

This is a very family oriented theater were everyone is welcomed and speaking to an audience member that made all performances asking for her comments Dr.Mrs.BlueMystique Actor PhD “the staff is very friendly to everyone who comes in and
they welcome everyone with open arms. also the shows are like real life and its something i always want to see in rl but cant offord it but the Oval theater gives me a chance to see something i cant afford in rl”  

Richy sings his heart out…

Not just satisfied by having them stand alone but surrounding the singer with candles and such giving off this warmth as the ballad is sung ~ you could feel the emotion as you watched…

Kyle in his “Element”

This set featuring Kyle and his 2 non singing creatures really was such a stunning performance ~ costume just was so elaborate and fit in the whole Mysteria theme…

Chris taking lead 

From Chris’s choice of hair and costume you just knew this number was gonna explode!  As we all just followed his lead Chris really had some moves and the applause was long and deserving…..

Beez leading the Swan pack 

As we all danced around the stage flittering here and there you could hear comments like “what are those birds Mummy” ~ and other little remarks about someone having drumsticks for thighs and well couple other cheesy remarks that only cast members could hear and chuckle on and on ~ yes each cast member does have at times a very bawdy sense of humor but hey we are all adults and for them nothing is off limits *they could make me smile and laugh and I loved them for it…

Red in Fields of Lavender 

Can you just inhale and smell the scent of lavender as Red goes thru her performance…look at that headpiece as well ~ so dazzling and just goes to show you nothing was spared in costume choices …

Chris showing off 

Yes Chris was back again showing off that gorgeous gown, the sparkling tiara and even the Monks just enhanced the entire set…so well done

Ake and the Nuns 

Look closely as Ake sings Its A Mad World and you can see the person just struck in the wheelchair in the far corner ~ but the song continues as Ake just sings his heart out…

Othon in Finale 

The finale ends with everyone back on stage ~ sadly our last performance was missing Jess that who could not make it due to RL commitments…we take our bows, listen to the applause and then its over but……before we left to go on our way I grabbed everyone for one more group shot…

Mysteria Cast Members 

From left to right is Kyle, Chris, Steve, Othon, Red, Beez, Myself, Richy and Ake….as I give each a hug and wish them much success on their next performances I am so touched and honored again to have been a part of this so very successful Theater group ~ Speaking of a little birdy told me the next one is coming up in August and will make sure I have front row seats ~ until next time hugzz to each of you and thank you again for taking time out to read, like and follow my blog posts…means a lot to me and very appreciated…

Have some exciting news to share that I was invited to blog new events ~ Aloha Fair, and Rock your Rack that supports Breast Cancer something very near and dear to me…so stick around please……THANK YOU again to all the Cast Members of Oval it truly was a fun experience……