Standing on the Edge of Darkness

Right on the edge of the woods basking in the beams of sunlight that is shining down on this gorgeous gown ~ yes if you have not heard the DarkSide Event is almost over and you have ONLY 4 days left ~ so many exclusives and all those 10L gifts still waiting for you…but first let me show you this gown that is going to be a keeper in my inventory…

Donnique’s Designs 
I really love the design of this gown and can you see the corset top that just hugz the body then flows down in a tier placed on another tier…the gown is called “Lillian Corset Dress with Silver Beads” for me it is more than just a dress but a gown that would be perfect for those summer outings dancing under the stars or any type of gala that falls just at sunset where the warmth of the suns rays will keep those bare shoulders from getting cold…thank you donni67 cyberstar for this exclusive ~
Arcane Necklace 
Focusing on that interesting necklace that I wanted a little just something to dress up the outfit a tiny bit more and this Maze Necklace from Arcane does it so well …comes in Gold, Silver and Black as you see me wearing plus if does have a resizer in it has well…unique as you look close it is a maze and I loved doing them when I was younger ~ now the corn mazes are so different *shuddering* umm kind of got lost in one at night was not fun at all…anyway back to the necklace ~ also comes with the earrings but my apologies that the hair I chose you can see them but they are a smaller version of the necklace and really look chic ~ both necklace and earrings in my personal opinion can be worn with a gown or very casual…thank you letitiacasta31 for those ~ and those interested in my hair am wearing one of my favorites by D!va called “Tina”…
Evil Twins?

Well not really twins and not really evil but the pose is called Evil Queen by Indigo Poses so grabbing Dena and told her to put on the Cruella dress that is also being featured at the event ~ the dress I did show you in an earlier post comes from KCreations and it is her exclusive for the event…really nice friendship pose that could be used as a couple pose as well…always like thinking of other ways to use poses not just cuz it says male or female do you have to limit yourself…but am again veering off subject both the Indigo Pose Evil Queen and the dress by KCreations can be found at DarkSide Event…need a ride let me get you my private limo so click here to wisk you away ~ stick around as Dena and I show a little more from the event as the final countdown continues…hugzz

EBP Dark Side

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