Follow Me to The Clubhouse…

Hey hey am baaack….giggling and nope was not gone that long but got some great stuff to show and tell you about ~ First starting tomorrow there is a great Gacha event coming to The Clubhouse and here is your ride BUT it starts on May 1st so don’t click it yet ~ looks like will be a great event with over 25 Designers participating ….now this event does not last all month so please do not dwoddle around hehehe ~ yeah new word dwoddle for me it means go right away….Alright I got a fairly brand new designer that has come out with Makeup specifically eye-shadow and let me say am impressed…His name is  Kodaijin Starfall ~ but let me show you what he has to offer first then will tell you more

Sentan ~ Muted 
Sentan ~ Semi Muted
Sentan ~ Vivid

I had to choose Purple as that is my FAVE color ~ but you can see he has nicely done a muted, semi-muted and Vivid, which each pull of the Gacha will give you all 3 varieties…Nice huh…Very rich looking and great shading so you can have the muted for daytime and switch to Vivid for those club nites…The cost per pull will be 25L which is a great bargain and he has a lot of different colors from purple, blue, orange, green and more…he also has included System which am wearing and support for Omega, Lelutka and Visage…wow so you Mesh Head wearers should be excited…

Haru ~ Muted 
Haru – Semi Muted 
Haru ~ Vivid

Here is the other offering that Kodaijin is offering too ~ again will be 7 base colors with each of the 3 color levels in each ~ all for 25L a pull…just love the shading of each of the colors ~ and the Rare will give you the full Hud ~ oh yes he does have black, grey and white in there as well ….Make sure you check out his gacha machines ~ look for Kodaijin Makeup ~ ooh here is his logo to look for

Kodaijin Starfall -MAKEUP- LOGO

With either of those you will not be disappointed ~ and if you are in the market for more of Koda’s makeup at the moment he does not have a inworld store but he is located on Marketplace so make sure you also check that out by clicking here …thank you Kodaijin for letting me show off your great makeup!

Please please stick around as I just getting started showing off some of the great gacha’s they are being offered starting tomorrow May 1st at The Clubhouse ~ hugzz

the clubhousea

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