Its DarkSide Time again….

Countdown for the final 3 days of DarkSide ~ and I have some interesting items to show you ~ one is a Gacha and the other is an Exclusive

Gacha from Lacrime dell’anima

The Pouf is a really nice Gacha prizes ~ it is a Rare and if you get it you will love it ~ has 37 different animations in it ~ yes am facing backwards and this is one of the sits for the female…even the commons are nice ~ and only 50L per pull so who knows you just might be lucky and be rewarded with this as your prize…but you do know what they say ya gotta play to win …Lacrime dell’anima is worth checking out as for their exclusive they do have a very nice couch, which you will find almost directly behind this gacha machine…

Exclusive from !IT

This exclusive item from !IT or aka Indulge Temptation is called “Seraphim Wings Collar” and yes am showing you the back close up because of the really nice detail ~ there is one fantastic hud that comes with it that oh my the possibilities are endless with changes ~ from changing the metal textures on each side ~ yes you can have each side a different metal *is that cool* then the middle rose you have 30 different colors to choose ~ alone with each side can also be different colors ~ each side also has 30 different colors for example left side roses could be purple with the right side roses being a pale pink…again the possibilities are immense…plus on the hud you have a resizer as well…I think !IT really went to the max on their exclusive and just saying but I would not want to miss out on this one at all ~

Please let me say from myself and Dena that we both want to thank the designers/creators of this event for all their hard work and giving us a chance to show off their items…and remember 3 days left then DarkSide will be gone again for another year…again you need my special limo to the Event will click HERE to be wisked away…

EBP Dark Side

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