Wandering into the Light…

As I wander through the shade of the forest i take a moment to stand and take in its beauty..to enjoy the feeling of the sun streaming through the trees canopy…its gives me a little time to show to you this wonderful dress from Culco that is at the Darkside Event…

Exclusive of Culco

This gorgeous gown is the exclusive from Culco and love how it gives such a soft look almost truly princess like ~ with the full soft skirt and the net corset body just showing a little skin ~ the entire look makes you fit for your prince or princess ~ The gown is called Corset Gown Nude and wanted a special look so looking into my inventory I found just the right hair from D!va “Daisy” with the sparkling stars that wraps around the hair…

Inkheart Eyes

Inkheart is preparing for the upcoming Flowerage Hunt with some gorgeous new eyes ~ you will have to wait till May 1st to head over there to find them and the cost will be 1L but look just how stunning they look ~ very complimentary to my entire look ~ The eyes are from the April Collection and are called “Ipheion” ~ just watch for more details upcoming regarding the hunt…

Remember this hunt ends April 30th so you only have 4 days left to get all the exclusives and the 10L gift…enjoy

EBP Dark Side

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